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My portfolio


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My portfolio

  1. 1. Richard Barrett/ Majestic Social Media Portfolio
  2. 2. Lead Social Media Search Engine Generation Marketing Optimization - Google Adwords - SMM Planning - SEO Optimization - Yahoo Adwords - Profile Setup - Bookmarking - Bing Adwords - Content Planning - Linking - Online advertising - Blogging - Page Rank - Landing pages - Metadescription
  3. 3. Social Media Marketing/ What is important?
  4. 4. Social Media/What I do 1. Social Media Marketing Plan - SWOT Analysis of your product/service - Detailed Analysis of your target market - Demographics and statistics on smm platforms (, etc.) - Recommendations - Detailed description of social media platforms, applications, etc. - Tools and innovative techniques to grow your business - Practical advice - Strategies how to do social media marketing Basic
  5. 5. Social Media/What I do 2. Content Management/Creation - Creating power point presentations - Setting up and creating online profiles including design, adding pictures, content, etc. - Setting up content sharing profiles on for example,, etc. 2. Publishing - Publishing pr releases on platforms - - Publishing ads on classifieds Creating business listings Basic - Submitting URL - Publishing content on platforms - Interlinking of platforms
  6. 6. It is all about being organized!
  7. 7. The Big Deal over Social Media Marketing Marketing Natalie Guse Examples
  8. 8. cÜÉwâvàá Business Young Students Families People professional Target Market Trend- The Beauty The Health setters conscious conscious Working Elderly Moms People Opinion Leaders
  9. 9. Directories Business Families People Opinion Blogging Leaders The Health focused Young professio The nals + Beauty Trend-setters Students focused Social Media Sites Working The Health focused Elderly Moms People Communicate Interact Share Socialize
  10. 10. Power Point Presentations!
  11. 11. Mona· Mona·Vie Mona· Boost your health with Mona·Vie
  12. 12. Mona· Mona·Vie The premier acai blend!
  13. 13. PR Release!
  14. 14. Promote/Market Publish Google adwords Publish Google maps
  15. 15. SEO
  16. 16. SEO/What I do - Analytics - Meta description Optimization - Submitting websites to bookmarking sites - Submitting website to human directories - Competition Analysis - Back linking - Website Optimization - Building links (one-way, two- way, etc.) - Keyword Optimization (for website or PPC) - Working with software systems, such as hubspot, infusionsoft, Basic etc.
  17. 17. The Big Deal over Social Media Marketing Marketing Natalie Guse Lead Generation
  18. 18. Lead Generation - Set up ppc accounts (google, yahoo, bing) - Keyword generation - Optimizing campaign - Adding keywords - Create landing pages - Landing Page Optimization - Creating ad campaigns - SEM Analytics Basic