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Marketing Presentation - Busy Infotech


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Marketing Presentation - Busy Infotech

  1. 1. Marketing Initiatives Varun Yadav Harshit Saxena
  2. 2. Agenda Plan for Marketing 2012-13 Activities so far
  3. 3. TV (Aston Ad on CNBC/Aawaz) Snapshots of Animation Ad
  4. 4. Radio Radio campaigns in 10 cities across India Delhi Mumbai Delhi Vadodara Delhi Chandigarh Mumbai Jaipur Bangalore Jalandhar Lucknow Jodhpur Chennai
  5. 5. Print (Newspaper & Magazine) Print Advertisement in HT, ToI, Punjab Kesri, Dinamalar to cater to businesses in Delhi, UP, Punjab, HP, Tamil Nadu Advertisement in Channel focused Magazines
  6. 6. Outdoor  Advertisement on Auto- rickshaw  Billboards  Metro Station Hoardings  In-store branding  RWA Hoardings
  7. 7. Exhibitions/MeetsParticipated in 47 Exhibitions globally Organized 42 Accountant/End User/IT Reseller Meets with partners globally to strengthen the network and support end usersSponsored CA meets, Commerce Collegesevents
  8. 8. Press & Media Working with a PR Agency to get coverage on BUSY 12 release in online & print media An article on our channel strategy An article on KGSS (Mr. Mohan and growth plan featuring Mr. S.P. Gupta) by DQChannels in “Success Ranjan by DQChannels Story” section of the magazine Nigerian popular newspapers like Coverage of End Users Meet The Guardian, Punch did an article organized at Kanpur with Novell on BUSY’s strategy for Nigeria Infotech by Computer News
  9. 9. Promotional Material Revamped Product Brochure, Flyer, Posters, Standees BROCHURE POSTERS
  10. 10. Promotional Material Introduced Feature specific / Segment specific mailers Segment Specific Feature Specific
  11. 11. Promotional Material Introduced Case Studies to highlight how Busy can resolve complex business problems
  12. 12. Online MarketingSearch Engine Marketing (Advert. on Google) Presence on Facebook Presence on Linkedin
  13. 13. Awards and RecognitionNominated for Prestigious Indiamart“Leaders of Tomorrow Awards2011” by ETNow – a prominentBusiness News Channel A 5 min documentary on BUSY was telecasted on ETNow ChannelAwarded “Top 10 SME SolutionVendors 2011-12” by SMEChannelsMagazine
  14. 14. Plan for 2012-13
  15. 15. Activities Planned Continue with the activities we have been doing Additionally take up some more initiatives Press & Mass Promotional Events & Online Media Advertising Material Exhibitions Marketing • Product • TV campaign • Segment • Industrial • Website Reviews Specific Flyers Associations Restructuring • Articles • Case Studies Meets • Facebook Ads • Participation • Language • SEO in panel Specific Discussion Posters • Newsletter
  16. 16. We are Listening..For any queries/feedback, reach us anytime @ Varun Yadav 9899248526 Harshit Saxena 8860763063
  17. 17. Thank you