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Parvi resignation email 6.15.10


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Published in: News & Politics, Education
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Parvi resignation email 6.15.10

  1. 1. From: Ghulam ParviDate: June 15, 2010 11:35:09 AM MDTTo: "Ahmad, Alizeh" <>,, "Niehaus,Alisha" <>Subject: 3-cups of tea, a disputed book in Pakistan.Salam every body.Parvi had a long a unconditional association with CAI USA and Greg Mortenson.At last after many successes and gaining a great popularity, Greg changed hisbehaviour and way of working. He has now started assisting American Army inAfghanistan, therefore, Parvi has opted his retirement from CAI, USA.To keep you friends informed we are sending this mail to you please.________________________________________________________________Assalam-o-AlaikumGreg Mortenson, Professor Abdul Jabbar Sahib and every body.In continuation of my unfinished dialogue with Greg since April, 2009, it is toinform you that a general meeting of the active and Greg,s most friendlycommunity leaders was held on 13th June, 2010, in Skardu to discuss thecontroversial contents in the book "three cups of tea " with special reference toexchange of mails between Greg - Parvi and Muhammd Ali Changezion the subject.The following attended the meeting:Hushe Village 1. Haji Muhammad Aslam Khan father of Shakeela, Trained LHV 2. Haji Muhammad Ibrahim father of Khadim Hussain, student of BSc. 3. Mr. Muhammad Anwar, President Hushe Development Organization (Regd).Kande Village 1. Akhond Alika, Chairman Sun Valley School and Religious scholar of NoorBakshia Muslims 2. Gulam Muhamad, Secy. Sn Valley Welfare Organization (Regd). 3. Ibrahim Khalil, Chairman village conservation committee, Kandey 4. Mr. Fida Muhammad, Accountant Amin Braq Public Scool 5. Muhammad Iqbal Qadri, Chairman Education Committee, upper Kande.Refugees Girls School 1. Sheikh Muhammad Raza, Chairman Education Committee and ReligiousHead of the Refugees community. 2. Haji Ali, Member of village committee. 3. Haji Ali Hassan, Astana, Member of committee.
  2. 2. Sikandarabad Dasso, Rondu 1. Syed Ali Shah, chairman education committee and Religious head 2. Haji Salman, President of village committee. 3. Muhammad Yousaf, HeadmasterKorphe School 1. Muhammad Hussain, Teacher father of Tahira, BA student 2. Mr. Taha father of Jahan, BA student 3. Mhammad Saleem, community leaderUmmed Girls School, Chunda 1. Akhond Ahmed Ali, the religious leader and Islamic teacher 2. Akhond Muhammd Hassan, community leader and member of educationcommittee 3. Mr. Muhammad Kazim, Head teacherTinjoos Girls Middle School 1. Haji Mehdi, Chairman Education committee and village head 2. Wazir Muhammad Hassan, Headmaster Govt. School and teacher of CAIschool 3. Mr. Nisar Hussain, Islamic teacher of CAI school and Principal Al-MustafaPublic SchoolHyderabad Public School 1. Haji Najaf Ali, active social worker and member of education committee. 2. Ghulam Mehdi, chairman education committee 3. Noor Muhammad, senior teacher 4. Haji Farman, President village development committee 5. Mvuhammad Ismail, village committee leaderMalyar Community school 1. Subedar Retired Safar Muhammad, Chairman education committee .Jafarabad School people could not attend the meeting due to marriage of firstcousin of Mehdi Ali Sahib.G. M. Parvi briefed the participants about the issues in the book, hisdisagreement since long, Changezi story and other false stories in the book. Healso explained the legal aspects of the remarks of Greg Mortenson about thewomenfolk of Baltistan, about Taliban Training camps in Baltistan which is clearlyagainst the policies of Govt. of Pakistan and in favour of Indian claims againstPakistan, sectarian remarks against Wahabis in Baltistan and illegal opening ofschools in Closed Zones by the Government etc.
  3. 3. G. M. Parvi announced clearly that he is retired from CAI USA from 30th of June,2010, due to Greg,s unhealthy attitude.After opening the floor for open discussion, the participants showed their angerwith Parvi for why he hide these facts from the village communities and religiouspeople of Baltistan so far. Parvi declared and said that he has been requestingGreg Mortenson, his staff and wel wishers in and outside Pakistan about thesematters. Parvi also said that he has record in support of his remarks.Sheikh Raza of the Refugees Girls School clearly declared that we should bringthe case before the Central Religious People of different Muslim Sects, speciallywith the Wahabis and clearly write to the District Administration for Ban of thebook and Greg for coming in Baltistan. He has already declared that theircommunity will completely finish relationship with Greg Mortenson and otherAmericans to come.Mr. Aslam Khan of Hushe also declared that although Greg has much supportedhis daughter, even then if the remarks of Greg Mortenson about the Wahabis aretrue, it is clearly against religious hormony in Baltistan and he will never tolerateto talk with Greg any more. He also said that by doing so, Greg has invitedspecial attention of Taliban against the workers of CAI in Baltistan.Haji Ibrahim of Hushe said that if Greg has shown all this, then we do not needhis help. We should quit Greg immediately.Akhond Alika said that he has already wrote a mail to Greg stating that they donot need Greg,s support. They can run the school by themselves.Mr. Khalil of Kande said that he believes that Americans can never be a goodfriend of Muslims.Few participants pointed out that since April, 2009, Greg has started sendinggood amount as bribe to some community leaders.In the end, the participants unanimously resolved the following points and signedthe resolution for record. 1. Greg has written unwanted, false and baseless stories in the book which isagainst Islam, Baltistan and Pakistan, therefore, they strongly condemn suchwritings. 2.. Greg Mortenson may ask first to apologize and give his apology in writingwidely and on internet. 3.. If Greg does not give his apology widely, then No project will run through
  4. 4. Greg. 4. It was also resolved unanimously that Central Asia Institute (Regd.)Baltistan is de-linked with CAI, USA with immediate effect. They also decidedthat Mr. G. M. Parvi will continue to run Central Asia Institute (Regd.) Baltistan asan independant local NGO, by raising funding resources in and outside Pakistan. 5. G. M. Parvi should forward necessary ammendments in the documents ofCAI (Regd.) Baltistan and inform the relevant Govt. offices accordingly.The participants has asked G. M. Parvi to inform Greg Mortenson immediatelyand try to get a reply within 10 days. If Greg will not reply, then it will bepresumed that he has nothing to say in his favour.Submitted to the above adressees for and on behalf of the founder Members ofCentral Asia Institute (Regd.) Baltistan, and the participants of the meeting.G. M. Parvi.