Updated - HP 31 days of the Dragon Social Media Case Study


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One of the most successful and famous social media/work-of-mouth case studies of all time. A must read!

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Updated - HP 31 days of the Dragon Social Media Case Study

  1. 1. 31 Days of the Dragon Word-of-Mouth Marketing Program Case Study © Ivy Worldwide, Inc.
  2. 2. 31 Days - Program Overview What this program is: HP is deepening its commitment to the blogosphere and supports new media initiatives that build strong relationships in this unique community of writers, reviewers, fans and enthusiasts of every kind. To accomplish this, HP is providing thirty-one HDX “Dragon” systems to thirty-one selected bloggers for thirty-one days to give away to lucky readers of their sites during the thirty one days of May. Why Bloggers? HP’s mission is to build and maintain long-lasting relationships with bloggers/influencers and to support them in their endeavors. HP believes bloggers/influencers are an exceptional and dedicated segment of the communications and media landscape and are increasingly influential. This is an opportunity to raise more awareness about the HDX and other HP products and to generate more conversation about HP in the blogosphere. Also, we wanted to say “thanks” for all their great work, as well as thank the readers for their participation and support of blogs and forums. © Ivy Worldwide, Inc.
  3. 3. What Is the HP HDX Dragon?HP’s flagship notebook –fully loaded• 20.1” 1080P Hi-def screen• Intel Extreme Edition processor• BluRay PlayerPrize package valued over $5,500 including:• Microsoft Office• Corel PaintShopPro X2• Corel Painter Essentials• Corel UleadVideo Studio Plus 11.5• Symantec Norton Internet Security• Viva Piñata game• Microsoft Flight Sim• Microsoft Flight SimExpansion Pack• Gears of War game• Pirates of the Caribbean -Dead Man’s Chest-BluRay• Pirates of the Caribbean -At World’s End -Blue Ray• Pirates of the Caribbean -The Curse of the Black Pearl -BluRay © Ivy Worldwide, Inc.
  4. 4. The Challenge We engaged influencers by initiating and fostering meaningful and relevant relationships that had begun with the HP tx1000 promotion. We tapped into both their vast readership and wealth of consumer product experience. We developed a strategy that enabled HP to talk with influencers, not at them, in such way that value was realized by both parties. © Ivy Worldwide, Inc.
  5. 5. 31 Days of the DragonWhy the Program WorkedWe thought about the results we wanted and worked backwards to ensure we delivered. Asking and answering these questions also defined what we measured.What do we want people to take away about HP?How can we leverage HP’s partners to make this more impressive and share costs?What would help drive traffic and ultimately sales on HPshopping.com?How do customers search for products?How to ensure that HP comes up more than its fair share of the time in these searches?How could we drive traffic to the participating blog sites?How could we empower the bloggers and their readers to endorse HP and then go outof their way to share this information with others? © Ivy Worldwide, Inc.
  6. 6. Sustaining ResultsHP commits to WOM Relationships that had been formed at Gnomedex with the HP tx100 continued to yield benefits a year after the show with this new promotion. • HP engaged influencers in a new and innovative way with the HP 31 Days of the Dragon contests. • The influencers had no restrictions on how to run their own promotions. • Influencers continued talking about their brand preference and have embraced subsequent HP promotions. Influencers had more and better access to HP at all levels, giving them more and better content so they could continue to grow their readership. © Ivy Worldwide, Inc.
  7. 7. Contest Results• Contest was timed to take place before HP’s largest product launch of the year• This was successful in building up significant momentum and building readership for the sites that covered the launch – By running the contest prior to the launch, HP helped grow the audience and word- of-mouth of the 31 sites and thus the value of the HP news which they covered – Estimated reach for the program is well over 50 million impressions (Alexa data) due to the overwhelming coverage by the participating sites and others discussing/mentioning the giveaway – HP also now has a goldmine of consumer feedback and traffic stats that can be incorporated into their upcoming planning and development processes © Ivy Worldwide, Inc.
