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Portland Ecommerce Sales Oregon Business Global Market Opportunities


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Ecommerce Sales Online Business Global Market Opportunities - Ecommerce sales news, iHuman web Development, James Rickman, Director calculates during the next few years, the number of online shoppers in Latin America is expected to grow by 20% annually. We expect Latin America B2C ecommerce revenue hit $30 billion US dollar by 2014 comments Mr. Rickman. As the global ecommerce business retail sales steadily climb. Visit

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Portland Ecommerce Sales Oregon Business Global Market Opportunities

  1. 1. Ecommerce Sales Online Business Global Market OpportunitiesWe are all aware of the tremendous business potential in China, it’s a story we read and hear about every day inthe news. But with the global economic slowdown and contraction particularly in Europe, many businessstrategists are turning to new markets that can offer immediate rewards says iHuman web Development, JamesRickman III.For example, today in South America, Chile offers a $750 million ecommerce market that reaches seven in 10Chileans shopping online make a purchase. The average Chilean household has 4 credit cards spending over$159 annually versus China’s average household spending only $17 per year online. Only three in 10 ChineseInternet users actually purchase items online. Further, China’s rural infrastructure is poor still using ancient modesof communications and transportation. India is also a great potential market but it’s hampered by politicalcorruption and crumbling infrastructure problems. Ever watch the movie Slum Dog Millionaire?Chile already offers solid banking financial institutions and a modern infrastructure with high speed Internetservices. Major retail stores like Wal-Mart (WMT), Gap (GPS), are rapidly building a presence in Chile. Localretailers Falabella and Cencosud dominate the South American – Chilean retail marketplace, with acombined 40% online market share. Meanwhile Wal-Mart holds 20% online market share and has publiclyvowed to become Chiles largest online retailer within five years.Cencosud (ADS: CNCO.T, NYSE: CNCO), the Latin American retail giant ($15.7 billion, quarterly revenuegrowth 24.7% yoy) just launched a stock initial public offering through J.P. Morgan Securities LLC and UBSSecurities LLC are acting as global coordinators and joint book runners for the offering. Morgan Stanley & Co.LLC, Credit Suisse Securities (USA) LLC, Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria, S.A. and Santander InvestmentSecurities Inc. are acting as joint book runners. Note “ADS” - CNCO.T common stock in the form of shares orAmerican Depositary Shares initially then completion to CNCO equity shares.iHuman web Development, James Rickman, Director calculates during the next few years, the number of onlineshoppers in Latin America is expected to grow by 20% annually. We expect Latin America B2Cecommerce revenue hit $30 billion US dollar by 2014 comments Mr. Rickman.Although, the value of China’s potential ecommerce market could be upwards of $24 billion, it may take decadesto open up the Chinese marketplace and loosen up their archaic Internet content monitoring and censorshipregulators. China in my oppinion is still a long-term gamble that could slip backward into protectionist policiesshould their economy get stung by dependence on foreign global markets says James Rickman, iHuman webDevelopment. We also see Russia sling-shoting off its oil revenues to recapture a dominate position in worldeconomics.South Korea might be a better spot to invest with its low debt, highly educated population and manufacturingpowerhouse. Singapore is also a major financial center that boasts a superfast Internet broadband infrastructure.In Indonesia, the number of Internet users is expected to grow from 60 million in 2010 to almost 170million by 2015. Encouraged by this trend, Japanese online department store Rakuten has founded a jointventure online department store in Indonesia. Rakuten is like the of Asia, it offers a vast array ofdiscount retail products online.Long-term growth will come from countries that have low debt, high educational levels, energy resources andinfrastructures capable of hyper-fast mobile Internet ecommerce due to its superior cost efficiencies saysDirector, James Rickman III, iHuman web Development.To compete in the global economy the U.S. must recapture its small business growth policies to create new jobsand maintain R&D innovation through flatter and simpler tax structures. Massive debt burdens in excess of $22trillion dollars have been placed on the shoulders of America’s younger workforce that are struggling to survive.Rapid small business growth is the only way out of this mess in order for any hope of supporting the 72 millionbaby boomers set to retire by 2016. We already know that over 65% of baby boomers will suffer very expensivehealth and medical diseases like cancer, dementia, and diabetes. Now is the time for a complete shift awayfrom government regulations to private sector business investment in order to grow our countries futurecreating new jobs and better manage its resources for ordinary Americans to maintain a decent standard of living.