Ultimate Ways To Promote your business


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Ultimate Ways To Promote your business

  1. 1. The Big Deal over Social Media Marketing Marketing<br />Natalie Guse<br />Ultimate Ways to promote yourself <br />and your business! <br />
  2. 2. Social Media Marketing<br />Traditional Marketing<br />Marketing Process! <br />Social Media Marketing! <br />Social Media Platforms! <br />Summary! <br />
  3. 3. Marketing Strategies<br />?<br />
  4. 4. Market a product by using marketing tools! <br />Spread out your message to the world! <br />But it is more! <br />
  5. 5. Producing a product and market it by using : <br />Price<br />Place<br />Product<br />Promotion<br />
  6. 6. Threats + Opportunities<br />Weaknesses<br />Strength<br />TARGET MARKET! <br />TARGET MARKET! <br />Strategic Planning<br />Goals<br />Position<br />Vision<br />Mission<br />Operative Planning<br />Price<br />Place<br />Product<br />Promotion<br />
  7. 7. External Analysis<br />Internal Analysis<br />Location<br />Competitors<br />Location <br />Markets<br />Location<br />Environment<br />Potential-<br />Analysis<br />Competitors<br />Analysis<br />Target Groups<br />Environment<br />Analysis<br />Strenght + <br />Weaknesses<br />Opportunities +<br />Threats<br />Positioning<br />Image<br />Analysis<br />Entire<br />Analysis<br />
  8. 8.
  9. 9.
  10. 10. Threats + Opportunities<br />Weakness<br />Strengths<br />TARGET MARKET! <br />TARGET MARKET! <br />Actions<br />Goals<br />Position<br />Vision<br />Mission<br />Public <br />Relations<br />Social-<br />Networking<br />Cooperation<br />Radio/TV<br />Events<br />Advertising<br />E-Mail <br />Marketing<br />
  11. 11. You want…<br />Satisfied <br />Costumers<br />Customers<br />Your Business! <br />Public <br />Relations<br />Social-<br />Networking<br />Cooperation<br />Customer<br />Relations<br />Businesses<br />Marketing<br />Radio/TV<br />Events<br />Online Visibility<br />Reputation<br />Advertising<br />E-Mail <br />Marketing<br />Professional <br />Marketing<br />Good Image<br />We can use these marketing strategies to get them!<br />
  12. 12. Social Media Marketing<br />Traditional Marketing<br />Marketing Process! <br />Social Media Marketing! <br />Social Media Platforms! <br />Summary! <br />
  13. 13. Social Media Marketing is a Journey! <br />
  14. 14. Two-thirds of the world’s Internet population visit a social network or blogging site and the sector now accounts for almost 10% of all internet time.<br />Social Media Marketing<br />At its most basic sense, social media is a shift in how people discover, read and share news, information and content. Technologies include: blogs, picture-sharing, vlogs, wall-postings, email, instant messaging, music-sharing, crowdsourcing, and voice over IP, to name a few.<br />
  15. 15. .<br />Facebook is used in more than 35 different languages and 170 countries and territories.<br />The Big Deal over Social Media Marketing Marketing<br />Natalie Guse<br />If Facebook was a country it would be the 8th largest country in the world! <br />150 million people around the world are now actively using Facebook and almost half of them are using Facebook every day. This includes people in every continent—even Antarctica.<br />
  16. 16. The Big Deal over Social Media Marketing Marketing<br />Natalie Guse<br /><ul><li> There are 87% more online social media users now than in 2003,</li></ul> with 883% more time devoted to those sites. <br /><ul><li> In the past year, time spent on social networking sites has surged 73%.
  17. 17. In February 2009, social network usage exceeded web-based e-mail </li></ul> usage for the first time: <br />
  18. 18. Interact with costumers! <br />YOU<br />Communicate!<br />Share!<br />Socialize!<br />
  19. 19. Communicate<br />Interact<br />Socialize<br />Share<br /><ul><li>Communicate w. costumers
  20. 20. Stay in contact
  21. 21. E-Conferences
  22. 22. E-Interviews
  23. 23. Build own networks
  24. 24. Invite your contacts
  25. 25. Interact with costumers
  26. 26. Example: NING, MEETUP
  27. 27. Create public profiles
  28. 28. Stay in contact
  29. 29. Example: LINKEDIN, XING, FACEBOOK
  30. 30. Promote Infomercial
  31. 31. Promote Business
  32. 32. Publish press releases
  33. 33. Example: YOUTUBE</li></ul> C I S S<br />
  34. 34. Communicate!<br />YOU<br />Interact with costumers! <br />Share!<br />Socialize!<br />
  35. 35. Communicate<br />Overview Directories and Shopping Sites! <br />
  36. 36.