  8. 8. The 31 Participating Bloggers Digital Inspirations The Gadgeteer Slashdot Review Bleeping Computers Gear Live I Started Something http://blogs.digitalmediaphile.com/barb/ Geekzone Planet x64 Hardware Geeks Lockergnome OSNN The Green Button Gotta Be Mobile What the Tech Windows Now The Digital Lifestyle Geek.com MediaBlab Last100.com JK On the Run Bink.nu DigitalHomeThoughts.com BostonPocketPC Ars Technica Neowin AbsoluteVista.com The Tablet PC Windows Connected GeekNewsCentral.com Notebooks.com• Together, these sites have a combined readership of well over 12 million a month• Many new bloggers contacted us within the first 36 hours of the promotion wanting to know more about HP and how to work with Buzz Corps © Ivy Worldwide, Inc.
  9. 9. Blogosphere Embraced Promotion • Influencers delivered HP and product-specific messaging with their third-party endorsement • Giveaway and coverage reached over 125 countries and has been translated into more than 40 languages Participating sites/blogs won long-term and gain readership • 31 participating sites/blogs saw an average 150% increase in traffic with some increasing as much as 5,000% • Additional traffic to the participating sites is sticking well after the giveaway, with the monthly volume holding at about at an average 50% increase © Ivy Worldwide, Inc.
  10. 10. HP Promoted Partners HP included its partners to share costs and goodwill • HP partners provided software and shared in the halo effect of the promotion while giving both bloggers and their readers the applications and content needed to showcase the power and features of the HDX Dragon • This effort was significant, not just because it highlighted the HP ecosystem, but because it further solidified the product, HP’s positioning, and greatly enhanced the overall appeal • This also helped HP offset some of the program’s cost © Ivy Worldwide, Inc.
  11. 11. Enthusiastic Audience Reaction Readers/entrants created more than 10,000 videos on sites such as YouTube.com and Blip.tv • Google reports well over 380,000 links discussing the giveaways • In excess of 25,000 entries received by participating sites • Amazingly, there have been virtually no negative comments about HP or the promotion that we can find associated with the giveaway • Numerous bloggers outside the 31 have asked us to become closer to HP, thus increasing the size of HP’s influencer network • Many sites asked their winners to post commentary or write their own reviews of the HDX Dragon for subsequent publication on the sites intent on keeping the story, traffic and conversation alive well after the 31st unit was given away © Ivy Worldwide, Inc.
  12. 12. Results Were Amazing• 31 top bloggers promoted the contest, HP, the HDX Dragon and each other – this had never happen before• Each blogger created its own unique contest• HP and the HDX were talked about for well over 31 days with third-party endorsements for the product and the company• Portal was managed by the bloggers to coordinate• Bloggers built a contest-specific site to promote giveaway• 200,000+ links on Google and growing – $0 media spend• Content from reviews and readership benchmarks were shared and cross- promoted among bloggers• Bloggers reported an average increase in sustained traffic well over 100% per site © Ivy Worldwide, Inc.
  13. 13. Business ResultsBusiness advances, sales gains, increased product awareness and competitive advantageResults from HPshopping.com (month over month data)• 84% increase in sales on the HDX Dragon system• 14% increase in overall traffic• 10% increase in overall consumer PC sales• Sales figures for the month of the program set several records• This is usually a softer month and does not include channel sales• The sales gains are continuing even 2 months after the programCosts• Total cost for systems, shipping, software and paying to offset taxes for the winners: $250K (costs shared by HP and partners)• $0 media spend © Ivy Worldwide, Inc.
  14. 14. Sales ResultsData from Hpshopping.com © Ivy Worldwide, Inc.
  15. 15. Google Results Over 380,000 links on Google, with results ranking high on key word searches important to HP © Ivy Worldwide, Inc.
  16. 16. Google Results © Ivy Worldwide, Inc.
  17. 17. Content Generated Just because the content was done by a blogger doesn’t mean it isn’t professio nal or won’t sell © Ivy Worldwide, Inc.
