Renewable energy webinar 09-11-2011


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Renewable energy webinar 09-11-2011

  1. 1. Renewable Energy Webinar 09-11-2011
  2. 2. How Can Renewable Energy Reach its Potential. An experience from PicoHydro and Bio Gas sectors in Sri Lanka
  3. 3. process The Need- what energy services were needed. The resource potential. Technical feasibility. Improvements and stake holder support
  4. 4. Pico Hydro Back ground Resource potential First steps Impact for scale.
  5. 5. Bio Gas Back ground Resource potential First steps Impact for scale.
  6. 6. Market Mechanisms What does work and what does not work Do we have other options.
  7. 7. How can wind energy reach itspotential? in India
  8. 8. Resources•Good Assessment tools and with accurate studyreport on the wind assessment area.•Land availability based on the data• Evacuation facility• Policy driven tariff and incentives to push the market•Real Time Forecast and to accept Wind Energy hasfirm power by the Utilities
  9. 9. Technology & Challenges• New Wind Technology machines for low windregime• Repowering and Retro fitting• Short Period Environment Clearances in Forestareas• Trained Manpower
  10. 10. Key Driver for Indian market• Profit making companies taking advantage of Income Tax Act - Accelerated Depreciation. till Advantage of Section 80 - IA of Income Tax Act benefit. State policy using generated power for captive generation - arresting of power cost escalation. Carbon Credit : To play a vital role in accelerating the momentum . Renewable Energy Certificate -REC 10
  11. 11. Current Policy trends•Effective from Jan 2012, turbine OEMs are required to set up a manufacturing facility forall turbines that are sold in volumes excess of 1 5MW. Furthermore, all turbines installedare required to incorporate remote monitoring systems.These regulations are additions to the current requirement of Type certification scheme .•AD Vs GBI Market• Retail Vs IPP
  12. 12. நன்ற
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  17. 17. Message for the participants Thank you very much for participating in our webinar! For the latest news, and information on upcoming webinars log on to