Steps on How to Create an Event on BusinessVibes


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Steps on How to Create an Event on BusinessVibes

  1. 1. BusinessVibes Network International Inc. How to create an event on BusinessVibes?
  2. 2. Once you have filled out allthe blanks, it should looksomething like this printscreen image on the right.
  3. 3. Once you entered the event description, event tags, event website, prices and logo,click the “Next” button.A page similar to the one below will appear. You may edit your event by clicking on this button. You may invite participants to your event and also view participants who have registered for your event. This public URL allows non BusinessVibes members to also view your event profile
  4. 4. If you click on the “View Participants” button,You will see this: Click on this to return to the previous page and view the Event Profile. This date may be adjusted according These 3 tabs will allow you to view: to your preference. 1) BusinessVibes users who have registered for your event 2) Exhibitors who wish to participate in your event 3) Invitations that have been sent out to BusinessVibes users by you
  5. 5. If you click on the “Invite Participants” button,You will see this: Enter the names of members, companies, associations, etc. that are part of your BusinessVibes network You may either enter individual email addresses AND/OR You may upload a CSV file containing a database of emails and contact information, from your computer Once you have If you are uncertain about entered the what a CSV file is, you connections, email may download a sample addresses and/or by clicking on this arrow uploaded a CSV to have a better idea. file, click send invitation.
  6. 6. Viewing & Editing your event(s) To view and/or edit your event(s), place your cursor over the Calendar icon and click on “My Events”
  7. 7. Click here toClick here to view edit the eventthe event profile Click here to invite individuals, companies, associations , etc. to attend or exhibit at your event
  8. 8. Register at today Registration is FREE! Simply enter your email address. BusinessVibes offers you a network of over 1.2 million membersas well as thousands of companies & trade associations in 170+ countries BusinessVibes’ event promotion services include: Media write-up provided by you on BusinessVibesFree Event profile along with logo, description and link on BusinessVibes Logo/Banner under Featured section on BusinessVibes Homepage Free Event website for your event Featured Event under Industry list in Monthly Newsletter