  37. 37. Information<br />Description<br />Use/Benefit<br />Google Maps (for a time named Google Local) is a web mapping service application and technology provided by Google, free (for non-commercial use), that powers many map-based services, including the Google Maps website, Google Ride Finder, Google Transit, and maps embedded on third-party websites via the Google Maps. It offers street maps, a route planner for traveling by foot, car, or public transport and an urban business locator for numerous contries around the world. According to one of its creators (), Google Maps is &quot;a way of organising the world&apos;s information geographically <br /><ul><li>Get a listing
  38. 38. Make your business visible
  39. 39. People can find your business</li></ul>Google Maps<br />Category: Directory<br />Primary Value: <br />Strong profile ranking<br />User: N/A <br />
  40. 40.
  41. 41.
  42. 42. Information<br />Description<br />Use/Benefit<br />Through yelp you can promote just about any local business on Yelp. Among the greatest opportunities on Yelp are for restaurant owners. A strong profile with friends, pictures, and positive reviews can provide high quality leads with the validation of 3rd party business reviews. Yelp.com is a popular business review website enjoying tremendous growth. Quantcast.com, which tracks website popularity, has found that Yelp.com&apos;s traffic has doubled in the period between October 2008 and March 2009. <br /><ul><li>Make your business visible
  43. 43. Get a listing
  44. 44. People can find your business
  45. 45. You can find other local businesses. </li></ul>YELP<br />Category: Directory<br />Primary Value: <br />Strong profile ranking<br />User: N/A <br />
  46. 46. Information<br />Description<br />Use/Benefit<br />Business.com is the leading business search engine and directory and pay-per-click advertising network serving more than 40 million unique business users and thousands of advertisers every month. Business.com helps business decision makers quickly find what they need to manage and grow their businesses, and enables advertisers to reach these users wherever they are across the business Internet through premier partners, including Entrepreneur, Hoovers, Financial Times and Internet.com.<br /><ul><li>Make your business visible
  47. 47. Get a listing
  48. 48. People can find your business!
  49. 49. You can find other local businesses. </li></ul>Business.com<br />Category: Directory<br />Primary Value: <br />Strong profile ranking<br />User: 40.000.000<br />http://www.business.com/info/aboutus.asp<br />
  50. 50.
  51. 51. Information<br />Description<br />Use/Benefit<br />YELLOWPAGES.COM LLC is a wholly owned subsidiary of AT&T. As a leading Internet Yellow Pages and search directory, YELLOWPAGES.COM is uniquely able to offer searchable directory listings. Whether you&apos;re looking for a particular item, business, event, location or service, YELLOWPAGES.COM is your trusted online source for comprehensive national and local business information.<br />The YELLOWPAGES.COM distribution network provides exposure to more than 100 million monthly consumer business searches. <br /><ul><li>Make your business visible
  52. 52. Get a listing
  53. 53. People can your business
  54. 54. You can find other local businesses etc. there</li></ul>Yellowpages<br />Category: Directory<br />Primary Value: <br />Strong profile ranking<br />User: 100.000.000 monthly consumer business searches<br />
  55. 55. http://www.yellowpages.com/<br />
  56. 56. Information<br />Description<br />Use/Benefit<br />Local.com is a leading local search engine and the largest local search network in the United States. The company provides over 19 million consumers each month with the most relevant search results for local businesses, products and services on Local.com and over 700 regional media sites. Businesses can target ready-to-purchase consumers using a variety of advertising products including subscription, pay per click, banner and pay per call ad products. Local.com consistently ranks in the Top 100 in U.S. website traffic according to Internet research firm, comScore.<br /><ul><li>Make your business visible
  57. 57. Get a listing
  58. 58. People can find your business!
  59. 59. You can find other local businesses.
  60. 60. Advertisement Packages</li></ul>Local.com<br />Category: Directory<br />Primary Value: <br />Strong profile ranking<br />User: 19.000.000 consumers<br />
  61. 61.
