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Coffee Facts Social Media Health Network


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Coffee Facts Social Media Health Network by
Did your know over 140 Americans drink coffee daily. Coffee accounts for over 50% of all the healthy antioxidants Americans consume. Coffee acid reflux effects 35 million Americans.

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Coffee Facts Social Media Health Network

  1. 1. Coffee Facts iHuman Evolution V O L U M E 1 , I S S U E 1 M A Y 5 , 2 0 1 2SPECIALPOINTS OFINTEREST: Coffee Delivers Critical Antioxidants to 50% of Americans Coffee Acid Reflux Impacts 35-Million iHuman Evolution , the top Scientists found by roasting coffee phenols such as found in coffee. Peo- Americans Daily Oregon business ecommerce web beans it dramatically increases the ple need antioxidants to protect developer uncovers leading medi- total antioxidant levels delivering against chronic diseases. DGL Licorice in cal research by the University of healthy plant phenols that pro- Although, drinking coffee is the pri- Makes Coffee Scranton, in Pennsylvania (Prof. tect cellular DNA, lipids and pro- mary dietary source of antioxidants Stomach Friendly Joe Vision, Ph.D) shows that pri- teins in the body from harmful for 50% of Americans. The results of Low Acid Coffee marily, 50% of Americans get their free-radical attempting to cling on drinking coffee for millions is severe Secrets Reduce daily nutritionally recommended cell walls thus minimizes damage. acid reflux and stomach indigestion Acid antioxidants by drinking coffee. that disrupts the daily nutritional re- That’s over 140-million quirements. Neutralize Coffee American people drinking an Try all natural formula that wipes-out Stomach Upset average of 3-cups per day. acid reflux instantly when added to anyINSIDE THIS In fact, studies by Harvard coffee. Now anyone can enjoy theirISSUE: School of Public Health (Frank favorite cup of brew made stomach Hu, MD) prove that antioxidants friendly. gained from drinking coffee, spe- Plus 90% report the great taste ofCoffee Leading 1 cifically reduce type 2-diabetes, Try all natural coffee ingredients their favorite coffee, espresso, mochaSource of heart-disease, strokes, colon and prebiotic fibers, DGL Licorice, or latte was not affected by the flavor-Antioxidants liver cancers. Calcium, vitamin D, ZERO Calories less coffee supplement (no calories).Reduces Coffee 1 "Americans get more antioxi- These unwanted free-radicals are Coffee keeps taste & aroma!Acid Reflux dants from coffee than any known to play a key role in the More Healthy Facts Click Here. other dietary source. Nothing development of chronic diseases else comes close," says study such as cardiovascular disease andSocial Networks 2 leader Joe Vinson, Ph.D., a chemis- cancer that are prevented byCoffee Tradition try professor University of Scran- increased consumption of plant ton.Sponsors Kids 2Low Acid Club Over 35 Million Americans Suffer Coffee AcidEspresso — 3 The latest research from the ments delivers neutralizing acid favorite coffee blends anytime andItalian Café National Coffee Association pH balance in every cup, yet still anywhere.Inside Your Cup shows that over 35-million tastes great in every coffee. Some analysts estimate stomachCoffee Acid 3 Americans suffer “coffee acid In fact, customer studies prove friendly coffee and supplementsStomach Ulcers reflux, coffee indigestion that over 78% of low acid sup- could capture almost 10% of the and/or coffee hearburn” after plement users report significant $19-billion annual coffee market. drinking a cup. reductions in coffee stomach For coffee acid relief try all natural in- This has led many java lovers to acid or digestive discomfort, gredients prebiotic fibers, DGL Licorice, enjoy the instant relief supple- enabling them to enjoy their Calcium, vitamin D and ZERO Calories iHuman Media, LLC., 2373 NW 185th Avenue #357 , Hillsboro, Oregon 97124 USA For more healthy social media content & information Tel 971-258-5047 or visit Statements contained in this document have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product information is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.
  2. 2. Social Networks Coffee Tradition PAGE 2 In the United States, since the or 50% of Americans. of an Oregon small business. early 1960’s coffee bars and Often the lively conversations Further, market research studies espresso cafés have inspired shared over a cup of coffee, by the National Coffee Associa- millions of Americans to share range from politics to world tion, point out that the number ideas, thoughts and experi- finance to love relationships. of coffee shops increased well ences while drinking their re- over 70% from 2000 to 2007 freshing brews each day. Still others are inspired to share their java experiences in bringing the total upwards of First, introduced in widespread social media online forums like 22,000 or one coffee house for fashion in Seattle, Washington YouTube, Twitter and Face- every 14,000 Americans. also known as “the coffee book, among others. The data shows that the java capital of America”. Java lovers social craze has extended beyond have gathered to part-take in “Coffee is the glue that first provides people a common traditional bars like Starbucks, what is now an American tra- Peet’s and Caribou Coffee intoNow everyone can dition, a personal social net- bond from which springs social dialogue and the exchange of fast-food outlets like McDonalds,share in American’s working ritual performed information and new ideas”, Burger King and Wendy’s, alltradition - Low Acid. each