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Animal cruelty


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Animal cruelty

  1. 1. ANIMAL CRUELTYWARNING: This contains images some people may find disturbing.
  2. 2. What is Animal Cruelty?Animal cruelty is a deliberate infliction of pain and suffering onanimals for purposes other than self-defense.
  3. 3. Animals Used for Food
  4. 4. GO VEGAN !!!1. Compassion.2. Nonviolence.3. For the people.4. For the planet.5. For the animals.6. For your health.
  5. 5. Animal Abuse in Entertainment1. Circuses2. Zoos3. Marine parks4. Advertisements, TV shows, movies5. Cruel sports; dogfighting, bullfighting, horse racing, etc.
  6. 6. Pictures of Animal Abuse in Entertainment
  7. 7. Reference• Herzog, H., Arluke, A. (2006). Human-animal connections: Recent findings on the anthrozoology of cruelty.•••
  8. 8. Presented by: Astghik Hakobyan