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Guide to SEO Tools


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A one page introduction to search engine tools used for brand monitoring and a basic example of keywords used in online traffic analysis.

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Guide to SEO Tools

  1. 1. INTRO TO SEARCH TOOLS This is a list of some of our favorite FREE search engine tools. The ability to understand how keywords relate to traffic, along with the strategic business decisions to make sense of that information is critical to defining how you (your brand and company) appear to online audiences. Remember that tools only provide metrics, they do not create the strategy behind why you may want to rank high for a certain keyword or how you will convert a visitor who finds yours information. If you are looking for current topics on search engine optimization, check out the alltop search engine directory that presents the top blogs. Search Analysis Tools- provide you with information on creating a baseline to where you stand right now. Google Analytics - the essential starting point of analytics. Entirely free and robust features. Google Website Optimizer - if you have a site or professional profile, this optimizer allows you to maximize your impact. Keyword Research Tools Google AdWords Keyword Suggestion- provides suggested like-minded keywords, based on keyword provided or a URL. . SEO Book Keyword Suggestion - presents a comprehensive list of keyword information. Link and Site Research Tools - provides basic aggregate traffic level and top keywords providing site traffic. XINU - checks a variety of page factors, links, and social bookmark numbers. Misc Tools Visual PageRank - displays all links on the screen, detailing high value link partners PageRank Search - Search results by PageRank (good for link partners) as well as providing easy access to metadata. If you have any additional free tools you would like us to include in our intro to search tools, please let us know! HTTP://