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  1. 1. FallingforyouIm going to call myself an expert in online dating since I have been doing so for about the past 10years. There are SO many dating websites that its hard to choose which one to use. How do youknow where all the Real people are? How do you know that youll meet Mr. Or Mrs. Right on a datingwebsite?How will you ever know anything if you never take that chance?Most of the websites at first advertise as "Free". Well, what free gets you is basically a profile set up.You enter everything about yourself, where you live, what you like to do and anything else you canthink of. Then you post some pictures of yourself, so that the prospects can see what you look like.Then you enter what you are looking for in a partner, and last but not least, what would be your"ideal" first date. Which I actually look at as a First Meeting, because you are meeting this personface to face for the first time. You will then decide at this first meeting whether or not you would like to"date" this person again. Thats when the dating begins.There are literally millions of people using dating websites. Ive used the dating websites because Ijust dont know where single people go in my area. We have bars and Ive already met some peoplein bars. They are not who I want to spend my life with.People come in all different shapes, sizes, ages, looks and nationalities and online dating can befrustrating. But remember this; you need to learn to love yourself before youll find your perfect mate.This is very important. People (like yourself) are looking to find someone who is happy. People dontwant someone in their life that is full of drama or upset all the time. Miserable unhappy people willonly attract miserable unhappy people to themselves. But if you love yourself, everything about youwill glow. You are dating to have fun. Dont ever take anything personally. And if you need extraadvise, you can sign up for newsletter or Dating Coaches. There are some awesome amazing datingcoaches out there for expert advise!One of my favorite dating coaches is Evan Marc Katz. Click on the link below to find out more abouthow he can help you. He is amazing, funny and cute!Two of the most popular dating website are probably eHarmony and Match.com. I have been on bothof these website. They allow you the very basic for free, but you must become a "paid" member inorder to communicate with the other members.Some websites will let you go a step farther and send communication back and forth, but only somuch because they as well prefer you to become a paid member. I believe that those who pay aretruly a bit more serious about finding the right one. The problem is, it can get expensive and do wewant to join more than one website? How do we know our match is on one website and not another?You dont! And chances are, where you are looking is where you will find your true love. Youre drawnto a particular site for a reason. I believe everything happens for a reason. Be patient and mostimportantly HAVE FUN!
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