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Ten top tips to inspire your people


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Ten top tips to inspire your people, I am convinced you will have your own that you could share!

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Ten top tips to inspire your people

  1. 1. Your People to 10TipsTips
  2. 2. Be decisive, even if you have insufficient information to make an ‘ideal’ decision; (making a decision and getting it wrong occasionally is better than making no decision at all.) Make decisions
  3. 3. Know what you’re good at and what you’re not so good at, play to your strengths (and ask for help from others when you need it.) Be self aware
  4. 4. Be the leader who works to support, and drive employees to be the best they can be, (and to achieve their and your goals.) Support your employees
  5. 5. Leadership is about enabling those around you to achieve to their full potential. (Ensure you give the right level of responsibility and support to each individual that fits their abilities and situation.) Be an ‘enabler’
  6. 6. People lose respect for anyone who instructs another to do something they would not at least attempt themselves. Lead by example
  7. 7. Treat everyone as an individual and understand what motivates each person, how they learn best, and what individual support each person needs Understand your people
  8. 8. Be humble and clear; use ‘we’ more often than ‘I’ Use inclusive language
  9. 9. Set them in the context of the strategic aims of your organisation. i.e. every person must understand the part they play, no matter how small in achieving the end result. Set objectives clearly
  10. 10. Give appropriate feedback regularly, both positive and constructive; (ask for feedback about yourself and act on some of it.) Provide feedback
  11. 11. Approach difficult situations head on, and treat individuals as equals with no favouritism Be transparent and fair
  12. 12.