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C 21 americana building a task description notebook


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C 21 americana building a task description notebook

  1. 1. Building a Task Description NotebookPeople have jobs. Organizations have tasks. A given job may be composed of several tasks. Overthe course of time, tasks can be easily shifted from one person to another. A task descriptionnotebook is designed to clarify how the different tasks are done in the office by the administrativestaff. It is both reasonable and possible that such a document could be constructed for agentactivities.1. The tasks must fit easily within a variety of compensation plans. This allows you the ability to pay both for the successful completion of the task and to add bonuses for jobs well done.2. Flexibility and Creativity are the Keys for Effective Tasks Persons in all of these classifications assume responsibilities in the office. Maximum effectiveness is achieved through defining and assigning tasks flexibly and creatively, with no reference to the method, or even the necessity of any direct compensation.3. Benefits of a Task Description Notebook The benefits of building a Task Description Notebook are the following: • Quick familiarity with a new assignment can be facilitated when there is a written description of the work to be done, what is needed to do it, and resources available to help “get up to speed” in accomplishing the task. • Improvement and evaluation is aided and accelerated since the steps and pieces of the work are clear to anyone who is responsible for the tasks or the management of the tasks. • Work is more efficient when it is clear to everyone the results that are expected, and the duties and routines that produce these results.1. The Method for Building a Task Description Notebook Building the Task Description Notebook can be done through the following steps: • Have everyone on the payroll use a yellow legal pad and write down everything they do for 30 days. Repetitive tasks should be noted. • Once this list is complete you must “cull” the list. Remove the things that the staffer should not be doing. • Once this is done, have the person doing the job write in a single page on how the task should be done. • This description should be so simple that a anyone could understand it. Have everyone who is doing, or has done, a task do this process. Organize a Task Force to read the reports, underlining points regarded as crucial, and make notes on questions and additions. USE THE FOLLOWING TO ASSIST IN OUTLINING THE TASKS:
  2. 2. THE TASK DESCRIPTION NOTEBOOKTask__________________________________________________________________________Company______________________________________________ Date___________________Names of people submitting data__________________________________________________Name of person currently performing the task: _______________________________1. How is the task done? How many times in a 30-day period?2. What files, data resources, equipment, office space, and contact with resources outside of the office are needed to do this work?3. What are the duties or routines required by the performance of this task?4. What are the weekly duties or routines?5. What are the monthly or quarterly duties or routines?6. What special assignments are involved in the completion of this tasks?7. What records and reports are prepared to complete this work?8. What supervision or counsel is received that helps maintain the quality and efficiency of the work?9. What experience or training is valuable in order to be effective and enjoy this work?10. How could this task be improved to be either more productive or more fun?11. What are the best ways to acknowledge and recognize a person when this work is well done?