  18. 18. Content Generated © Ivy Worldwide, Inc.
  19. 19. Content Generated The community even created Web 2.0 tools to help readers follow the contests and drive the viral aspects of the giveaway © Ivy Worldwide, Inc.
  20. 20. Content Generated Readers created videos to enter the several of the giveaways • In one contest, they even created their own commercials for the product and HP • They also created videos to thank HP, as well as review, and to show off the product after the giveaways • Together, all of the videos for the giveaways were watched by well over 10 million consumers © Ivy Worldwide, Inc.
  21. 21. Content Generated Showing the power of consumer generated content, word-of- mouth marketing and social media all at once, influencer Chris Pirillo’s numerous videos were watched by over millions of consumers and included viewers praising the HDX and HP in his scrolling comment window. © Ivy Worldwide, Inc.
  22. 22. Blogger-created Website www.31daysofthedragon.comThis site was created by the bloggers to concentrate traffic, Digg results and improve theviral nature of the giveaway. They also shared traffic stats and links with us and each other © Ivy Worldwide, Inc.
  23. 23. Contest Pages Look at how HP, the HDX systems and Buzz Corps are mentioned and positioned in the following contest pages This was consistent across all 31 sites as well as others that mentioned the giveaway These are the kind of results most marketers would die for © Ivy Worldwide, Inc.
  24. 24. Contest Pages © Ivy Worldwide, Inc.
  25. 25. Contest Pages © Ivy Worldwide, Inc.
  26. 26. Contest Pages © Ivy Worldwide, Inc.
  27. 27. Contest Pages © Ivy Worldwide, Inc.
  28. 28. Contest Pages © Ivy Worldwide, Inc.
  29. 29. Contest Pages © Ivy Worldwide, Inc.
  30. 30. Why It WorkedHP and Buzz Corps took the time to build up real relationships with the influencers • We really know them at a personal level –we consider each other friends, not just cards in a rolodex • We spent over a year demonstrating that we were willing to do the right things for, with and by them and therefore earned their trustWe asked them to participate in the creation, execution and follow-up of the giveaway • They helped design the rules and helped manage and organize each other –this was more of a partnership than a programWe selected the sites/bloggers to create a complementary group that could providesignificant coverage/penetration of HP’s target markets and the blogosphere • Selecting just the biggest or text-only blogs would have limited the results and the coverage © Ivy Worldwide, Inc.
  31. 31. Key Takeaways We demonstrated the true power of the community – they are greater than the sum of their parts when they work together The influencers took the messages and delivered them to the buyers with third- party credibility and authenticity • Showed how marketing can be genuine, done by others and still deliver sales • Influencers also created all of the marketing material and Web 2.0 tools for the giveaway • The readers and customers appreciated our “give back” approach and overwhelmingly came out to praise HP, their products and the company as a whole • We reached the Facebook, MySpace and other social media crowds via the influencers with less risk and cost and much greater results than if we targeted these mass market sites directly © Ivy Worldwide, Inc.
  32. 32. Key TakeawaysGiving control to the bloggers was never a risk or a concern – it was a benefit!• We knew they would do what was in their best interest, which was to promote theproduct and HP via their contests• By allowing the bloggers to design their own contests and then giving them a unit togive away, we removed a lot of the legal and internal approvals required for such acampaign• Working with the influencers delivered a real viral effect for HP --results werefar better than most companies’ attempts to create their own viral marketing andvideos• It showed us how to drive traffic, place higher on Google and motivate readers tobecome buyers for all our other campaignsInfluencer marketing is about conversation, not news• The HDX Dragon had been shipping for 9 months when the giveaways began• There were zero new messages or products in this program © Ivy Worldwide, Inc.
  33. 33. More Key TakeawaysInfluencer marketing is a cross-departmental function• This was an integrated marketing program designed to sell and promote HP – it went wellbeyond just a PR program• During the giveaways and beyond, we combined, used and leveraged sales programs,affiliate offers and other marketing tools to inform and motivate readers to become buyersof all things HP via the influencersA holistic program such as “31 Days of the Dragon” forces competitors to become reactiveto your marketing• No other company could copy this once HP did it• Every competitor was trying to react and therefore were playing catch up to our game,not focusing on their game (we heard this from the 31 influencers)• While the influencers/bloggers were covering HP, they had less time to talk aboutcompetitors © Ivy Worldwide, Inc.