  62. 62.
  63. 63.
  64. 64. Information<br />Description<br />Use/Benefit<br />Superpages.com is the local expert, and a top online resource for finding information and insights on businesses and retailers. Every month we help millions of consumers find valuable local business information from driving directions and hours of operation to Web links and customer reviews. <br /><ul><li>Make your business visible
  65. 65. Get a listing
  66. 66. People can your business!
  67. 67. You can find other local businesses.
  68. 68. Advertisement Packages</li></ul>Superpages.com<br />Category: Directory<br />Primary Value: <br />Strong profile ranking<br />User: N/A<br />
  69. 69. Information<br />Description<br />Use/Benefit<br />Second Life (SL) is a virtual world developed by Linden Lab that launched on June 23, 2003, and is accessible via the Internet. A free client program called the Second Life Viewerenables its users, called Residents, to interact with each other through avators. Residents can explore, meet other residents, socialize, participate in individual and group activities, and create and trade virtual property and services with one another, or travel throughout the world, which residents refer to as the grid. Second Life is for people aged 18 and over, while Teen Second Lifeis for people aged 13 to 17.<br /><ul><li>Make your business visible
  70. 70. Get a listing
  71. 71. People can your business
  72. 72. You can find other local businesses.
  73. 73. Create your store
  74. 74. Image</li></ul>Secondlife.com<br />Category: Virtual World<br />Primary Value: <br />Image<br />User: N/A <br />
  75. 75.
  76. 76. Information<br />Description<br />Use/Benefit<br />Kaboodle is the most fun social shopping network on the web! It&apos;s a place where you can express your own style and meet other stylish people by discovering, recommending, and sharing products.Most exciting, Kaboodle allows you to add and save products from almost anywhere on the web to your shopping lists and wish lists with the easy-to-use Kaboodle button. The button automatically downloads the essential details of a product, including its image, short description, and price and saves it to your list of choice. <br /><ul><li>Make your business visible
  77. 77. Get a listing
  78. 78. People can find your business!
  79. 79. You can find other local businesses there
  80. 80. Advertisement Packages
  81. 81. Share your products with other people</li></ul>Kaboodle<br />Category: Shopping Site<br />Primary Value: <br />Strong profile ranking<br />User: N/A<br />
  82. 82.
  83. 83.
  84. 84. Communicate<br />Press Release Sites! <br />
  85. 85. Information<br />Description<br />Use/Benefit<br />Reddit is one of the largest social news websites around on the internet. Featuring user-submitted content on a wide variety of topics such as entertainment, pop culture, web 2.0 and politics, Reddit ranks all submitted links through a democratic voting system that is open to all its users. Using complex filters, Reddit also provides a list of recommended links for each individual user, that are based on their voting habits. Like Digg or StumbleUpon, getting on Reddit’sfrontpage can result in a large amount of traffic to your website. This allows you to rapidly create brand exposure for your business or establish a long-term reader base for your blog.<br /><ul><li>Make your business visible
  86. 86. Submit a link
  87. 87. People can find your business
  88. 88. Submit an article</li></ul>Reddit.com<br />Category: Bookmarking<br />Primary Value: <br />Strong profile ranking<br />User: N/A<br />
  89. 89.
  90. 90.
  91. 91.
  92. 92.
  93. 93. http://www.allbusiness.com/marketing/market-research/274764-1.html<br />Press Releases<br />Attract customers<br />http://www.entrepreneur.com<br />http://www.businessweek.com/<br />Public Relation<br />http://www.businesslife.com/<br />Attract customers<br />Attract customers<br />
  94. 94.
