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Turning Analytics Into Action: Maximizing Capital Investment


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Learn what customer analytics are and how they can be applied in four real world scenarios to help your restaurant grow.

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Turning Analytics Into Action: Maximizing Capital Investment

  1. 1. Turning Analytics Into Action: Maximizing Capital Investment
  2. 2. Defining Customer Analytics Customer analytics is the science that examines customer behavior data to identify, attract and retain your most profitable customers.
  3. 3. Applying Analytics Four RealWorld Scenarios Infill Markets Right-size the Market Optimize Store Performance Scaling Local Store Marketing
  4. 4. Scenario #1: Infill Markets Objective: Maximize existing markets to take advantage of cost efficiencies in distribution and marketing Solution: Identify how many units your concept can support in a given market, then prioritize market expansion 2,150 LocationsU.S. POTENTIAL Existing Location Potential Location $1.2M $1.5M $1.8M $1.7M $1.4M $1.6M ATLANTA Current Locations: 3 New Location Opportunity: 3
  5. 5. Scenario #2: Right-size the Market Objective: Optimize market layouts and ensure all units are in the right locations Solution:Whitespace potential analysis to confidently re-enter a market or optimize current markets
  6. 6. Scenario #3: Optimize Store Performance Objective: Maximize capital investment by deploying resources to the right locations Solution: Existing store network assessment to find incremental revenue opportunities Study High Sales/Low Forecast Reposition/Relocate Low Sales/Low Forecast Optimize Low Sales/High Forecast Grow High Sales/High Forecast
  7. 7. Scenario #4: Scaling Local Store Marketing Objective: Grow revenue and empower franchisees with scalable local store prospect marketing Solution: LSMx allows operators to visualize trade areas, competitors and local events to execute specific marketing campaigns through Facebook, Google search, banner ads, direct mail and email 3.Track results and understand how your ads are performing in real-time. 2. Create 5 types of custom ads and send them instantly. 1. See and select customers, and draw a circle to target them.
  8. 8. Download the Webinar: detail/turning-analytics-into-action- maximizing-capital-investment About Buxton Buxton is a leader in customer analytics for businesses and healthcare systems, helping organizations sharpen their competitive edge by using key data to identify, attract, and retain new and existing customers.To find out how Buxton can help you grow your market share, contact us today. Grow With Us. 1-888-2BUXTON