Album Cover Analysis


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Album Cover Analysis

  1. 1. Album Cover Analysis By Chloe Bullen
  2. 3. This album cover is eye catching as the woman on the front is removing her clothes, showing the bands daring and flirtatious side. The band doesn’t feature on the cover, this could be as not to influence reasons for buying the album. It could also show their audience how artistic they are. The cover is aimed at a younger audience as are the band. The band is marketing to teenaged girls and possibly boys. There isn’t an awful amount of colour in the cover, it’s showing dark contrasting colours and the pink emphasis on the band name makes it really stand out.
  3. 4. This album cover is the same band but it is showing something completely different to the previous cover, it could be saying the same about the music. The similarities to the other cover is that the colour is very limited. It does involve the main primary colours but in a faint tinge. The main picture on this album compared to the previous is that it is not so daring. It shows a sweeter side to the band. The market is still the same but I’d go for older teenagers with this cover.
  4. 5. This cover shows exactly how the band wants to be perceived. The cover is simple but is connected completely to the band. For example the band’s name is ‘Garbage’ the cover doesn’t look neat or tidy. Everything is linked, the album is called ‘Bleed Like Me’ The background is red, the colour of blood. This cover is non conformist. It shows the individuality of the band.
  5. 6. This is a very original cover. The genre of the band is rock/metal, this is shown by the dark tones and the thorns across the face, possibly also showing pain. Key focus is on the eye, grabbing the audience’s attention. It also shows the main attraction of the band, lead singer, Amy Lee. The target audience for this band would be anybody that related to the lyrics or the feel/genre of the band. The album name could also be saying that the recording is live, enticing the audience to buy the album for the live experience also.
  6. 7. This cover uses lots of different patterns and is mixed up. This is the genre of the band, very mixed and experimental. The cover is very simple which is a contrast to the band as they and is very hyped up and very into it. The target market for this band is older teenagers and adults. The band is very experimental and the lyrics are beautiful. They are not the sort to appeal to younger teens. The cover is original, you don’t see any other band with a cover like this.
  7. 8. This cover is using dull colours with a streak of bright contrasting colour. The cover art is very original and shows the nature of the band. The nature of the band is quite experimental, they use some harsh lyrics with a playful tune. The target audience is for teenagers of both sexes. It shows an artistic side of the band which is interesting to a young audience.