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AFCA crisis management 2012 presentation


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Whether they're basketball, football or tiddlywinks coaches crisis management is vital to survival. The Rutgers Men's basketball coach is far from alone in facing scrutiny & job loss. This is a crisis presentation for football coaches based on my experience with #PSU

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AFCA crisis management 2012 presentation

  1. 1. 5 New Realities: Coaches & Crises Presented by: Kathleen Hessert AFCA Convention 2012© 2012 All Rights Reserved
  2. 2. NEW COACHING REALITIES: 1. Public trust is lost 2. No more free passes 3. Coaches are under scrutiny & under siege 4. Crisis management = vital core competency 5. Social media factors into decision making© 2012 Sports Media Challenge 2
  3. 3. Steps to© 2012 Sports Media Challenge Survive & Excel
  4. 4. Bunker Mentality Doesn’t Work© 2012 Sports Media Challenge
  5. 5. When the University Takes the Lead, Everything Changes! • Athletic Dept relationships with football become less valuable • Decisions are delayed when administrators don’t understand or care about the rhythm of athletics • Stakeholders expand & need attention on and off campus • Big donors & “influencers” carry big weight but… • Demands require help from non-football staff, coaches, outside professionals© 2012 Sports Media Challenge 5
  6. 6. Apply Issues Management.Your Job Depends On It ! • Crisis management is added to your current responsibilities • Strategy needed ; tactics alone are not sufficient • Focusing on current crisis means you’re behind • Ripple effects start early & last long • Determine & focus on what may happen next • Communicate how you’re taking control to instill confidence© 2012 Sports Media Challenge 6
  7. 7. Issues Management Assessment 10 Issues Mgmt Campus police High Impact High Probability Lessons LearnedImpact if it happens rate 1-10 involvement criticized Assign resources NOW • ID potential horribles before & during crisis • Put your efforts & Low Impact Monogram Club & resources where Low Probability players respond they’ll help you IGNORE negatively to critics most • Reevaluate issues 100% daily as they Probability of occurring rate 1-100% change constantly© 2012 Sports Media Challenge 7 7
  8. 8. Monitor Rumors for 1st Mover Advantage • Shutting out criticism is like not scouting opponents • Blame spews from unexpected areas/people • As scrutiny grows- others (insiders & outsiders) grow angry from spread of negativity focused on them • Comprehensive social media monitoring is essenial© 2012 Sports Media Challenge 8
  9. 9. Monitoring Lessons Learned • Real-time monitoring enables timely action • Media troll Twitter, Facebook for discontent, support, Watch sentiment as it changes storylines. ACT on IT You can prepare • Public sentiment polarizes . Easy to determine friends &foes • Easily identify issues you’ll face & questions to answer© 2012 Sports Media Challenge 9 9
  10. 10. Be Transparent. Align Advocates • Staff, players, recruits, parents, advisors • Know what you can say and not say. Stand firm. • Put information into 1 of 3 categories: • what I know … • what I don’t know… • what I’ll find out… • Enlist advocates to communicate your message© 2012 Sports Media Challenge 10
  11. 11. There’sNo Time toTHINK, FEEL, or ACTBut Your JobDepends on it!© 2012 Sports Media Challenge 11
  12. 12. 5 New Realities: Coaches & Crises Contact: Kathleen Hessert @Kathleenhessert on Twitter, Linkedin, Google+ 704.541.5942 or 704.906.3600© 2012 All Rights Reserved