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Speech analytics - avoiding project failure


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As an independent provider of Speech Analytics technology, Business Systems offers a unique perspective having seen a lot of implementations over the last few years spanning many different technologies, some have gone exceptionally well and some have been a little more challenging.

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Speech analytics - avoiding project failure

  1. 1. Copyright Business Systems UK Limited 2010 Customers who get the most out of analytics are fine tuning and using the technology on a daily basis to discover emerging trends and resolve ongoing issues. The successful deployments tend to be those that have recognised the need for a dedicated resource and clear business objectives through the use of the technology.
  2. 2. Copyright Business Systems UK Limited 2010 We are also finding that best practice is found in those organisations that are prepared to push for more innovative use of analytics and drive change. They are reaping ROI beyond the initial deployment objectives and analytics has become a real driving force in enabling business change.
  3. 3. Copyright Business Systems UK Limited 2010 Right resource is a must. Having run numerous mentoring programmes, we advise our clients to identify the true Business Analysts in their organisation- people who use data to address a specific challenge and possess the communication skills to liaise with the wider business. Placing speech analytics at the centre of the operation and embedding it into the business helps deliver success.
  4. 4. Copyright Business Systems UK Limited 2010 Before investing our advice is first identify whether analytics can support your business requirements. Use a Proof of Concept (PoC) - where a number of key analytical objectives are identified and addressed through the use of analytics. The PoC supplier should be offering some ‘mid-point’ analysis as a check and balance to make sure they are on the right track with their findings to help support your business case internally.
  5. 5. Copyright Business Systems UK Limited 2010 Looking for real time information, real time alerts or historical reporting? e.g “Tell me something we didn’t know yesterday that is happening today.” Discovery and emerging analytics with alerts set up would be instrumental in giving you the heads up you need... Is integration with other technology essential? If you link your Analytics output to other business intelligence tools it provides more depth to your insight and analysis.
  6. 6. Copyright Business Systems UK Limited 2010 Your organisation needs the motivation, energy and drive to make speech analytics a successful addition to your portfolio. Are your people naturally inquisitive, journalistic and curious in nature, always wanting to know why? If so you’re starting from a great position!