  95. 95. www.thecoastnews.com<br />Press Releases<br />Attract customers<br />http://www.sandiegoreader.com<br />Public Relation<br />http://www.northcountytimes.com<br />http://www.signonsandiego.com<br />Attract customers<br />Attract customers<br />
  96. 96. Interact !<br />Overview Social Media Sites<br />
  97. 97. Information<br />Description<br />Use/Benefit<br />Meetup is the world&apos;s largest network of local groups. Meetup makes it easy for anyone to organize a local group or find one of the thousands already meeting up face-to-face. More than 2,000 groups get together in local communities each day, each one with the goal of improving themselves or their communities. <br />Meetup&apos;s mission is to revitalize local community and help people around the world self-organize. Meetup believes that people can change their personal world, or the whole world, by organizing themselves into groups that are powerful enough to make a difference.<br />reader base for your blog.<br /><ul><li>Set up Meetup Group
  98. 98. Use Meetup Group to promote business</li></ul>- Expand Group (youneed to invite as many people as possible to the group the goal is to invite at least 100 people a day) <br />- youneed people, who help promoting the group <br />- Use Meetup as a searching tool to find potential customers. <br />Meetup.com<br />Category: Social Media Site<br />Primary Value: <br />Strong profile ranking<br />User: 6.000.000<br />
  99. 99.
  100. 100. Information<br />Description<br />Use/Benefit<br />Around the world every day, over 8 million business professionals use XING – the global business network – in 16 languages to do business and promote their career. XING makes networking and professional contact management simple, with made-to-measure networking functions and services. Even more, XING allows you to see how people are connected, which is an excellent tool in generating new contacts of your own.With the XING Jobs portal, around 30,000 expert groups and networking events from London to Beijing to New York, XING has evolved from a platform to a web interface for business professionals around the world. <br /><ul><li>Use XING Group to promote business</li></ul>- Expand Group (you need to invite as many people as possible to the group the goal is to invite at least 100 people a day) <br />- You might need people, who help promoting the group (students)<br />- Use XING as a searching tool to find customers<br /><ul><li> Write monthly newsletters
  101. 101. Motivate people in the group to invite others to the group
  102. 102. Create events
  103. 103. Post messages in the group forums to keep the group alive</li></ul>XING.com<br />Category: Social Media Site<br />Primary Value: <br />Strong profile ranking<br />User: 8.000.000<br />
  104. 104.
  105. 105. <ul><li> Schedule XING Events</li></li></ul><li>Information<br />Description<br />Use/Benefit<br />Merchant Circle is a growing company located on a real Main Street in Silicon Valley. We are dedicated to connecting Neighbors and Local Businesses online to help build real relationships between local business owners and their customers. To date, nearly 775,000 local businesses have joined MerchantCircle to get their business more exposure on the internet, simply and inexpensively.<br /><ul><li> Advertise
  106. 106. Create listings
  107. 107. Make the company visible
  108. 108. Search for costumers</li></ul>Merchantcircle.com<br />Category: Social Media Site<br />Primary Value: <br />Strong profile ranking<br />User: 775.000 Businesses<br />
  109. 109.
  110. 110. Socialize<br />Overview Social Media Sites<br />
  111. 111. Information<br />Description<br />Use/Benefit<br />LinkedIn is an interconnected network of experienced professionals from around the world, representing 170 industries and 200 countries. You can find, be introduced to, and collaborate with qualified professionals that you need to work with to accomplish your goals. <br /><ul><li>Use Linkedin to promote business</li></ul>- Set up Group (you need to invite as many people as possible to the group the goal is to invite at least 100 people a day) <br />- You might need people, who help promoting the group (students)<br />- Use Linkedin as a searching tool to find customers<br /><ul><li> Write monthly newsletters
  112. 112. Motivate people in the group to invite others to the group
  113. 113. Create events
  114. 114. Post messages in the group forums to keep the group alive</li></ul>linkedin.com<br />Category: Social Media Site<br />Primary Value: <br />Strong profile ranking<br />User: 43.000.000<br />
  115. 115. www.linkedin.com<br />
  116. 116.