day by over 140-million grabbing market share. states Randy Andrews, CEO Coffee Drinkers Sponsor Kids Club Coffee community based Do you want to sponsor an initiative to bring together Order low acid supplements to initiatives strive to unite organization in your commu- community based organiza- enjoy your coffee free of stom- nity helping kids in need? Do tions such as The Doernbe- ach acid reflux. In many cases, coffee industry leaders to you drink coffee and/or suffer cher Childrens Hospital Foun- with every cup, you can give help the over stomach acid reflux, heartburn dation and Shiners’ Hospitals back to community based and GERD indigestion? for Children, among others. youth organizations helping14 million kids in America kids. For millions of coffee lovers The Low Acid Coffee Cup living in poverty lacking suffering stomach pains, the organization has dedicated As sponsor, low acid coffee hopes freedom to enjoy any refresh- resources to donate a percent- to set an example help a charity. adequate nutrition, ing flavorful blend never be- age related product sold to iHuman Evolution believes it’s ahealthcare and education. came so meaningful. one or more sponsored chari- great way to get America’s coffee Low acid is proud to announce ties. drinkers involved in positive com- its coffee drinkers grassroots munity social media networking. Traditional Italian Coffee Bar Origins of Italian Espresso Café From its inception in cafés and street-side espresso However, today an estimated thirty five 1903, the espresso carts appeared outside Nord- million of java lovers in America coffee maker has its strom retail stores drawing experience stomach pain, coffee acid roots in street side shoppers. By brewing rich reflux, and heartburn indigestion. Italian cafés, first in- espresso coffee, it rapidly Now many are turning for relief to acid vented by engineer drew crowds, enhanced social reducing supplements, the all natural Luigi Berreza. networking and daily news easy to reduce coffee acid. Add low For America. it wasn’t conversations across the na- acid reducers to any coffee, making it until the 1960’s in tion in cafés like Starbucks. instantly stomach friendly. Seattle where the first COFFEE FACTS IHUMAN EVOLUTION
  3. 3. VOLUME 1, ISSUE 1 PAGE 3Peptic Ulcer - Coffee Acid Health FactsA peptic or stomach ulcer results Medical research shows onefrom a tissue break in the lining of out of every 10 Americanseither the stomach or the first part of or thirty-million will ex-the small intestine below the stom- perience a peptic stomachach called the duodenum. Peptic ulcer sometime during his orulcers occur only in those regions of her life. Each year, overthe gastrointestinal tract that are 60,000 operations for pepticbathed by digestive juices secreted ulcer disease are performed,by the stomach. These juices con- and over 7,000 people in thetain hydrochloric acid and a diges- United States die from com-tive enzyme called pepsin - hence plications associated withthe name "peptic" ulcer. ulcers and stomach trauma. Now you can get relief byData shows that caffeine in using low acid all naturalcoffee and soda beverages is formulas in any favorite cupone primary cause of ulcers. of coffee. Enjoy ! Peptic Stomach Ulcers Diagram Low acid coffee formulas contain DGL Licorice Coffee Low Acid Remedy herbal DGL licorice an activeFor years low acid coffee formulas production of mucin, a substance (deglycyrrhizinated) a form of licorice ingredient hascontaining herbal DGL licorice; an that protects the lining of these (DGL). In making DGL, the portionactive ingredient has been proven organs against stomach acid and of licorice root can increase blood been proven toto promote relief for coffee acid other harmful substances. pressure and cause water retentionreflux, peptic ulcers, heartburn to be removed, while the acid reduc- promote relief for According to laboratory research,indigestion, and stomach acid. flavonoids in licorice may also in- ing, mucous-membrane-healing part coffee acid refluxDGL has a long history of use for hibit growth of H. pylori, the bacte- of the root is retained.reducing acid and soothing inflamed ria that has been implicated in many DGL (Licorice extract) is a leading & peptic ulcers.injured mucous membranes in the cases of stomach ulcers. ingredient in low acid all natural for-digestive tract. Researchers have Doctors recommend patients with mula delivering instant coffee acidfound DGL may protect the stom- peptic ulcers, use herbal medicine relief in any cup of coffee.ach and duodenum by increasing like deglycerizedWhat’s Inside Your Cup of Java ? iHumanEvolution.comEvery wonder just what your drink- plant toxin naturally used by plants Niacin or vitamin in the morning cup of java? It’s a to repel bugs but stimulates people Its component Trigonellinegrowing concern for millions of by blocking neuro-receptors for the is unstable when heatedAmericans that suffer from coffee sleep chemical adenosine. It is also beyond 160 degrees F.acid reflux and heartburn indiges- a primary cause of acid indigestion. During the process thetion. 3,5 Dicaffeoylquinic acid: Often methyl group detaches,Let’s breakdown the key ingredients used by scientists pre-treat neurons releasing the niacin, vitaminfound in your morning coffee. in the lab, significantly protects cells B3 into your cup. So a few from free-radical damage. espressos, yields half yourCaffeine: It stimulates the world to daily recommended nutri-produce over 16-billion pounds of Makes coffee a great source of Enjoy any coffee blend now made tion beans annually. It’s an alkaloid daily recommended antioxidants. stomach friendly using Low Acid.