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Digital Asset Management (DAM) Goes Mainstream with Do-it-yourself (DIY)


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Tired of explaining digital asset management? Join us to hear Bynder Digital Asset Management Consultant Emily Kolvitz discuss how and why DIY concepts will drive DAM forward and popularize it based on three key ideas:
Automation: can you imagine DAM in a day? Self-configurable DAM isn't that far off. And that's not to mention automation through AI, too.
Integration: imagining a completely free movement of assets throughout your tech ecosystem
Adoption: DAMs that are self-configurable and have consumer-grade usability open themselves up to countless use cases beyond the popular and traditional ones. What's yours?

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Digital Asset Management (DAM) Goes Mainstream with Do-it-yourself (DIY)

  1. 1. Public
  2. 2. DAM Goes Mainstream with DIY Wednesday May 3, 2017 Sponsored by: Emily Kolvitz DAM Consultant / Marketer / Digital Asset Manager Bynder Romney Whitehead Content Specialist and DAM Consultant
  3. 3. DAM Goes Mainstream with DIY Tired of explaining DAM? Me too.
  4. 4. DAM goes mainstream with DIY What we’ll cover Current state of explaining digital asset management Key differentiators between SaaS DAM and cloud storage Current state of DIY DAM components 3 ideas for DIY DAM success 3 categories to win at for a completely DIY DAM experience
  5. 5. What would you say you do here?
  6. 6. Siri, what is digital asset management?
  7. 7. Getting people to care about digital asset management without boring them
  8. 8. Going mainstream Everyone knows what Kleenex is Everyone knows that Drive, Box, Dropbox are synonymous with digital file management Kleenex is often used as a replacement for the word tissue DAM needs to become synonymous with the term digital file management the same way
  9. 9. What does Google Drive, Box, and Dropbox have in common that digital asset management could really use a little bit more of?
  10. 10. Do it yourself!
  11. 11. These are Not digital asset management
  12. 12. Cloud storage providers are to DAM as what self-storage facilities are to public libraries.
  13. 13. Yes, I’m Yes, I’m a DAM: Custom taxonomy + metadata User permission management and access Renditions and previews of a huge variety of filetypes No, I’m not a DAM: No unique identifiers No custom taxonomy or ability to modify descriptors or tags No multi-faceted search or filtering Files are restricted until explicitly shared
  14. 14. Digital asset management (DAM) is like the library at Hogwarts.
  15. 15. The digital content explosion is like a giant glitter bomb of digital files that just keeps going off.
  16. 16. “ The image content universe contains 122 million users uploading content on Flickr, 500 million active users on Instagram, and more than 1.79 billion users on Facebook.” Social Pilot
  17. 17. What is do-it-yourself DAM?
  18. 18. DIY DAM Increase use & adoption Encourage ownership Drive autonomy Free up resources for advanced DAM consultations Grow the DAM market Enable MORE companies to find and use the right digital content
  19. 19. If it’s that great, why isn’t everyone on the DIY DAM train?
  20. 20. DIY DAM What is so scary about letting a customer do-it- themselves? Possible misconfiguration Poorly designed taxonomy Giving up on DAM
  21. 21. 3 Ideas for DIY DAM Success    Mass Education Share your knowledge for free DIY UX Focus Across all markets, brands and channels make it your goal to never explain DAM again! Support the DAM community and industry Laser like focus on increasing autonomy for the end user
  22. 22. DAM Education for the non-DAM community
  23. 23. Offer up your knowledge freely
  24. 24. DIY UX built into DAM products
  25. 25. What is already DIY DAM?
  26. 26. I’m not saying it will be easy, but it is indeed possible.
  27. 27. DIY DAM in a Day?
  28. 28. DAM Automation
  29. 29. DAM Automation Auto-extracted metadata Automatic tagging with artificial intelligence Automatic renditions of images Automatic collections of content Automatically learning from your behavior
  30. 30. DAM Integration
  31. 31. DAM Integration SDKs APIs Marketplace Plug & Play
  32. 32. DAM Adoption
  33. 33. DAM Adoption Self-guided tours Walk-throughs Videos Training Guides & Lessons Knowledge Bases
  34. 34. …because the people crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones that do.
  35. 35. | @ekolvitz | #DIYDAM HS DAM NY Discount Code ($100): BYNDER100 Key Takeaways 1. DAM is like the library at Hogwarts 2. DAM is becoming more DIY 3. One day you will never have to explain DAM again
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