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Open Data Apps


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Presentation at PCATT IT Summit

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Open Data Apps

  1. 1. Apps withOpen DataGetting started with Civic Apps
  2. 2. On a Mission from GOD:Government Open DataFraming the Mission○ Open Data - Open Gov○ Culture of Innovation○ Collaboration○ Data is the new commons○ Gov as the stewards of data○ APIs are the new enabler
  3. 3. Government as a PlatformTim O’Reilly:“This quest for simplicity is one of the drivers behindFederal CIO Vivek Kundra’s emphasis on, acollection of APIs to government data. Kundra realizedthat rather than having the government itself build outall of the websites and applications that use that data,providing application programming interfaces to theprivate sector will allow independent developers tocome up with new uses for government data.”
  4. 4. Government CitizensTech 2.0Digital technologies have thepotential to radically transform theway that knowledge is disseminatedin our society.Convergence
  5. 5. OpenDataCommunityDeveloperDesignAnalysisVisualizationEngagementTransparencyCollaborationTrustKnowledge+ =Formula for a smartergovernment
  6. 6. Open Data FlowAPIEngineCrime DataTransportation DataWater DataBudget DataSirens DataShelters DataHonolulu 311 DataArt DataSystems DatabasesGovernment Data
  7. 7. HonoluluAnswers
  8. 8. ● DaBus,●●●● Campaign Spending Dashboard● Budget Visualizations● Routeview.Honolulu.govPublic Creations
  9. 9. Data.Honolulu.Gov
  10. 10. Data.Hawaii.Gov
  11. 11. DataDataAPIsData
  12. 12. DaBusFeatures● Locate nearby bus stops at yourcurrent location.● Search for a bus stop by street nameor stop number.● Get complete real-time bus arrivalinformation.● Track the current location of yourinterested bus.● Bookmark your favorite bus stops.● Explore different bus routes.● Virtually ride the bus and double tapto zoom in on its route.● Find a bus route by the route numberor route name.● Get information on the bus fares,holiday schedules and service alerts.●
  13. 13. Exceptional Trees
  14. 14. Adopt a Siren
  15. 15. Budget Visualization
  16. 16. Crime Data
  17. 17. Farmers Market
  18. 18. Campaign Spending
  19. 19. Reference Sites● Code for America● Code for Hawaii (CfA Brigade)●●●● Citycamp Honolulu●● Sunlight Foundation●● Open City● Hawaii Data Pipeline●
  20. 20. Burt