  34. 34. Comments from HP “Buzz Corps consistently delivers results. Through their keen understanding of how to harness the power of Google search and strong ties with the blogging community, Buzz Corps delivered record HP Home and Home Office Store traffic, conversion and sales for the HDX series during the 31 Days of the Dragon promotional period AND into the following months. Nearly double the performance of traditional paid Web ads and at a fraction of their cost: BRILLIANT marketing!” Scott Ballantyne, HP Vice President & GM Consumer Computing “By recognizing the influence of our partners in the blogosphere and tapping into the creative thinking of Buzz Corps, the 31 Days of the Dragon program Achieved outstanding unit sales and great exposure for our first HP HDX series notebook.” Bruce Greenwood, HP Vice President North America Channel Development & Marketing © Ivy Worldwide, Inc.
  35. 35. Comments from HP“The amazing thing about 31 Days of the Dragon was that Buzz Corps’ program took ashipping product with average sales and turned it into a halo product with phenomenalsales. This gave the HDX Dragon series the shot of adrenaline and exposure it needed viain-depth influencer reviews, community feedback, super-creative contest entries and overalllift in Google search results that worked when nothing else did!”Dana Harrold, HP Product Marketing Manager“Unleashing the blogging community’s creativity by giving them the freedom to promoteand merchandise the HP HDX series has yielded fantastic results! The community did notstray from the product’s key selling points and drove exposure well beyond ourexpectations.”Michele Kennedy, HP Advertising Manager"Designing a program that drives awareness and demand for our products by collaboratingWITH the bloggers rather than one FOR them was very new and exciting to me. Theenthusiasm, creativity and buzz generated by the 31 Days of the Dragon program exceededmy expectations ten fold.“Tom Augenthaler, HP Worldwide PR Manager © Ivy Worldwide, Inc.
  36. 36. Comments from Influencers“Mad props for HP for selecting the HDX Dragon as the vehicle for this. Is thereany doubt in your mind why HP is taking (market) share and making bank? Theyare a company that gets it.”John Obeto, Absolutevista.com“First I just want to say how pleased I am to be part of the promo and the fact thatits NOT targeted at the big sites like Engadget is a refreshing change.”Ian Dixon, thedigitallifestyle.com“We generally average over a million page views a month and past few days alonewe are up to 574,362 page views. The uptake is much higher than any othercontests or promotions we have done, due to the prize and community linking.”Steven Hughes, www.bostonpocketpc.com © Ivy Worldwide, Inc.
  37. 37. Unedited Readers’ Comments“This is one of the best contests Ive ever heard of or participated in, before the 31 Days ofthe Dragon I didnt even know about this machine. HP really knocked it out of the park Ithink, plus its fun watching all of the contests that people come up with. :)”“I LOVE HP now … even I don’t win all 31 of these, I’ll probably buy a tx2000from them.”“There is no doubt that this system is simply amazing! I can’t believe HP is givin away somany of these top notch systems; in light of that, this might be one of the best directedaudience advertising campaigns ever…”“This is so good for all parties involved. Props to HP for doing this thing. It really makes melike that company more so than I already did. All the big computer companies should bedoing the same thing. It’s not like these mammoth companies can’t afford it. And it wouldreally enhance the public’s opinion of them I’d think. Even if I don’t win, I’ve still gottensomething out of all this -it has introduced me to a bunch of cool sites I’ll be visiting fromnow on.”“This is a great promotion from HP and to get the word out on this product.Hopefully other companies can follow suit with this strategy.” © Ivy Worldwide, Inc.
