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C3 Africa Group


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C3Africa Group Company Profile Presentation V8 200908

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C3 Africa Group

  1. 1. The Way to Market Friday, January 30, 2015 Contact Centre Industry Specialists C3Africa Group Presentation Ver 6 at 29 April 09 BUSINESS PROFILE Version 7 – C3Africa website
  2. 2. Merged Business Interests September 2007 C3Africa is an integrated business that provides holistic, integrated professional services, solutions and products to the Call Centre / Contact Centre and Customer Service industry. Consulting - Training - Research – Media & Marketing The Business Model Formed 1997 Formed 2004
  3. 3. Contact Centre Industry Specialists Excellence Through Applied Business Intelligence, Experience, Unique Expertise and Quality Positioning Statement
  4. 4. Unique Proposition C3Africa is the only integrated company of its kind in Africa providing:- • Global and regional Industry Knowledge • Specialised Expertise • Business Intelligence • Strategic and Operational Techniques • Applied Experience • Unique range of Professional Services and Products.
  5. 5. Being the Dominant Brand in Africa for excellence in Contact Centre and Customer Service Delivery, Consultancy, Research, Media, Events, Skills Development and Training and the provision of appropriate technology solutions. The Vision
  6. 6. We are a ‘Projects Business’ C3Africa actively seeks and takes on opportunities to create and manage projects that are aligned with the Client’s organisational strategic and business objectives. This is achieved through successful utilisation of our specialised skills, talents, competencies, experience, expertise, infrastructure and resources. The Business Mission
  7. 7. From experience-based technology systems, processes, methodologies and techniques, C3Africa crafts unique, usable Business Tools and Products to support the effective and efficient implementation of exemplary customer service delivery solutions. Business Approach
  8. 8. • Call centre audits and Operational Benchmarking • Call centre 'health-check' • Technical Benchmarking • RFI / RFP / RFQ Documentation • RFI / Tender Evaluation • Operational requirements specifications • Operational workflow and process mapping and re-design. • Business Process Mapping & Documentation • Vendor / Service Provider management • Development of Standard Operating Processes & Procedures for Outsourcing • Project Management • Call centre site evaluations • Specialist call centre building design and specifications • Call centre refurbishment and refitting • Staffing specifications, Job Descriptions & Procedures • Financial modelling • Feasibility and impact studies • Change Management strategies and implementation Outsourced Management Services • Off-site Quality Assurance • Remote Workforce Management Contact Centre Auditing Services – Compliance & Risk Assessments
  9. 9. Call Centre, Contact Centre and Service Delivery Training Call Centre Agent Customer Service Representative Team Leaders & Supervisors Quality Assurance Personnel MIS Specialists Call Centre Technicians Call Centre Managers Manager Mentoring C3Africa Training supports and endorses Services SETA accredited training courses and programmes Seminars and management development programmes developed exclusively for C3Africa Group
  10. 10. • Call Centre & BPO Country Reports • Sector Reports • Focus Studies • Market and Customer Research Studies Creating and Adding Business Intelligence to Knowledge-Based Strategies and Decisions
  11. 11. • Free-access industry-wide web portal. • 5,500+ Newsletter Subscribers • Outsource Contact Centre Profiles ‘Thought Leadership’ for the African BPO and Contact Centre industry.
  12. 12. • Focus ‘Thought Leadership’ Seminars • Conferences • Management Development Events & Training • Bespoke product and services marketing and market development campaigns • Product Launches and Updates • Industry Development Workshops • Team Building • Awards Functions • Public Call Centre Training Bringing High Quality and High Value Knowledge Transfer and Training to the Industry
  13. 13. The Way to Market Friday, January 30, 2015 Contact Centre Industry Specialists Please Contact Us for More Information