Parvi email confession 11.08.07


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Parvi email confession 11.08.07

  1. 1. Subject: Salam and urgent messageFrom: Ghulam ParviSent: Thu 11/08/07 8:53PMTo: Greg Mortenson; Julia Bergman Jennifer SipesSalam and urgent message‫‏‬Respected Doctor Sahib and every bodyAssalam-o-Alaikum. As already informed, I am planning to leave Skardu forSaudi Arabia to perform HAJJ. My flight is PK-9613 on November 17th, fromIslamabad to Madina. If every thing would be fine, I will return to Islamabad on28th December, 2007.Sir, you know Hajj is an important religious occasion. I have decided to perform.A Muslim belives that during Hajj, he has to openly admit all his SINS before theAllah Almighty and seek forgiveness. But Allah has also clearly said that he willnot forgive anything which is directly related to mankind.Respected Doctor Sahib. Now at this stage, when I look back, Dr. GregMortenson and his Central Asia Institute is the only one, who has whole heartedlyand independantly given me the chance to spend all the assets and cash at myown dosposal for the last many years.Sir, for this kindness and trust, I will remain greatful and honored for my lifetime. Icannot express and has no suitable word to express my thanks to you, yourfamily and all other welwishers of CAI.Since I have to admit all my bad things, which I had performed without anywitness and record, yet I believe .Allah Almighty knows. Since there is no excuse,I also want to submit the same sutuation before you and the CAI BoardMembers.I admit that willingly or un willingly I have spent the wealth of CAI at my own.Therefore, I seek your permission. I will appreciate for any noticeable mistakewhich I have made and you did not showed me your displeasure and I knowthere are many. Please Sir, do not hesitate to tell me every thing. I am mentallyprepared to make good all losses which I had to CAI. I will be really thankful toyou all.As far as the existing situation in Skardu is concerned: A) I have prepared a registered will mentioning details of assetts of CAIwith me. B) If I am dead in the way, you will receive all cash available at CAI Bankaccount. Today I will try to finalize the accounts and send you the final balance
  2. 2. before I leave. C) Besides, in my record, I have all the legal documents of the landdoners for CAI schools. D) two Kanals of land purchased for new proposed hostel worth ofRs.1,400,000 ( $ 23,330 ). E) One store is full of wooden logs,(191 Logs worth of Rs.3,20,000 US $5,252) besides the construction materials stocked at site. F) One store is full of text books, teaching aid materials and otherschool supply. G) One store is full of scraps, like construction materials, shutteringitems, iron bars, cement etc. etc. H) Besides, in the will I have donated my investment for the newspaperworth of US $15,000 and its ownership to CAI.So Sir, if I am dead and could not come back home, Insha Allah you will not faceany prolem in getting the available assetts of CAI.I have proper record of all the income and expenses of CAI which can bepresented before any time.Thank you very much for all you did for me and my family and children ofBaltistan.I love you all .SincerelyG.M. Parvi.