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Civic*Celerator Apps Walkthrough



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A walkthrough of the applications from the Civic*Celerator in partnership with Common Cause Hawaii and Hawaii Open Data to develop applications based on Hawaii campaign spending data.

Civic*Celerator Apps Walkthrough

  1. 1. A Walk-thru of Civic*Celerator Apps
  2. 2. Candidate Filing Information Team Leader: Royce Jones Description: Combines The Office of Elections’ candidate filing data and the Campaign Spending Commission’s campaign finance data in a web map application.
  3. 3. Step 1: Select the office you’ d like to see Step 2: Click on the icons for detailed candidate info
  4. 4. Precincts Map Team Leader: Royce Jones Description: Allows users to find their voting precincts and see which offices will be on their ballot. Also provides a link to the “Funding a Hawaii State Legislature Race” app.
  5. 5. Step 1: Enter your address Step 2: Click on your house to see your precinct info
  6. 6. Hawaii Campaign Spending Data Team Leader: Jason Axelson Team Members: Jill Misawa, Kyle Oba Description: Provides voters and the general public with an intuitive view of how Hawaii lawmakers are utilizing their campaign funds.
  7. 7. View expenditures by different categories. This view is by office.
  8. 8. Hover and click on the different circles to get more detailed information about candidate expenditures. FYI: The size of the circles are relative to the amount spent by the candidate from the cumulative total spent by category
  9. 9. Funding a Hawaii State Legislature Race Team Leader: Ben Trevino Team Members: David Wang, Alex Bergo, Viil Liid Description: Provides donation details made to each legislative race for the past 4 election periods. Visually organizes donations and fundraiser data on a timeline; groups donations by sources (immediate family, individuals, noncandidate committees, etc.)
  10. 10. Step 1: Hover over a district to see the House and Senate races for that area Step 2: Click on a race and year to view fundraising details
  11. 11. Contributions received by the candidate Hover over the circles to see donation details
  12. 12. Contribution details by contributor type Hover over circles to see donor name and amount given
  13. 13. A Search Application for the Hawaii State Campaign Spending Commission Contributions Database Team Leader: Rich Halverson Team Members: Davis Kurihara-Nakasu, UH Shidler’s ITM 352 class and the ITMA Club Description: is a website that allows users to search contributions within the Hawaii Campaign Spending Commission’s database
  14. 14. Many categories to search by Other categories include: candidate name search, non- candidate name search and individual donor name search
  15. 15. Polydex Hawaii Team Leader: Derek Ahn Team Members: Kingtak Wong, Ray Farias, Jason Piros, Tyler Boright Description: It uses graphics to help the public “see” when local legislators are collecting the most money. Currently, the data shown is only for elected legislators for 2013-2014.
  16. 16. House and Senate members are listed alphabetically, navigate by using the arrow buttons This graph shows amount of contributions the legislator received over time
  17. 17. Scroll down the page to see this graph which shows the amount of contributions received by contributor type (immediate family, individuals, noncandidate committees, etc.)
  18. 18. More information and links to all apps can be found at: Sponsored by Voqal Common Cause Hawaii and Hawaii Open Data