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CONTENTdm Presentation 060711

  1. 1. Overview of June 7, 2011 CONTENTdmThe University of Winnipeg Suzanne Butte Digital Services Consultant Nigel Long Library Services Consultant
  2. 2. Today’s agenda• Overview of CONTENTdm• Users’ collections and a look at CONTENTdm 6• Demonstration• What’s next for CONTENTdm?
  3. 3. CONTENTdmDigital Collection Management SoftwareA complete software solutionStores, manages and provides access for all your digital collections • Your digital collections reside on a CONTENTdm Server, either installed locally or on an OCLC-hosted serverFor organizations of all types and sizes • Academic libraries, public libraries, historical societies, museums, state libraries, special and othersOffers open architecture; standards-based for staff efficiencies and cost effectiveness • Dublin Core, JPEG2000, OAI Harvesting, PHP API and moreShowcases a wide range of media types • Photos and documents to audio and video files
  4. 4. CONTENTdm manages all types of materials• Images - photographs, posters, postcards, paintings, etc.• Historical documents – journals, diaries, letters, etc.• Printed materials – newspapers, yearbooks, reports, PDFs, etc.• EAD Finding Aids• Audio/video – oral histories, historic films, lectures, etc.
  5. 5. CONTENTdm user community• Over 800 licenses worldwide of which over 400 are using Hosting Services • Of which 22 licenses are in Canada (e.g. University of Saskatchewan, Memorial Univ., University of British Columbia) • Over 2,000 users with consortia and collaborative arrangements• Engaged user community • Regional Users Group Meetings • Forums and blogs • CONTENTdm Metadata Working Group • Beta programs
  6. 6. CONTENTdm 6 system architecture Web Collection services Web management (Flex Loader, Catcher) browsers• CONTENTdm Project Clients• CONTENTdm Web Form OCR Extension Server (Linux or Windows 2008) Website Administrative tools • Reports Custom • Authorization settings web •Approve/index • Upload to WorldCat interfaces
  7. 7. WorldCat Digital Collection Gateway• Offers self-service tools to upload the metadata of your unique digital collections to WorldCat• Enables you to set your OCLC holdings symbol for each record uploaded to WorldCat• End users can quickly click through to your local digital content• Freely available for use with any OAI-compliant repository, including CONTENTdm
  8. 8. Increasing discovery through
  9. 9. Best practices for creating shareable metadata • Best Practices for CONTENTdm and other OAI-PMH compliant repositories -creating shareable metadata- •
  10. 10. The University of British Columbia
  11. 11. University of Lethbridge
  12. 12. Yearbooks in CONTENTdm
  13. 13. CONTENTdm 6• Released early March 2011• End-user interface redesign• Website Configuration Tools
  14. 14. CONTENTdm 6: newly redesigned• The result of extensive usability testing• An end-user interface that consistently has passed usability tests with 97% of users able to accomplish their tasks• It now offers even simpler access to digital items, easier navigation paths and more avenues for discovery
  15. 15. New CONTENTdm end-user interface• Enhanced image viewer for zooming, panning and improved viewing of many file types: compound objects, images, PDFs, video/audio• Features that support discoverability: QuickView, suggested topics, sharing, RSS feeds, image carousels• The ability to share digital items via e-mail, Twitter, Facebook, Flickr and many more
  16. 16. See the new CONTENTdm… CONTENTdm 6 Sandbox:
  17. 17. Pepperdine University
  18. 18. University of Leicester
  19. 19. New CONTENTdm Website Configuration Tools Provides simpler ways to configure and customize • Easier to apply a branded look and feel: Configuration tools make it easy to add a name, headers, colors, logos, customer headers, descriptions and more • Additional customization is possible: Ability to add custom HTML or PHP pages • Easier to maintain customizations: Customizations will persist through future software updates
  20. 20. CONTENTdm 6: optimized for customizationConfigurations are stored in layout and configuration files(global and by collection). Quick Configuration Tool = 3 steps to get started • Quickly creates a simple functional site • Use it once and probably not again Website Configuration Tool = for ongoing fine tuning • Can do what Quick Config does and more • Configurations grouped into categories • Configurations control appearance and behavior • Configurations will continue to evolve
  21. 21. Configuration Toolset
  22. 22. Search Engine Optimization • Improved SEO means improved discoverability through search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing • CONTENTdm 6 helps SEO with: • RESTful URLs • Crawlable HTML: no tables, no i-frames • Separates presentation layer from application layer • Recognizable site hierarchy: breadcrumbs • Efficient crawler path • Title tag at top of page • Javascript in separate file, not on every page
  23. 23. Building your CONTENTdm collections1. Define your collection • Configure your metadata schema2. Populate your collection • Add digital items and metadata3. Configure and share your digital collections • On your CONTENTdm website! • And via
  24. 24. 1. Define your collectionConfigure the collection metadata schema – Dublin Core • A group of objects (items) that share the same metadata scheme • 350 collections per license Simple or Qualified Dublin Core supported Title required 125 fields per collection 128,000 characters per field 16 million items per collection
  25. 25. Demonstration
  26. 26. What’s next with CONTENTdm?• Additional viewers and end-user experience improvement• Social features like commenting, tagging and rating• Extended website configuration and customization toolset• And more…
  27. 27. Social features – commenting, tagging, rating • Pilot with University of Leceister
  28. 28. Evaluate CONTENTdm 6 • A hosted evaluation that enables you to try the full CONTENTdm right away • We set everything up for you • No charge 60-day evaluation • Just complete the evaluation form at
  29. 29. In summaryCONTENTdm 6 provides a newand dynamic end-userexperience, plus youhave control of your digitalcollection’s public interface.
  30. 30. Thank you! Suzanne Butte Nigel Long OCLC Digital Services Consultant OCLC Library Services Consultant 1-800-848-5878, ext. 5130 1-877-858-2058