Natural Cork Accessories Sustainable Living


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Cork is Cool All Natural Cork Accessories Shop Online Call 503-593-5269 Visit Organic sustainable cork products and cork leather are used in flooring, cork handbags, cork shoes, cork hats, yoga mats, cork ipad and mobile phones. ork Is Cool is based in the Norwest region of America. Cork is a natural tree bark. It promotes true clean living and healthy business practices.

Karrie Brewster is the manager of our local Oregon based sustainable business. Customers love the ALL Natural advantage of organic CORK accessories hand crafted.

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Natural Cork Accessories Sustainable Living

  1. 1. Natural Cork Accessories Sustainable LivingSustainable living buying products made of all natural cork has many benefits. Cork is a natural material that comes from thetree bark of Quercus suber cork oak tree. Worldwide over 2.2 million hectares of cork forest are growing. The average corktree takes about 25 years to mature enough to produce the high quality cork bark necessary to manufacture products like corkwine stopper, cork handbags, totes, cork jewelry and cork leather wallet accessories. For example, cork wine stopper salesreached 2.5 billion items and 900 million in the United States says Karrie Brewster, Global cork production isgrowing at about 6% annually generating over $1.9 billion in revenues.Oregon based retail web stores like Cool Is Cool .com sell a variety of cork made fashion clothing and home accessories madefrom organic all natural cork. These fine hand crafted cork gifts are imported from top producing countries like Portugal (61%of cork produced worldwide), Spain (29%) and Italy (6%) market share.Cork is a renewable clean product that reduces pollutants in our environment. Cork made products are light weight which hasmade it a useful material in car and airplane manufacturing. Cork is hypoallergenic making it ideal for women’s fashionaccessories like handbags, totes, jewelry, hats, and yoga mats. Cork products are easy to wipe down and clean like cork floorsthat also are great sound absorbing materials for home construction.Cork is cool says Karrie Brewster, it’s really a neat sustainable material that can be found in almost any product. For example,natural cork wine stoppers release 25 times less C02 (carbon greenhouse gases) than an aluminum wine stopper. We find agreat many shoppers in Portland Oregon enjoy the ability to use healthy renewable products like cork to make a difference.Cork is a great way to express sustainable living behaviors for consumers. Visit: