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Buzzfile Professional - Sales Prospecting & Research Resource

Uncover More High Value Prospects & Grow Your Business

BuzzFile, the powerful prospecting and research tool for successful lead generation and marketing. With coverage of 18 million companies, users can find virtually any company
across the US. You can search and filter by address, number of companies or employees, locating high-value prospects where their services are available. In addition, users can identify all the businesses located at any specific building with just a few clicks. Furthermore, users can search Buzz File’s vast database of 50 MILLION contacts by name, company, job title, function, role, gender, location and industry.

Unlocking detailed reports and saving & sharing searches has never been easier.

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Buzzfile Professional - Sales Prospecting & Research Resource

  1. 1. The Most Powerful Prospecting & Research Tool for Sales & Marketing Professionals
  2. 2. Overview  Buzzfile consolidates multiple activities into a streamlined workflow, making it possible to efficiently identify and contact a maximum number of high-value prospects  Comprehensive company, place, and contact database with advanced prospecting and research functionalities  Over 1.4 million business professionals use Buzzfile every month to identify prospects, research companies, and grow their business  Buzzfile content and features represent a unique value to sales and marketing professionals 1  Our vast database covers 18 million companies, 51 million contacts, 6 million places and 18,000 industries
  3. 3. Buzzfile Features  Identify high-value target buildings where your services should be available  Identify Lit-buildings where your services are available (Telecom specific)  Identify complete list of companies and contacts in target buildings  Sort & filter companies by size, location and industry  Sort and filter contacts in these buildings  Find and connect with decision makers  Generate More SALES 2 Find Any Building Find Lit-Buildings Find All Companies in these Buildings Identify High- Value Prospects Find Relevant Contacts at these Companies Close More Deals
  4. 4. Place Search (Commercial Buildings) 3 Find Complete List of Companies at Any Building (including Lit-Buildings)  Search by city, state, county, metro and zip code  Search by address (find specific buildings)  Search by street name, address range, and odd or even building numbers  Filter your results by the number of companies or employees in a building  Find high value prospects in buildings where your services are currently available  Save and share search criteria and prospect lists  Get detailed place reports, including list of all companies and contacts in those buildings
  5. 5. Place Report 4
  6. 6. Interactive Tables & Smart Filters 5  Sort filter, highlight, map, or export search result  Format which columns are displayed  Build, save and share complex search criteria and prospect lists Data presented in easy- to-use interactive tables
  7. 7. Company Search 6 Find 18 million companies, government agencies, schools, and not-for-profits:  Search by legal company name and trade name  Search based on employees at that location, total employees, revenue and how long they have been in business  Search by city, state, county, zip code, metro, address, and distance/radius to a specific address  Search for companies engaged in manufacturing, import/export or publicly traded companies  Search by sector, category and industry  Limit your search to specific neighborhoods based on demographic information  Sort, filter, map, and export results to a spreadsheet  Save and share search criteria and prospect lists  Get detailed company profiles
  8. 8. Company Profile 7
  9. 9. Contact Search 8 Find 50 million contacts:  Search by contact name, title, job function, role and gender  Search by company name and size  Search by city, state, county, and zip code  Search by industry, category, and sector  Build, save, and share complex search criteria and prospect lists  Sort, filter, and export results to a spreadsheet
  10. 10. Business Contacts 9 Find decision makers from database of over 50 million business contacts:  Find contacts at any company or building  Sort / filter by job function, role or title  Contact information including email & direct dial  Export contact information
  11. 11. Buzzfile Competitive Advantage Buzzfile is optimized for sales and marketing professionals. No other tool or service available today provides the complete functionality or productivity Buzzfile does. Buzzfile will enable you to more efficiently identify more prospects and lift sales: Contact Buzzfile to start your free trial today 10  Find, sort, and filter list of all commercial tenants in any building  Find considerably more sales prospects and generate more revenue  Identify high value prospects, effectively increasing average deal size  Identify prospects that you would not have been able to otherwise  Identify new prospects even when you aren’t prospecting  Save money by cancelling/replacing less effective services
  12. 12. Contact Buzzfile 11 Sales Phone: 212-913-9151 ext.306 Email: Buzzfile Media 45 Broadway Suite 1420 New York, NY 10006