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Capital Enterprise on Startup Growth in the UK


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Capital Enterprise on Startup Growth in the UK

  1. 1. Introduction- “Sunshine breaks through the clouds……” John Spindler CEO of Capital Enterprise
  2. 2. Welcome Agenda Support for Growth (Government) Growth Opportunities/Models Introducing Supporters for growthFinancing Growth (investors and entrepreneurs)
  3. 3. Coalition Government Support for SME’s• No Business Link/RDA’s • Yes to using/supporting Banks &• No to government funded Big Business to increase professional “Face-To Face” investments Support • Yes to volunteer mentors• No Direct support for start-ups • Yes to incentivising businesses to (unless long term unemployed) employ young people.• No to new investment/credit • Yes to limited Export support. institutions • Yes to incentives for Innovation &• No to private sector led job R&D (TSB/ERDF/Tax Credits) creation schemes in London • Yes for Tax Incentives for Angel investors ( But there is the EU funding & • Yes to support for the 6% high support) growth small businesses
  4. 4. Top 10 Government funded schemes1. R&D Tax Credits- 200%+ tax refunds on eligible R & D expenditure.2. British Library (IP Support)- Advice & Guidance on IP related issues3. Enterprise Investment Scheme- Investors receive 30% tax brake incentive to invest in SME’s4. London ERDF Programmes 40+ Programmes provided mainly by Capital Enterprise membersto support SME’s with “Innovation, Access to Finance /New Markets” challenges – HELO- Students from UCL/LBS to carry out projects SMILE- Volunteers mentors for SME’s Access to Finance – 1-2-1 support with Business Planning/ fund raising. (contact for details)5. Technology Strategy Board- Proof of Concept Funding.6. Technology Strategy Board ( Competition Funding) - http://www.innovateuk.org7. Funding for University- SME R&D collaborations- Latest news go here.8. NESTA- Information/Competitions/Funding Capital 4 Enterprise- Regional Government Co-Investment Equity funds.10. Passport to Export- Intensive support and funding for exporters.
  5. 5. New Government Initiatives Autumn Statement• Business Coaching for Growth launch.• Increasing the incentives for investors through EIS• Credit Easing- £20b to support banks to give cheaper loans from the banks• Exemptions from employment regulations for SME’s• New Recruitment/Employment incentives.Key Government Message to Businesses:Please Grow
  6. 6. I am definitely Growing?
  7. 7.
  8. 8.
  9. 9. Growth Pulls & Drivers• Growth Pulls: Where is new technology/ customer behaviour creating new needs/ new market space that new businesses can exploit?• Growth Drivers- Who will capture that “space” using what value propositions and what strategies?
  10. 10. Lessons from the Next Big Thing?• Examine Case Studies/ Examples of high growth companies e.g. Masabi• Look at the best Strategies for exponential growth (Viral, Surf, Channel Explosion & Stickiness)
  11. 11. Got what it takes to Grow?
  12. 12. Enablers- Accelerators Example Accelerators • Goldman Sachs – 10,000 Small Businesses. • Seedcamp • Accelerator Academy Feeders into Accelerators • The Business Bootcamp
  13. 13. Enablers- Incubators• Independent- Innovation Warehouse/ Trampery- Tech Hub etc• Corporate• The Americans are there way
  14. 14. Enablers- Coaches & Mentors New Programme : Business Coaching for Growth
  15. 15. Enablers- Angels/ VC’s/ CV’s• Angels- BBAA• VC’s- M8Capital + others• Corporate Venturer- Vodafone & Telefonica• Crowdfunders-
  16. 16. Contact us for more information or to arrange a follow up meeting 020 7 679 4598 07968 470901