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Organic Coffee Brands


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Organic Coffee Brands

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Organic Coffee Brands

  1. 1. Organic Coffee Brands The Best Organic Coffee Brands Come from the Cafetero of Colombia
  2. 2. ganic-coffee-brands/ Come to Latin America for the best organic coffee brands.
  3. 3. ganic-coffee-brands/ Latin American produces more coffee than anyone else and reliably the best organic coffees come from the Eje Cafetero (coffee growing axis) in the mountains of Colombia or western Panama in the province of Chiriquí.
  4. 4. ganic-coffee-brands/ If you want to find the best organic coffee, look for Colombian organic coffee brands or Panama mountain grown organic coffee.
  5. 5. ganic-coffee-brands/ Colombia and Panama Organic Coffee Brands in Both Panama and Colombia Grow in Volcanic Soil in High Mountains
  6. 6. ganic-coffee-brands/ Panama is the most easterly and southernmost country in Central America and connects to the northwestern region of Colombia on the continent of South America.
  7. 7. ganic-coffee-brands/ Years ago these two nations were both part of Gran Colombia with similar mountainous terrain, volcanic soil plentiful rain, forested mountains and a dry season that allows for picking and drying coffee when it is ready.
  8. 8. ganic-coffee-brands/ Colombia is one of the world’s leading coffee exporters while Panama with its small land mass makes up in quality what it misses in amount of coffee produced.
  9. 9. ganic-coffee-brands/ Colombia is generally acknowledged to produce some of the best coffee in the world in the region roughly demarcated by Medellin to the North, Manizales to the East and the plains around Cali to the south.
  10. 10. ganic-coffee-brands/ Coffee from the Mountains of Panama
  11. 11. ganic-coffee-brands/ There are several excellent coffees grown in the western highlands of Panama.
  12. 12. ganic-coffee-brands/ Not all of these are certified organic producers although these folks generally adhere to sustainable practices in growing coffee and protecting the land.
  13. 13. ganic-coffee-brands/ Here is a short list of names.
  14. 14. ganic-coffee-brands/  Finca Villa Estrella Boquete Coffee  Boquete Panama Coffee  Café Ferdabella  Geisha Coffee  Café de Luna  Café Suarez  Palo Alto  Ruiz Family Coffee
  15. 15. ganic-coffee-brands/ These are small producers of high quality coffee. It is difficult to export from Panama, especially in small quantities.
  16. 16. ganic-coffee-brands/ For the best organic coffee brands from Panama, contact us at and we can mail to you directly from Panama.
  17. 17. ganic-coffee-brands/ Coffee from the Eje Cafetero of Colombia
  18. 18. ganic-coffee-brands/ Colombia is a major exporter of high quality Arabica coffee and produces coffees widely considered the best coffee in the world.
  19. 19. ganic-coffee-brands/ Colombia produces substantially more coffee than its neighbors in Panama so that you can get large quantities of wholesale organic coffee from Colombia.
  20. 20. ganic-coffee-brands/ The main issue is exporting, as well as dealing in Spanish if you are not a native speaker.
  21. 21. ganic-coffee-brands/ The same issue exists in Colombia as Panama with certifying coffee.
  22. 22. ganic-coffee-brands/ There are many great organic coffee brands that are in fact organic although not certified because of cost of certification does not result in higher payment for coffee.
  23. 23. ganic-coffee-brands/ Here is a list of a few of the regular and organic coffee brands from Colombia.  Volcan  Linea Rojo  Sostenible  Frailes  Origen
  24. 24. ganic-coffee-brands/  Oma  Juan Valdez  Medalla de Oro  Aguila Roja  Sello Rojo  Colombian Export  Café la 14  Olympica  Lucafe
  25. 25. ganic-coffee-brands/ You cannot mail coffee out of Colombia but you can carry coffee with you when you fly back home.
  26. 26. ganic-coffee-brands/ However, be prepared to have the soldier in Bogota, Pereira or Cali pin prick your bags of coffee and present to an electronic sniffer and a really big dog to check for drugs.
  27. 27. ganic-coffee-brands/ For help with wholesale quantities of high quality export coffee or certified organic coffee from Colombia contact us at Buy Organic Coffee at your convenience.