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JBoss Health Check


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JBoss Health Check

  1. 1. JBoss Health CheckSummary Key Review AreasWhen JBoss infrastructure is responsible for running you business critical Our consultant will review these key areas against our knowledge base ofapplications, it is essential that your JBoss investment is Fast, Reliable, best practices.Manageable and Secure. Poor performance of your applications, unplannedoutages, and breached security can significantly damage your reputation, JBoss Architecturecausing loss of revenue, customers and partners. C2B2’s JBoss health check y Is the right version of the JBossenables you to draw upon C2B2’s wealth of experience in deploying large scale software being used?JBoss environments into production, ensuring your JBoss infrastructure is y Is the software version consistentready to meet your demanding production service levels. across servers and clients? y Is there a good split of JBoss servers to hardware processes?Benefits y Is the cluster design appropriate?C2B2 offers you Fast, Reliable, Manageable and Secure investment in your y Is load balancing configured correctly?JBoss infrastructure which can result in: y Are communication methods y better performance; between servers appropriate? y Can communication channels be y attracting more customers; made more resilient? y building better reputation; JBoss Optimisations y improving your relations with partner organisations; y Are resource pools tuned to suit the load? y generating more revenue. y Are resource pools configured consistently across tiers?Fast y Can we apply standard optimisations to the configuration?Optimising your JBoss server configuration can result in reduced application y Are JDBC Connection poolslatency, reduced response times resulting in a better user experience, while configured correctly?review of your cluster design can provide increased scalability and elasticity y Are Web Connectors appropriatelywhen your user populations increase. configured? y Is JMS configured for resilience, security and performance?Reliable y Is logging configured correctly?Reviewing your JBoss high availability, monitoring and alerting strategy can JVM Configurationsignificantly reduce unscheduled downtime and server failures while providing y Has the right JVM version beenthe visibility and metrics to improve diagnostics and failure root cause analysis. chosen?Allowing you to get the servers back up and fix problems faster. y Has the JVM been tuned to your application memory profile? y Have JVM optimisations beenManageable applied? y Will a 32bit or 64bit JVM giveC2B2 can provide you with best practices for JBoss administration, upgrades benefits?and patching can significantly reduce your administration costs, complexityand timescales. We can also recommend topologies that enable system up-grades with zero downtime to remove the need to plan outages.SecureRemoving unwanted JBoss services and securing those that remain reducesthe number of opportunities, and methods that an attacker, with detailedJBoss knowledge, can use to exploit your system. © 2011 C2B2 Consulting Limited, Unit 33, Malvern Hills Science Park, C2B2_JBOSSHC 23/01/11 Geraldine Road, Malvern, Worcestershire. WR14 3SZ Registered in England and Wales: 4563419
  2. 2. JBoss Health CheckMethodology Key Review AreaThe JBoss healthcheck is a 5 day consulting engagement delivered on site Securityat your premises. C2B2 will work with your team to provide mentoring and y Is the configuration adhering to bestknowledge transfer to increase your team’s skill level and explain the thinking practices for hardening JBossbehind our recommendations. The C2B2 consultant will first review your y Are processes and proceduresapplication architecture to understand how the application uses JBoss and in place to ensure the data andthe JBoss facilities it requires. They will then systematically review the JBoss application are secure?configuration and compare it against our extensive in house knowledge base y Can we remove unwanted services?of best practices and decide on appropriate changes and modifications. Prior y Have server entry points beento leaving site the consultant will walk through his recommendations with the secured? y Are sensitive passwords visible?team and explain the rationale behind each recommendation. The followingweek C2B2 will deliver to you a final report to you with all the recommended Administration Processesconfiguration changes. y Are appropriate administration procedures in place?As a separate engagement we can implement the changes for you and deliver y Can simple administration tasks bea standard JBoss production configuration for current and future deployments. automated? y Can patches and application upgrades be applied simply?Requirements y Are their best practices that willFor the the health check to progress smoothly we will need some help greatly reduce the administrationfrom you: overhead. y Controlled Access to your JBoss Production Monitoring and Alerting Environments y Are you getting all the useful information that JBoss makes y Visibility of your JBoss and Application Configuration available to you? Files y Are metrics being captured for triage and diagnosis of system y Space for our consultant to work on their laptop problems? y Meetings Space to review your architecture y Are alerts set for threshold conditions to warn of imminent y Time with your key developers and architects to problems? discuss the architecture y Are application and server metrics available for capacity planning? Application y Does the application follow best practices in how it makes use of JBoss services? y Are the application performance and scalability bottlenecks understood? y Can the JBoss configuration be changed to enhance application reliability? © 2011 C2B2 Consulting Limited, Unit 33, Malvern Hills Science Park, C2B2_JBOSSHC 23/01/11 Geraldine Road, Malvern, Worcestershire. WR14 3SZ Registered in England and Wales: 4563419