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C2B2 Service Oriented Architecture Implementation Roadmap


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C2B2 Service Oriented Architecture Implementation Roadmap

  1. 1. Service Oriented Architecture ImplementationRoadmapSummary About UsEnsuring that Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) delivers the promised valueis not simple. Despite product vendor claims you do not buy SOA. The C2B2 C2B2 is a specialist, independent,SOA implementation roadmap ensures you realize the benefits of SOA by middleware consultancyproviding vendor independent architecture guidance targeted at accelerating dedicated to ensuring youryour SOA implementation and return on investment. Your current architecture, solution goes live Fast, Reliable,requirements, opportunities and constraints are identified and analysed by Manageable and Secure.our architecture experts and a SOA implementation roadmap is collaborativelydefined. Our consultants are experts inEffective SOA can enable cost reductions, quicker service delivery, improved the leading commercial and openservice quality and greater alignment of business and technology. C2B2’s source Java middleware platformspragmatic structured implementation roadmap using Oracle SOA Suite, open from Oracle, Red Hat and VMWare/source technologies and industry standards can help you achieve them. SpringSource and have in-depth knowledge of configuring them for Scalability, Performance,Approach Availability, Serviceability and Security.We use a framework for roadmap creation based on industry standards andapproaches which integrates with The Open Group Architecture Framework We are an Oracle Gold Partner(TOGAF). We focus on supporting the Information Systems Architectures, with certified Oracle SOA expertsTechnology Architectures, Opportunities and Solutions and Migration Planning, and TOGAF certified below, but targeting the scope at agile enterprises. We provide a full range of services, supporting you throughout the project life cycle. Our consultants concentrate on getting your Java middleware right, freeing up project developers to get the business functionality right, reducing the risks in project implementation, deployment and operations. Source: The Open GroupThe engagement commences with a discovery phase to identify keyrequirements, drivers, current technologies, challenges and direction. We workcollaboratively with you to identify the scope, candidate services and solutions.Then through analysis of the current state and goals, leveraging referencearchitectures and past experience, we develop a Service Oriented Architectureimplementation roadmap. C2B2_2011
  2. 2. Creating the Implementation RoadmapAn overview of our roadmap development approach is shown below, highlighting the phases of discovery, architecting,roadmap definition and delivery together with the activities and resources which they comprise.Discover and AnalyseThe engagement commences with a discovery phase and ideally with a workshop with your development leads andarchitects and two of our consultants where we agree and clarify: ı purpose, scope and target outcomes for the engagement ı business and technology process domains, owners and concerns ı current projects, candidate services and expected benefits ı industry standards, models and approaches (e.g. eGIF, WS-I, LeGSB) ı indicators of current SOA maturity ı relevant metrics and measurement models ı current technologies, products and environments ı functional and non functional requirements to enable effective service delivery.Architect ServicesThis phase architects the services based on the identified priorities, principles of SOA, established design patterns and thereal world industry experience of our architects. We strive for alignment between business and technology goals whiledesigning the system to be fast, reliable, manageable and secure. During this phase we: ı analyse current state architecture, products and approaches ı identify candidate services and classify into types e.g. business, data, utility, task, rule ı allocate services to appropriate architectural components such an Enterprise Service Bus, workflow engine, ...... grid or legacy adapter ı create a target architecture identifying the key interfaces and technologies. C2B2_ 2011
  3. 3. The architectural development process is supported by: ı analysis of performance and capacity requirements, methods for achieving scalability through distributed ....... ..........processing and caching ı vendor reference architectures, industry standards, selection of cost effective software, application of established ..........message exchange patterns and blueprints ı re-use of existing services, wrapping legacy systems, service enabling packaged applications ı analysis of error types, exception conditions and fault scenario management ı assessing the security constraints and their impact on design ı consideration of manageability and the need for monitoring and alerting ı services which are stateless, autonomous, composable, loosely coupled and standards based.Define Implementation RoadmapWith an understanding of existing current state, goals and target architecture we develop the implementation roadmapand focus on creating valuable, reusable building blocks in incremental stages. The roadmap describes the required stepsto implement the architecture and includes: ı a high level implementation plan, including service delivery sequence with identified dependencies ı approaches for migrating from current to future state for example from point to point and hub and spoke ...... ......... .........architectures ı consideration of product migration strategies for example dealing with end of life software, or moving to more ........cost effective open source solutions ı methods for risk mitigation such as which components to target for early integration ı methods for estimating service development and delivery costs ı how to accelerate your current deliveries using automated methods for environment creation, best practices for .........service development and testing ı pros and cons of top down, bottom up and meet in the middle approaches ı guidance on required skills development, training and support services ı guidance on governance including service versioning and management ı techniques for operational monitoring, message tracing, troubleshooting and alerting.Develop and DeliverDuring the develop and deliver phase we can assist you with: ı implementation of architectural slices for key use cases ı architectural oversight and governance ı design and code reviews ı training ı go live support. Telephone: 08450 539457 Email: Web: C2B2_2011 © 2011 C2B2 Consulting Limited, Unit 33, Malvern Hills Science Park, Geraldine Road, Malvern, Worcestershire. WR14 3SZ Registered in England and Wales: 4563419