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More Content, Less Work with DAM


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More Content, Less Work with DAM

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  2. 2. | More Content, Less Work with DAM
  3. 3. Today’sSpeakers Cathy McKnight VP Consulting Digital Clarity Group Brian Kavanaugh Marketing Strategist Bynder
  4. 4. | Story:abrokenfinger,abroken process
  5. 5. Landscape Over 1/4 of the world has the internet in its pocket in the form of a smartphone (Statista, 2016) People touched their phones 2,617 times /day last year (Dscout via Network World, 2016) More internet traffic forecasted in 2017 than in 1984-2012 (Cisco, 2013)
  6. 6. Landscape “Digital Marketing” is redundant (Salesforce, 2016) Omnichannel marketing is next “Age of the Consumer” (Forrester) Rise of the “CDMO”
  7. 7. DAM as part of the customer experience ecosystem 64
  8. 8. DAM Overview
 Optimizethecontentlifecycle Create Find Use
  9. 9. Not everything saying it is a DAM, is.
  10. 10. | So,what’swithallthiscontent?
  11. 11. Omnichannel Marketing 64% of marketers cite lack of resources and investments as their top barrier to omnichannel marketing (The CMO Club, 2015) 16% of marketers feel that their organizations are delivering customer experiences that truly fulfill brand promises (CMO Council, 2016) 88% of customers expect consistent interactions across channels (HuffPo, 2016) Omnichannel marketing = marketing in 2017
  12. 12. Omnichannel: Be Everywhere! More content demanded from teams Each new channel or medium has new specs & new intricacies More people + same process = not scalable Not about today’s trends, about scaling for tomorrow
  13. 13. More Content: The Marketer’s Toolbelt in DAM Cropping Channel-ready versions Dynamic collections Send to print Result: more content with streamlined work Result: accomplish more and adhere to brand guidelines
  14. 14. | Specific Use Case: Global Structure, Local Feel
  15. 15. | CMS DAM solution Website Creative Suite Analytics CRM Social Channels
  16. 16. The DAM Differences Speed Collaborat ion Execution Consisten cy Centraliz e Categoriz e Manipula te Distribute
  17. 17. DAM 101: Where to start and what to look for Where to start Stakeholders Requirements: must have, nice to haves Delivery: on-prem vs. cloud Partners What to look for Technical implications: security, architecture, integrations, etc. How it will be implemented/set-up: internal team, vendor, implementation partner Roadmap: Does it meet today’s needs, and tomorrow’s
  18. 18. Streamliningcontentoperations What to expect Editorial Content Creation Version History Translations Content Approval Assembling Assets Multi-Channel Publishing Communicate and collaborate with colleagues and agencies Streamline and automate media creation projects
  19. 19. The business impact of the right DAM A DAM acts as a single source of truth bringing together people, processes, and data. DAM: Accelerates marketers Optimizes designers Empowers sales Involves IT Creates efficiencies for agencies Makes things easier for distributors
  20. 20. Making DAM work for you and your team Buy-in Clearly defined roles and responsibilities KPIs and benchmarking Setting a path Community Process Technology Organization Objectives Content
  21. 21. Getting the DAM conversation going Engage the enterprise, not just marketing, and talk about: Time savings Facilitated access to assets; from anywhere, any time Improved communication and better project management Security benefits Cost savings
  22. 22. The new DAM ideal Well integrated User friendly Efficiency creating AnalyzableCustomizable
  23. 23. | References:

  24. 24. | Questions? Cathy McKnight Digital Clarity Group Brian Kavanaugh Bynder
  25. 25. Keep the conversation going! NEW Definitive Guide to Digital Asset Management