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Habiect (en)

Habilect - software-hardware complex for rehabilitation of stroke and heart attack patients.
Modern solution using latest technologies in motion control for patients' rehabilitation after stroke and heart attack.
We make process of stroke rehabilitation more effective and fun for patient, as well as more convenient for attending physician.

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Habiect (en)

  1. 1. Modern technological advances in rehabilitation after stroke C-Blues ARDIN SOFTWARE Consultants: U. Jidchenko и A.Khotin
  2. 2. What are the problems we face? Based on 2010 data: – More than 640000 insults in Russian Federation – More than 50% of them remain disabled
  3. 3. Traditional treatment At the hospital Outpatient treatment At home
  4. 4. Traditional treatment At the hospital Outpatient treatment At home Inefficient!
  5. 5. Traditional treatment At the hospital Outpatient treatment At home It takes long time It involves many specialists Exercises are painful and often dull Hard to keep the patient motivated to keep on treatment
  6. 6. Modern technology solutions #1 MANUPED ARTROMOT-F SP-1000 $ 2 650 $ 6 530 $ 4 800
  7. 7. Modern technology solutions #2
  8. 8. Modern technology solutions #3
  9. 9. Brain activity sensors • Diagnosis of brain diseases • Tracking emotional state Measurement of physiological parameters • Gesture control • Tracking oxygen levels • Measurement of pulse, heartbeat rate Additional sensors used in rehab
  10. 10. Competitors and partners
  11. 11. Competitors and partners Name Description Advantages Reflexion Health Most professional project with strong team and support from West Health Institute and West Health Investment Fund.  available clinical test in partners’ facilities,  strong team and management, Home Team Therapy Project that uses concept of Gamification for rehabilitation, i.e. creation of several motivational games for rehabilitation.  heart of complex consists of several games,  already finished portal for medics, JinTronics Almost ready-made solution, but unavailable on Russian market. Also uses principle of Gamification, but project’s level of development is not high enough.  soon release on the market,  practical part for medics, Respondesign Fitness-complex, one feature of which is possibility for rehabilitation. ws.php  strong team with many years of experience in creating games
  12. 12. Rehabilitation is effective if: • Starts as early as possible • Very intensive • Includes many repetitive motions • Continues after the patient is at home CONTINUUM OF CARE
  13. 13. Our advantages • Professional, very convenient for patients and doctors system which consists of Kinect (or other manufacturers) sensor, software package and rehabilitation methodology adapted to every patient • Works with and without Internet connection • Big number of templates for diagnosis and for exercises • Sound balance exercises • Mobile notifications for relatives • Auto report generation
  14. 14. • Specialized design for people with disabilities • Constant updating and additional content • Reward system of patients • System was developed with help of professionals • System of prompts and warnings about difficult and dangerous movements Solution for patient
  15. 15. Solution for doctors and hospitals • Quality and quantity of the exercises measurement and control • Possibility to connect medical and neuro sensors • Two-waycommunication using cloud computing • Constant collection and analysis of statistics • Smart reports
  16. 16. Smart reports
  17. 17. Team C-Blues Developer of interactive systems, controlled by latest sensors ArcadyKhotin Investor, founder of ZAO Arcadia and ArdinSoftware Oy UriyJidchenko Consultant, neurologist, rehabilitation specialist
  18. 18. Contacts