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Smm tactics

  1. 1. Majestic Social Media Social Media Tactics Natalie Guse & Richard Barrett
  2. 2. Social Media Marketing is not only a trend, it is the future of Marketing.
  3. 3. The Big Deal over Social Media Marketing Marketing Natalie Guse Strategy 1 – Create content Content is key
  4. 4. King… Where Content is King… Social Media is all about: – Content Delivery – putting it out there – Content Visibility – letting some people see it – Content Virality – broadcasting it to EVERYONE!
  5. 5. Communicate Content is the key! We create quality content! Website/ Landing Page Video/Podcast Content Power Point Pr Release
  6. 6. Landing Pages!
  7. 7. 1. Create landing page – this is landing page created by us
  8. 8. This is another landing page created by us
  9. 9. This is another landing page created by us
  10. 10. This is another landing page created by us
  11. 11. Power Point Presentations!
  12. 12. Mona· Mona·Vie Mona· Boost your health with Mona·Vie
  13. 13. Mona· Mona·Vie The premier acai blend!
  14. 14. PR Release!
  15. 15. Promote/Market Publish Google adwords Publish Google maps
  16. 16. The Big Deal over Social Media Marketing Marketing Natalie Guse Social Media Tactics! Strategic Planning!
  17. 17. Social Media Marketing CISS Formula
  18. 18. The Big Deal over Social Media Marketing Marketing Natalie Guse Social Media Tactics! Target Market Analysis!
  19. 19. Example of a Target Market Matrix how to reach potential customers! Directories Business Families People Opinion Blogging Leaders The Health focused Young professio The nals + Beauty Trend-setters Students focused Social Media Sites Working The Health focused Elderly Moms People Communicate Interact Share Socialize
  20. 20. Example of a Target Market Matrix how to reach potential customers! cÜÉwâvàá Business Young Students Families People professional Target Market Trend- The Beauty The Health setters conscious conscious Working Elderly Moms People Opinion Leaders
  21. 21. Now we Use Social Media to spread out your message!
  22. 22. Promote/Market Publish Google adwords Publish Google maps
  23. 23. Promote/Market Publish Publish classified- Website Integration Blog Integration
  24. 24. Examples
  25. 25. We submit your site to Directories! TOP 10 – “A” TOP 10 – “B” 1. Superpages 1. MerchantCircle 2. Citysearch 2. GetFave 3. Yelp 3. Yellowbot 4. Yahoo Local 4. 5. InsiderPages 5. Kudzu 6. 6. Discoverourtown 7. BizJournals 7. 8. AreaConnect 8. 9. MagicYellow 9. 10.Switchboard • Study from August 2009, Andrew Shotland • City + Category Searches (“San Diego Water Cleanup”) • 20 top YP headings found in Google • Varied categories • Cities across the US
  26. 26. Google Maps Information Description Use/Benefit Google Maps Google Maps (for a time named Google •Get a listing Local) is a web mapping service •Make your business visible application and technology provided by Google, free (for non-commercial use), • People can find your that powers many map-based services, business including the Google Maps website, Google Ride Finder, Google Transit, and Category: Directory maps embedded on third-party websites Primary Value: via the Google Maps. It offers street maps, Strong profile ranking a route planner for traveling by foot, car, or public transport and an urban business User: N/A locator for numerous contries around the world. According to one of its creators (), Google Maps is "a way of organising the world's information geographically
  27. 27. Business Directories! Information Description Use/Benefit Yellowpages YELLOWPAGES.COM LLC is a wholly owned subsidiary of AT&T. As a leading Internet Yellow Pages and search directory, YELLOWPAGES.COM is uniquely able to offer searchable directory listings. Whether you're •Make your business visible looking for a particular item, business, Category: Directory • Get a listing event, location or service, YELLOWPAGES.COM is your trusted • People can your business Primary Value: Strong profile ranking online source for comprehensive • You can find other local national and local business information. businesses etc. there User: 100.000.000 monthly consumer business searches The YELLOWPAGES.COM distribution network provides exposure to more than 100 million monthly consumer business searches.
  28. 28. Content sharing platforms! Information Description Use/Benefit What is SlideShare? SlideShare is the world's largest community for sharing presentations. SlideShare is a business media site for sharing presentations, documents and pdfs. SlideShare features a vibrant professional community that regularly Category: Social Media comments, favorites and downloads •Advertise Primary Value: content. Content also spreads virally • Create own Power Point Strong profile ranking through blogs and social networks such Presentation as LinkedIn, Facebook and twitter. User: 23.000.000 monthly Individuals & organizations upload • Promote presentation visitors • Share business idea documents to SlideShare to share ideas, connect with others, and • Search for customers generate leads for their businesses. Anyone can view presentations & documents on topics that interest them. The site is growing rapidly with over 17 million monthly visitors.
