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Biodiversity in Area Development


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Seminar Cradle to Cradle® Practical Applications in Area Development - 11:30 - 11:45 - Biodiversity in Area Development, an example - Steven Beckers (Registered Cradle to Cradle architect/consultant, Founding partner ‘Lateral Thinking Factory’)

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Biodiversity in Area Development

  1. 1. Biodiversity combined with other C2C®Elements in Area Development Steven Beckers Lateral Thinking Factory
  2. 2. -Biodiversity continuity with Botanical Garden of Brussels-Waste Water and Nutrients Recycling (Phosphate recovery) -Rain Water Recovery
  3. 3. Courtesy of Art&Build architects
  4. 4. - épuration secondaire : filtration des matà travers substrat - épuration tertiaire N et P : par plantes & substrat - épuration quaternaire bactériologique : par plantes ! épuration tertiaire à vérifier dans cas d’une boucle de recyclagefermée ! Typha angustifolia Iris pseudacorus Menyanthes trifoliata Pontederia Cordata Scirpus lacustris
  5. 5. Courtesy of Art&Build architects
  6. 6. 95% Water Autonomy150.000 € investment Water treatmentEquivalent of 4 Pk spaces loss150% Negociated Building Permit50>75.000m2+ Interior Gardens
  7. 7. Standard Project Constr. Cost Est.65 Million €Standard Sale Price175 Million €Diff .110 Million €Innovative Project Constr. Cost. Est.93 Million €Bought by Australian Pension Fund360 Million €Diff.267 Million €
  9. 9. Biodiversity & Water Recycling to EstablishCommunity Sense of Ownership Courtesy of Klaus Zahn: east Berlin city block
  10. 10. FORD ROUGE CENTER storm water strategies Biodiversity generates Savings from recycling water and Bioremediation Courtesy of William McDonough & Prtnrs
  11. 11. Courtesy of William McDonough & Prtnrs Storm water management Heat Island effect controlled Natural light access Natural ventilation Dust control Biodiversity Bioremediation of soils Aquifer support Integration of renewable energy Well being
  12. 12. Biodiversity continuity & Building protection Courtesy of Art&Build architec SOURCE: ART & BUILD – B. MCDONOUGH
  13. 13. Buildings like trees…Cities like forests Courtesy of Art&Build architects/ Steven Beckers
  14. 14. SOURCE: ART & BUILD
  15. 15. Courtesy of Art&Build architects/ Steven Beckers
  16. 16. Biodiversity Diffuser Courtesy of Art&Build architects/ Steven Beckers
  17. 17. Biodiversity continuity & Bioremediation
  18. 18. SOURCE: ART & BUILD
  19. 19. SOURCE: ART & BUILD
  20. 20. Courtesy of Art&Build architects/ Steven Beckers