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Date Movie Review, The Lucky One Warner Bros Entertainment
By James Rickman III, See website

It was a joy for my date and I to watch The Lucky One, a movie drama produced by Warner Bros. Entertainment. The story line of the movie captures the familiar struggle of a returning veteran soldier U.S. Marine Sargent Logan Thibault (well played by actor Zac Efron) trying to make sense of his three tours of duty in Iraq. Equally compelling was the story of a single mother, Beth (beautifully acted by Taylor Schilling) in her quest to answer why her brother had been killed at war. The cinematic photography was powerful with magical scenes set in the Bayou of Louisiana. The Lucky One is a well-crafted movie directed by Scott Hicks.

Dialogue in the movie, The Lucky One was artfully done. I enjoyed the scene where Beth suspicious of the stranger, Logan, tests his intelligence by asking what favorite quote in philosophy he recalls from college. Logan answers, "Sometimes the questions are complicated and the answers are simple." It's a quote from a Dr. Seuss book that reminds us to look beyond all the confusion in life to find those small nuggets of gold.

Supporting actor, Jay R. Ferguson did a brilliant jobs playing the cocky police officer, Keith Clayton. In the movie, Clayton is the controlling divorced father of Beth's son, Ben (nicely played by Riley Thomas Stewart). Blythe Danner plays the grandmother (Ellie) who runs a dog kennel adding a humorous wisdom and self-knowledge that we should accept life on its terms. It seems at times there is no rhyme or reason why things happen in life but eventually the answer is revealed to us.

The Lucky One is based on the novel written by Nicholas Sparks. The movie presents real life challenges in a charming and gentle way. The characters are well played ever the "villain"; Clayton gives us a sense of humanity. The Lucky One takes us on a complete life journey in time; a snapshot period in a family's life that changes the course of their being.

I recommend, The Lucky One, as a great date movie and family film that really hits home on a lot of levels. It's a joyful movie that leaves a good feeling in your stomach. I rate The Lucky One a solid four star (4 out of five).

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