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Top 5 Social Media To Dos


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Top 5 Social Media To Dos

  2. 2.  CREATE A TIMELINE o Stipulate a specific duration to create a social media account to avoid procrastination. o Write down your expected progress ESTABLISH SPECIFIC GOALS o Determine the incremental number of likes/followers you wish to achieve over a specified period of time DETERMINE THE TYPE OF CONTENT o Broadcast how-to videos? Provide tips? Offer latest trends? (can be a single type or a variety) THEME/LAYOUT/TONE o These are important in creating a friendly & inviting atmosphere so that users would like your page and/or follow you.
  3. 3.  80% OF CONTENT: INFORMATIVE INFO Most of the information provided should be informative and relevant to the target audience to ensure they are engaged. 20% OF CONTENT: PROMOTIONAL Ensure that promotional postings & advertisements do not exceed 20% of the total content. Overdoing this may be a turn-off for many visitors.
  4. 4. BUILD A RAPPORT so that visitors will keep coming back to know more about you & your company INTRODUCE CONTENT which the audience can relate to so that they are willing to participate in discussions UNIQUE CONTENT sets you a-p-a-r-t from the rest ANSWER THEM. never leave enquiries from visitors unanswered as it will reflect negatively on you & your company.
  5. 5.  SEO: SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION Apply SEO strategies to your social media accounts. For example: Incorporate keywords into blog posts. SOCIAL MEDIA WIDGETS, BUTTONS & LINKS On the company’s official website, include widgets, buttons and/or links so that visitors may be directed to your various social media pages
  6. 6.  PROVIDE INCENTIVES o Provide incentives for visitors to like your page or follow you such as exclusive deals, insider tips, etc. o Provide greater incentives to users who encourage their friends to like/follow you too.
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