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Adsense Business Web Marketing


Published on Web design packages HTML, CSS, XML, FLASH, PHP, MYSQL, online maps, retail web stores, Shopping Carts, Search Engine Optimization, Pay per Click Adwords and Web analytics (ROI) return on investment. Affordable Online Video Production and Product Marketing Reviews. Adobe Photoshop / Illustrator graphic designs, Powerpoint presentations for Business Events and Family Photo Albums

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Adsense Business Web Marketing

  1. 1. By James Rickman 3rd Web Marketing Social Learn more Call 971-258-5047
  2. 2. Stop Feeling Shy use Adsense
  3. 3. Big is Better in Advertising
  4. 4. Local Search Optimization Pay per ClickGeospatial Online Map – Mobile CALL 971-258-5047
  5. 5. Google Adsense placementMiddle, Above the Fold
  6. 6. Colors & Fonts
  7. 7. What’s Your Style Ads within content Ads adjacent to contentLight background behind ads Blend Blend or complementDark background behind ads Blend, complement, or contrast Contrast or complement
  8. 8. Improve Relevance
  9. 9. Site Search Local Optimization
  10. 10. CPM, Cost per Click Advertising(ROI) Return on Investment
  11. 11. Placement Example Adsense
  12. 12. Ask Mom – Test on Consumers Flickr - Test Google AdSense
  13. 13. Image Search Optimization
  14. 14. Flickr for Traffic
  15. 15. Links and Citations  Help Search Engines  Authority  Good Anchor Text  The Dreaded Back Button
  16. 16. Master Web Analytics  High CTR but Low CPM  Track Problems Early  adsense-  Bounce Rate  Visitor Locations  AdSense Sandbox  Referral Sources
  17. 17. Placement Targeting
  18. 18. Typical Mistakes Diluted Title / Slug  “My Personal Technology Blog – Why I Love My iPod” Too many pages with similar titles / content  Make life easy for Advertisers Wasting Visits  NOINDEX, FOLLOW for tag pages Allowing Stop Words in Comments Smart Pricing Feeling Complacent  If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it – Bad Idea
  19. 19. Fresh Content Target Programming single.php feeds-rss2.php
  20. 20. AdSense Revenue Sharing See details
  21. 21. Research Ideas Competition AdSense Case Studies Media Sites – CNN, NYT, Network 18, etc. Premium Publishers Webmaster World  Seniors  Preferred Members Official Google Guides, JenSense, ProBlogger, Barry Schwartz, Chris Pirillo
  22. 22. AdSense Alternatives
  23. 23. Selling Direct Ads Revenue Stream Audience – Quantcast, Visitor Surveys Ad Formats / Specs Deciding Ad Rates Payment Options Google Ad Manager Testimonials Make it Easy   