  117. 117. Information<br />Description<br />Use/Benefit<br />Facebook&apos;s mission is to give people the power to share and make the world more open and connected.Millions of people use Facebook everyday to keep up with friends, upload an unlimited number of photos, share links and videos, and learn more about the people they meet <br /><ul><li>Set up Facebook Group
  118. 118. Use Facebook Group to promote business</li></ul>- Expand Group (youneed to invite as many people as possible to the group the goal is to invite at least 100 people a day) <br />- Youneed people, who help promoting the group. <br />- Use Facebook as a searching tool to find potential customers.<br /><ul><li> Motivate people in the group to invite others to the group
  119. 119. Create events
  120. 120. Post messages in the group forums to keep the group alive
  121. 121. Sign up for other Facebook Groups</li></ul>facebook.com<br />Category: Social Media Site<br />Primary Value: <br />Strong profile ranking<br />User: 250.000.000<br />
  122. 122. Information<br />Description<br />Use/Benefit<br />Twitter is a privately funded startup with offices in the SoMA neighborhood of San Francisco, CA. Started as a side project in March of 2006, Twitter has grown into a real-time short messaging service that works over multiple networks and devices.<br />In countries all around the world, people follow the sources most relevant to them and access information via Twitter as it happens—from breaking world news to updates from friends<br /><ul><li>Set up Twitter Account
  123. 123. Follow as many people as possible</li></ul>- Youneed people, who help promoting the group (students)<br />- Use Twitter as a searching tool to find potential students<br /><ul><li> Write direct messages to inform about about your business
  124. 124. Create events </li></ul>Twitter.com<br />Category: Social Media Site<br />Primary Value: <br />Strong profile ranking<br />User: 150.000.000<br />
  125. 125.
  126. 126.
  127. 127. Information<br />Description<br />Use/Benefit<br />The world&apos;s #1 social community for home businesses, mlm and direct sales reps | FREE training available on how to market your business online.<br /><ul><li>Set up profile
  128. 128. Use Betternetworker to promote business</li></ul>- Submit Articles<br /><ul><li>Submit Blogs
  129. 129. Submit Information
  130. 130. Promote your business
  131. 131. Introduce your business </li></ul>betternetworker.com<br />Category: Social Media Site<br />Primary Value: <br />Strong profile ranking<br />User: N/A<br />
  132. 132.
  133. 133. Information<br />Description<br />Use/Benefit<br />Free online local online classifieds. Similar to craigslist. Can be used to promote and advertise for free. <br /><ul><li>Promote your articles
  134. 134. Create your profile
  135. 135. Get your message out</li></ul>hoobly.com<br />Category: Classified ads<br />Primary Value: <br />Strong profile ranking<br />User: N/A<br />
  136. 136.
  137. 137. Socialize<br />Blogging! <br />
  138. 138. Information<br />Description<br />Use/Benefit<br />WordPress started in 2003 with a single bit of code to enhance the typography of everyday writing and with fewer users than you can count on your fingers and toes. Since then it has grown to be the largest self-hosted blogging tool in the world, used on millions of sites and seen by tens of millions of people every day.<br />Everything you see here, from the documentation to the code itself, was created by and for the community. WordPress is an Open Source project, which means there are hundreds of people all over the world working on it. <br /><ul><li> Set up blog
  139. 139. Promote blog
  140. 140. Write articles
  141. 141. Inform about the product
  142. 142. Use it as a second webpage</li></ul>Wordpress.com<br />Category: Blogging Site<br />Primary Value: <br />Strong profile ranking<br />User: 26.000.000 visitors<br />
  143. 143. Information<br />Description<br />Use/Benefit<br />Blogger is a free blog publishing tool from Google for easily sharing your thoughts. A blog is a personal diary. A daily pulpit. A collaborative space. A political soapbox. A breaking-news outlet. A collection of links. Your own private thoughts. Memos to the world.<br />Your blog is whatever you want it to be. There are millions of them, in all shapes and sizes, and there are no real rules.<br /><ul><li> Set up blog
  144. 144. Promote blog
  145. 145. Write articles
  146. 146. Inform about the product
  147. 147. Use it as a second webpage</li></ul>Blogger.com <br />Category: Blogging Site<br />Primary Value: <br />Strong profile ranking<br />User: 30.000.000 visitors<br />
  148. 148.
  149. 149.
  150. 150. Information<br />Description<br />Use/Benefit<br />You probably know a ton about your favorite bloggers - what they think about the subjects they write about, maybe some of their work and life history... you may even know what toothpaste they use. But how much do you know about all the other people who read their blogs? For all this talk of a global conversation throughout the blogosphere, there&apos;s a lot to be desired. Readers can become friends with other people who read your favorite blogs. See what else they&apos;re reading. Check out their MySpace and Friendster profiles and view their Flickrphotostreams. Authors can learn more about their readers individually and as a group. What do they like and what are they ignoring? <br /><ul><li> Set up blog
  151. 151. Promote blog
  152. 152. Write articles
  153. 153. Inform about the product
  154. 154. Use it as a second webpage
  155. 155. Connect all your sites to mybloglog</li></ul>Mybloglog.com<br />Category: Blogging Site<br />Primary Value: <br />Strong profile ranking<br />User: 1.300.000 visitors<br />
  156. 156.
