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View-Through Technology: Gaining Insight into Data


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View-through data enhancement enables you to answer these questions. Measuring the impact of content hosted on other sites is no longer a matter of impressions or Sphinns. We can directly measure the impact in terms of traffic, online sales, and conversions — and all of this can happen without a direct link. Join us and see how you can accurately attribute your online PR, social media, and off-site marketing efforts to ROI. And, gain insight into bookmarks and traffic generated through branded searches.

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View-Through Technology: Gaining Insight into Data

  1. 1. View-Through: Gaining Insight Into Data
  2. 2. Agenda1. What is View-Through2. Application of View-Through  Social Media Measurement  Online PR Measurement  Search  Bookmarks3. Summary
  3. 3. What is View-Through?
  4. 4. Customer Lifecycle - AIDA Model From
  5. 5. Customer Lifecycle - AIDA ModelSocial Networks View ThroughOnline PR, Blogs, etc.Search, Advertising Click ThroughSite Visit and Conversions From
  6. 6. Customer Lifecycle - AIDA Model Search, Advertising Site Visit and Conversions From
  7. 7. View-Through Reporting Not everything can be measured by clicks  Blogs, news sites or page with no links (i.e. YouTube)  The more reputable the news outlet, the less likely to provide a direct link Interest generated is often not immediate Sometimes requires multiple touch points for interest to develop Complements traditional click-through reports
  8. 8. Direct Link with Click Direct Link without Click Total No Direct Link Website Traffic
  9. 9. Real Life Story“” “treasure island”
  10. 10. POLL
  11. 11. What Are the Applications of View-Through?
  12. 12. View-Through Applications Social Media – Measure the impact of social conversations across all traffic channels Online PR – Measure the impact of online PR and news coverage across all traffic channels Search - Measure the impact of social media, PR and video on driving brand related search activity Bookmarks – Measure what portion of the bookmark traffic was influenced by social media, PR and video
  13. 13. Social Media Measurement
  14. 14. Social Media Landscape Already Established…133,000,000The number of blogs indexed by Technorati as of Jan „09
  15. 15. Social Media LandscapeWith A Large Audience…3 out of 4Americans are actively using andengaged with social technologySource: Forrester, The Growth Of Social Technology Adoption, 2008
  16. 16. Social Media LandscapeAnd Growing…3XThe rate at which time spent onsocial networks is growingcompared to the overall internetrate, accounting for 10% of allinternet time.Source: Nielsen, Global Faces & Networked Places, 2009
  17. 17. Social Media LandscapeLower Acquisition Costs…56%The percentage of which online PR is less 56%expensive than CPC. 56% 56%Source: Marketing Experiments
  18. 18. Social Media Measurement Brand Manager, Corporate Communications Online Marketer Customer Stage Awareness Influence ActionMeasurement Output Outtake Outcome What What are they saying about What does it mean to your Who’s talking about you? you? business? Sample Brand association, message Metrics Share of voice, advertising, # Site visits, registrations, awareness, qualitative of mentions, # of views conversions, ROI assessment Popular Google, Visible Technologies, BuzzLogic, BuzzMetrics, Tools Radian6, TrackUr, Techrigy, Cymfony, Visible Web Analytics BuzzMetrics, Technorati, Technologies Cymfony, Techrigy Increased Measurement Value
  19. 19. POLL
  20. 20. Social Media ExamplesMeasurement Output Outtake Outcome Metrics # of views (across YouTube, Retweets, tone, number of How many people visit Metacafe, etc.), # of tweets comments on YouTube or How many leads are generated as a result?Sample Tools YouTube, Google, Twitter YouTube, Twitter Web analytics with view- through
  21. 21. Video Traffic
  22. 22. View-Through vs. Click-Through
  23. 23. Online PR Measurement
  24. 24. Example: Online PR PR Firm PushMeasurement Output Outtake Outcome Metrics # of times picked up, # of Brand Monitoring, Reputation How many people to site bloggers, Advertising Awareness, Influence, Page have viewed the PR or blog equivalency Rank coverage? How many conversions resulted from the campaign? Tools Google, VMS, Cision, Techrigy, BuzzLogic, Visible Web analytics with view- TrackUr, DNA 13, Cymfony, Technologies, Cymfony, through Technorati Technorati
  25. 25. Case Study: Press Release A/B Test Press Release Press Release A Press Release B Criteria Same release date, same distribution Same release date, same distribution, criteria, messaging A messaging BDistribution Stats Number of impressions: 69,852 Number of impressions: 59,865 Number of reads: 1,865 Number of reads: 1,684 Number of pickups (blogs/articles): 12 Number of pickups (blogs/articles): 8 Number of tweets: 37 Number of tweets: 7 Site Visits: 25 Site Visits: 139 Site Conversions: 3 Site Conversions: 16 Conversion Rate: 12.00% Conversion Rate: 11.51%
  26. 26. PR Optimization What message works best? What outlet works best? What distribution is optimal? All possible because of view-through reports
  27. 27. Search
  28. 28. Last Click Attribution is Not Always Accurate Last Click Attribution refers to crediting the last click that a user made to a site conversion. In reality, conversion may have been caused by a number of touch points in the form of PR, social media, video, etc. Understanding how these assets affect your search volume and conversion rate is critical in determining which of your online marketing initiatives are most effective.
  29. 29. POLL
  30. 30. Brand Related Search The majority of corporate search traffic is brand specific. Until now, there was no easy solution to understand which digital assets drive brand related traffic from search. View-through enables marketers to identify which non-linked content (PR, social media, video, etc.) drives the most brand related search activity and conversions.
  31. 31. Brand Related Search
  32. 32. Non-Brand Related Search The same digital assets that drive brand related search may also help to generate non-brand related search. View-through technology identifies the segment of “generic” search traffic that was exposed to digital assets being tracked. Helps identify which marketing campaigns have the most influence in capturing non- brand related search. Can also be used to identify multiple search query behavior.
  33. 33. Bookmarks
  34. 34. Bookmarks “Bookmarks” act as a catch-all scenario in web analytics programs. This can include many different scenarios where there is no referrer, including:  E-mail  Re-direct  Actual Bookmarks  Directly Typed View-through data gives insight into the origin or influencers of this traffic.
  35. 35. Expert Analysis, Insight, andRecommendations Better Tools and Segmentation New Dimension of Data Combined  More Holistic View of Visitors and Visitor Behavior  New Insights and Implications  Optimization of Each Facet of the AIDA Model
  36. 36. Thank You! Any Questions? Contact: Ray “Catfish” Comstock: Ray.Comstock@BusinessOL.comAdditional BusinessOnLine Resources: Socialize With Us: Upcoming Analytics Webinar: Leveraging Analytics to Improve Your Marketing Efforts: How Testing Will Help