  29. 29. We publish your ads on classifieds! Information Description Use/Benefit Category: Classified ads Primary Value: Free online local online classifieds. •Promote your articles Strong profile ranking Similar to craigslist. Can be used to • Create your profile promote and advertise for free. User: N/A • Get your message out
  30. 30. We create blogs and manage them! Information Description Use/Benefit WordPress started in 2003 with a single bit of code to enhance the typography of everyday writing and with fewer users than you can count on your fingers and toes. Since then it has grown to be the largest self-hosted Category: Blogging Site blogging tool in the world, used on • Set up blog Primary Value: millions of sites and seen by tens of • Promote blog Strong profile ranking millions of people every day. Everything you see here, from the • Write articles User: 26.000.000 visitors documentation to the code itself, was • Inform about the product created by and for the community. • Use it as a second webpage WordPress is an Open Source project, which means there are hundreds of people all over the world working on it.
  31. 31. blog! We use blog directories to promote your blog! Information Description Use/Benefit What is Technorati? Category: Blogging Directory Technorati is a real-time search engine dedicated to the blogosphere. It only Primary Value: searches through blogs to find exactly Strong profile ranking •Promote your blog what you're looking for. At the time of User: 22.000.000 sites this writing, Technorati was tracking over 22 million sites and over a billion links, a mind-boggling amount.
  32. 32. We create smm profiles and maintain! Information Description Use/Benefit Merchant Circle is a growing company located on a real Main Street in Silicon Valley. We are dedicated to connecting Category: Social Media Site Neighbors and Local Businesses online • Advertise Primary Value: to help build real relationships between • Create listings Strong profile ranking local business owners and their customers. To date, nearly 775,000 local • Make the company visible User: 775.000 Businesses businesses have joined MerchantCircle to • Search for costumers get their business more exposure on the internet, simply and inexpensively.
  33. 33. We create smm profiles and maintain! Information Description Use/Benefit •Use Linkedin to promote business - Set up Group (you need to invite as many people as LinkedIn is an interconnected network possible to the group the goal of experienced professionals from is to invite at least 100 people Category: Social Media Site around the world, representing 170 a day) industries and 200 countries. You can - You might need people, who Primary Value: help promoting the group Strong profile ranking find, be introduced to, and collaborate (students) with qualified professionals that you - Use Linkedin as a searching User: 43.000.000 need to work with to accomplish your tool to find customers goals. - Write monthly newsletters - Motivate people in the group to invite others to the group - Create events - Post messages in the group forums to keep the group alive
  34. 34.
  35. 35. We create smm profiles and maintain! Information Description Use/Benefit •Set up Facebook Group •Use Facebook Group to promote business Facebook's mission is to give people - Expand Group (you need to the power to share and make the world invite as many people as possible Category: Social Media Site more open and connected. to the group the goal is to invite at least 100 people a day) Primary Value: Millions of people use Facebook - You need people, who help Strong profile ranking everyday to keep up with friends, promoting the group. - Use Facebook as a searching User: 250.000.000 upload an unlimited number of photos, tool to find potential customers. share links and videos, and learn more - Motivate people in the group to about the people they meet invite others to the group - Create events - Post messages in the group forums to keep the group alive -Sign up for other Facebook Groups
  36. 36. We create smm profiles and maintain! Information Description Use/Benefit Twitter is a privately funded startup with offices in the SoMA neighborhood of San Francisco, CA. Started as a side project in March of 2006, Twitter has •Set up Twitter Account Category: Social Media Site grown into a real-time short messaging • Follow as many people as Primary Value: service that works over multiple possible networks and devices. - You need people, who help Strong profile ranking In countries all around the world, promoting the group (students) User: 150.000.000 - Use Twitter as a searching tool people follow the sources most to find potential students relevant to them and access - Write direct messages to inform information via Twitter as it happens— about about your business from breaking world news to updates - Create events from friends
  37. 37. SEO
  38. 38. Eugene Levy, Before I give you a quote. I wanted to take the time to give you and myself an overall of where you stood with your SEO. I believe in making sure that we are both on the same page from the start to end. On the next pages are an overall SEO analysis that my company provides our clients with before we begin any campaign. If you have any questions then please feel free to contact me. Majestic Social Media has access to the latest SEO tools available to make our jobs easier as well as to provide you with a customized SEO campaign with the results you want. I tried to contact you as per our last conversation, but you were unavailable twice. Please call me when you have the time.. With Regards, Richard Barrett Majestic Social Media