  157. 157. Information<br />Description<br />Use/Benefit<br />Appearing on the Digg homepage can lead to massive traffic increases to your web site or blog. And depending on your users, it can sometimes lead to significant increases in sales. Digg can be particularly effective for bloggers who write regularly and make their content easy to Digg.<br /><ul><li> Submit blogs
  158. 158. Promote blog
  159. 159. Write articles
  160. 160. Inform about the product</li></ul>digg.com<br />Category: Bookmarking Site<br />Primary Value: <br />Strong profile ranking<br />User: 43.300.000 visitors<br />
  161. 161.
  162. 162. Information<br />Description<br />Use/Benefit<br />What is Technorati?<br />Technorati is a real-time search engine dedicated to the blogosphere. It only searches through blogs to find exactly what you&apos;re looking for. At the time of this writing, Technorati was tracking over 22 million sites and over a billion links, a mind-boggling amount.<br /><ul><li>Promote your blog</li></ul>Technorati.com<br />Category: Blogging Directory<br />Primary Value: <br />Strong profile ranking<br />User: 22.000.000 sites<br />
  163. 163. Share<br />Social Media Sites! <br />
  164. 164. Information<br />Description<br />Use/Benefit<br />Founded in February 2005, YouTube is the leader in online video, and the premier destination to watch and share original videos worldwide through a Web experience. YouTube allows people to easily upload and share video clips on www.youtube.com and across the Internet through websites, mobile devices, blogs, and email.<br />Everyone can watch videos on YouTube. People can see first-hand accounts of current events, find videos about their hobbies and interests, and discover the quirky and unusual. As more people capture special moments on video, YouTube is empowering them to become the broadcasters of tomorrow.<br /><ul><li>Advertise
  165. 165. Promote own Infomercial
  166. 166. Integrate youtube link on website
  167. 167. Comment on other videos</li></ul>youtube.com<br />Category: Social Media<br />Primary Value: <br />Strong profile ranking<br />User: N/A<br />
  168. 168. www.youtube.com<br />
  169. 169. Information<br />Description<br />Use/Benefit<br />What is SlideShare?<br />SlideShare is the world&apos;s largest community for sharing presentations.<br />SlideShare is a business media site for sharing presentations, documents and pdfs. SlideShare features a vibrant professional community that regularly comments, favorites and downloads content. Content also spreads virally through blogs and social networks such as LinkedIn, Facebook and twitter. Individuals & organizations upload documents to SlideShare to share ideas, connect with others, and generate leads for their businesses. Anyone can view presentations & documents on topics that interest them. The site is growing rapidly with over 17 million monthly visitors.<br /><ul><li>Advertise
  170. 170. Create own Power Point Presentation
  171. 171. Promote presentation
  172. 172. Share business idea
  173. 173. Search for customers</li></ul>slideshare.net<br />Category: Social Media<br />Primary Value: <br />Strong profile ranking<br />User: 23.000.000 monthly visitors<br />
  174. 174.
  175. 175.
  176. 176. Always consider external and internal factors! <br />Cooperate! <br />
  177. 177. Cooperate with national and local Entrepreneur Groups<br />www.bni.com<br />Attract customers<br />http://www.goabra.com/<br />Cooperate<br />VentureStreet    The easy way to find a local professional.<br />http://www.venturestreet.com/professional-about-us.aspx<br />Get referrals<br />Attract customers<br />
  178. 178. Always consider external and internal factors! <br />Social Media Sites Overview<br />
  179. 179. <ul><li> 10% of all internet time is spend on a social media site
  180. 180. You can communicate, interact, socialize and share your vision with </li></ul> customers and other businesses! <br /><ul><li> You can spread out your message far beyond what traditional </li></ul> marketing can do for you! <br /><ul><li> You can attract more customers!
  181. 181. You can increase your online visibility!
  182. 182. You can increase your google ranking!
  183. 183. You can increase your website traffic! </li></li></ul><li>Visit our website for more information on social media marketing!<br />www.businessinmotion.weebly.com<br />Attend one of our online seminars! Fore more information, please visit http://businessinmotion.weebly.com/online-seminars.html<br />