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TESOL 2015: Get more out of your handouts with QR coeds


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A Poster presentation from the TESOL 2015 International Conference in Toronto, Canada

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TESOL 2015: Get more out of your handouts with QR coeds

  1. 1. GET MORE OUT OF YOUR HANDOUTS WITH QR CODES Cameron Romney Kyoto Sangyo University @CameronRomney
  2. 2. DILEMMA TYPICAL SOLUTIONS Smaller Print Condensed Font Narrower Margins Larger Paper More Paper Hard to read Difficult to print No space for notes More Paper LESS USER Friendly? HOW TO MAXIMIZE THE INFORMATION PRESENTED IN THE LIMITED SPACE OF A HANDOUT
  3. 3. WHAT YOU CAN DO WITH QR CODES OTHER CODES Link to Teacher’s email vCard of Teacher’s contact information URL CODES Link to Videos Link to MP3s Link to Surveys TEXT CODES Task Answers, e.g. Homework Information Gap
  4. 4. WHAT DO YOU NEED? STUDENTS Device with QR Code reader app Smartphone, iPad, tablet, iPod Touch, Nintendo 3DS, etc. Feature phone (limited to text codes) TEACHERS Smartphone, etc. Internet connected computer (to make codes) Recommend Site: WHAT IF A STUDENT DOESN’T HAVE A SMARTPHONE? Design activities so they don’t need one Have an analog (paper) back-up Have an extra device Borrow a friend’s device Have the students work in pairs/share
  5. 5. EXAMPLES
  6. 6. FAQs HOW MUCH DO QR CODES COST? They are open source, free to make and free to use, but users might need to download a reader app. Most are free, but some are paid apps. WHICH APP SHOULD I TELL MY STUDENTS TO USE? Some smartphones have a reader app built in and some don't. I let my students choose one that they like. I do recommend that they download several free ones and see which one works best for them. Recommended paid app: Scan by QR Code City ($1.99)
  7. 7. WHAT TYPES OF DATA CAN QR CODES CONTAIN? QR codes support 9 data types: plain text, URL links, e-mail address, SMS, phone numbers, geo locations, calendar events, and vCards, i.e. contact information. HOW MANY CHARACTERS CAN A QR CODE CONTAIN? They can contain 4,296 alphanumeric characters, but a more practical limit is between 300-500 characters, basically 2-4 tweets. HOW BIG SHOULD THE CODE BE ON THE HANDOUT? They can be any size, but the more data they contain the more complex the dot pattern will be. So the more data, the bigger they need to be. Something between ¾ to 1½ inches (2-4 cm) is usually fine.
  8. 8. CAN A QR CODE CONTAIN AN IMAGE OR SOUND FILE? Technically yes, but practically no. However, you can link to a website that has the image or sound file that students can view/hear on their phone. DO THEY HAVE TO BE BLACK AND WHITE? No. They can be a combination of any two colors, but there needs to be sufficient contrast between the colors therefore black and white is usually best.