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Customer Service in 2015 Infographic


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To get a better handle on what 2015 holds for customer service we went away and put together a handy infographic consolidating the results from over 100 contact centre professionals, to find out their customer service priorities for the year ahead.

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Customer Service in 2015 Infographic

  1. 1. @BSLHQ Service experiences are still built around the contact centre and not the customer according to just over a quarter of respondents. Phone still seems to be the busiest channel, but social media is starting to creep up and may overtake email going into 2016. Responses were wide and varied to this question but employee engagement, motivation, retention and empowerment came out top accounting for nearly a third of responses. Staff absence still remains an issue with just under a fifth of respondents citing this as the biggest challenge with ‘empowering staff and giving them more responsibility’ being the biggest challenge. Surprisingly post still makes it into the channel list and taken as an average will account for just over 5% of contact from customers this year. DOWNLOAD THECUSTOMER SERVICE IN 2015 REPORT NOW WHAT WILL BE THE BIGGEST CUSTOMER SERVICE CHALLENGE YOU’LL FACE IN 2015? WHAT DO YOU PREDICT WILL BE YOUR BUSIEST CHANNEL FOR CUSTOMER CONTACT IN 2015? IF YOU COULD IMPROVE ONE THING IN YOUR CONTACT CENTRE IN 2015 WHAT WOULD IT BE? WHAT WILL BE THE BIGGEST EMPLOYEE ENGAGEMENT CHALLENGE YOU WILL FACE IN 2015? Phone Email Social Media Web Chat Video Chat (0.9%) Staff/agent related Technology related Target related Process related Customer related Budget (1.4%) Empowering staff – giving them more responsibility Keeping staff absence down Keeping staff focused on their targets and goals Retaining staff Recruiting enough quality staff Keeping staff interested in the role Listening to voice of employee – and acting on what they tell you 31.1% 28.3% 21.6% 9.5% 8.1% 62% of respondents said improving customer experience, followed by 45.3% saying first call resolution, surprisingly improving sales performance comes out joint bottom. WHAT DO YOU WANT YOUR TECHNOLOGY TO DELIVER FOR YOU? WHAT’S ON YOUR TECHNOLOGY WISH LIST FOR 2015? 70% 60% 50% 40% 30% 20% 10% AutomateTimeConsumingTasks UnderstandCustomerIntent UnderstandVoiceofCustomer BuildCustomerEmpathy BuildContinuousImprovement ImproveCustomerRetention ImproveAgentEngagement ImproveFCR ImproveCustomerExp ImproveBusinessProcesses ImproveSalesPerformance InsightforBetterDecisionMaking ReduceAverageHandleTime ReduceStaffingCosts ReduceWaste RetainEmployees ServiceQualityImprovement Despite all the hype, voice biometrics seems to be taking a back seat, whilst web chat accounts for nearly a third of responses on the wishlist. 35% 30% 25% 20% 15% 10% 5% 0% ACD WebSelfService AgentDesktop CallRecording CustomerFeedback DashboardTechnology Dialler EmailManagement GamificationTools IVR MobileApps PerformanceTools RealTimeAgentGuidance SocialMedia Speech/TextAnalytics AgentCoaching/Quality WebChat WorkforceManagement Video VideoBiometrics 0% Over 100 contact centre professionals identify the challenges they’ll face and the technology they’ll use to help deliver customer service in the year ahead. CUSTOMER SERVICE IN 2015 WHAT PERCENTAGE OF CUSTOMER CONTACT DO YOU EXPECT ACROSS THE FOLLOWING CHANNELS IN 2015? 60% 50% 40% 30% 20% 10% 0% VideoChat Post/SurfaceMail SocialMedia Other Email Phone WebChat Delivering a service experience centered around the customer and not the contact centre Balancing budgets with service levels Delivering consistent service levels across all channels Answering all contacts within service level agreements Reducing the cost to serve Listening to and acting on customer feedback 20.7% 8.1% 10.8% 16.2% 17.1% 27% 18.2% 10.9% 15.5% 19.1% 10.9% 12.7% 12.7% 18.3% 58.7% 17.4% 4.6%