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Message From Mortenson 4.15.2011


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Message From Mortenson 4.15.2011

  1. 1. Statement of the Board of Directors, Central Asia InstituteAn Important Message from Greg MortensonApril 15, 2011Afghanistan and Pakistan are fascinating, inspiring countries full of wonderful people. They arealso complex places torn by conflicting loyalties, and some who do not want our mission ofeducating girls to succeed. I stand by the information conveyed in my book, and by the value ofCAIs work in empowering local communities to build and operate schools that have educatedmore than 60,000 students. I continue to be heartened by the many messages of support I receivefrom our local partners in cities and villages across Afghanistan and Pakistan, who aredetermined not to let unjustified attacks stop the important work being done to create a betterfuture for their children. For further questions, concerns and inquiries, please