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Byron miller ignite DevOpsDays 2015 - Future Backwards


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5 Minute Ignite about "Future backwards" as a way to know your state of operations in a historical and future representation. Loosely based on implementing future backwards ideas form Cognitive Edge

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Byron miller ignite DevOpsDays 2015 - Future Backwards

  1. 1. @byron_miller     Cloud  Engineer   h3ps://   @byron_miller  
  2. 2. Science   Science  is  a  way  to  teach  how  something  gets  to   be  known,  what  is  not  known  and  to  what   extent  things  are  known….     How  to  think  about  things  so  that  judgments  can   be  made…       @byron_miller  
  3. 3. Pictorial  RepresentaFons   "Pterodactylus  anFquus  soemmerring”   @byron_miller  
  4. 4. @byron_miller  
  5. 5. VisualizaFons   @byron_miller  
  6. 6. Sensemaking   •  Give  meaning  to  experience   •  Improve  interacFon  between  people  and   informaFon  technology   @byron_miller  
  7. 7. Messes   Managers  are  not  confronted  with  problems   that  are  independent  of  each  other,  but  with   dynamic  situaFons  that  consist  of  complex   systems  of  changing  problems  that  interact  with   each  other.  I  call  such  situaFons  messes.   Managers  do  not  solve  problems,  they  solve   messes.                      -­‐Ackoff   @byron_miller  
  8. 8. Future  Backwards   @byron_miller  
  9. 9. Backwards   •  What  is  entrenched   – Designed   – IntenFonal   – UnintenFonal   – Pa3erns   – Past  behaviors  determine  your  future   @byron_miller  
  10. 10. Future   •  What  are  our  future  states   •  What  needs  to  happen  to  transiFon?   •  What  is  our  intent?   •  Where  do  we  want  to  be?     @byron_miller  
  11. 11. Experiment   •  It’s  a  visualizaFon   •  Look  for  pa3erns  &  emergent  properFes   •  Evolve   – ExaptaFon   – AdaptaFon   @byron_miller  
  12. 12. UFlity   •  Common  language   •  Managers  learn  this  stuff   •  “DevOps”  use  this  stuff..       – “graphs”..  (Puppet  Node  Graphs)   – “State  Engines”   @byron_miller  
  13. 13. Design   •  What  is  emerging  from  our  planning?   •  How  do  our  future  states  differ  in  vision/ planning?   •  Does  this  future  state  map?  Are  we  actually   working  with  intent  or  just  floaFng  along?   @byron_miller  
  14. 14. Influence   @byron_miller  
  15. 15. See  the  big  picture   @byron_miller