  38. 38. More Readers’ Comments“This giveaway is a perfect example of what building community is all about.”“HP could hire a public relations company to organize a marketing campaign to buildawareness about the HP Dragon Notebook but instead they look to the tech community toget the ball rolling. Well done!”“Let’s face it, sharing with your community is an effective way to build credibility. HP isright on the money to position their company in the minds of the people with this newpromotion.”“Need a new notebook? Think HP Dragon. Need tech advice? Think ChrisPrillo.com-perfectpositioning for both! Definitely a win/win situation all around when you consider that thelucky winner of the HP Dragon will have nothing but great things to say about HP andChris during the winner interview. :) Splendid move on HP’s part!”“I have yet to check out the Dragon, but I guess this will push me to jumping over to HP’swebsite to check it out, and maybe even buy something there! (See how HP wins fromthis?)”“It sounds great and I want to say thanks to Chris and HP for making this possible. Now Iam going to hp.com.” © Ivy Worldwide, Inc.
  39. 39. More Readers’ Comments“HP is going all out on this one. This machine is indeed a monster, and hopefully this mayspur interest in their brand. Maybe this will cause other companies to follow suit and haveto do something similar.”“Wow, amazing contest put on by HP. I applaud them for giving back to the community.”“I did not think I would buy an HP. Then, you see something like the Dragon come out andyou can’t help but succumb to HP’s charms. (watch the above vid and check out HP’s site)”“Personally, I think this is an excellent opportunity for both buzzcorps and hp. it’s good forhp, because showing off is always a huge plus. frankly, whenever anyone familiar with thisunit is going laptop shopping, hp will be on their brain whether they actually win or not(assumably not, if they’re laptop shopping… *smirk*).Beyond that, it is an excellentopportunity to cross reference blogs and get more people interested in sites that theydidn’t even know about. I’d be a heinous liar were I to say that I was aware of all 31 sitesbefore this particular giveaway, and even my presence on this site is a testament to that.” © Ivy Worldwide, Inc.
  40. 40. More Readers’ Comments“Wow. Benefits for all! You guys get heavy traffic, plus better interlinking between blogs,and hence better Google rank, The HP Guys get free publicity, and is cheaper for them thanactual advertising. 31 blog readers, one of them, probably me :), very satisfied! :)”“Cheers to EXCELLENT marketing!”“This is sheer genius! I wish I would have thought of this. Kudos to all involved. I nowthink far more of HP.”“Wow this is an amazing opportunity. HP’s are amazing machines. Currently I am writingthis on an HP computer bought last November and it is probably one of the bestcomputers I have ever owned.”“Wow. This system has to be one of the best notebooks on the market right now.”“Hey That Hp is Great It Looks So Wicked also the style of it is class and with someonegetting a chance to Win it thats even better who gets that is going to be over the moon Ithink it class it sounds Fast good Memory :) Hp Should Get a Medal For giving this awaythanks Hp.” © Ivy Worldwide, Inc.
  41. 41. Success MetricsHow We Measure Reach Efficiency Consumer Cross-channel Emergent Type Example Metrics Insight Benefit © Ivy Worldwide, Inc.
  42. 42. HP Social Media Background • 18 months ago, HP’s participation in social media was light • HP’s competition was moving doing something in this space • HP wanted to learn from others that were engaging with social media and do it right • HP identified the need to build a unified, integrated approach to social media that included sales, support, design as well as consumer/customer engagement © Ivy Worldwide, Inc.
  43. 43. In Conclusion HP sought new ways to engage highly opinionated, high-profile customers • Gap analysis revealed community-engagement opportunity via WOM approach • Relationship-building combined with WOM marketing was determined to be extremely cost-effective HP partnered with Buzz Corps to devise strategy, tactics and metrics to ensure long- term success in blogosphere • Resulting boost in consumer awareness and positive discussion led to significant sales gains • HP acquired product, market and competitive intelligence that outstripped expectations Community engagement strategies are becoming increasingly integrated into HP marketing practices HP positioned for continued success by virtue of strong influencer relationships © Ivy Worldwide, Inc.
  44. 44. © Ivy Worldwide, Inc.