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Business Models for Dummies Overview


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Author Jim Muehlhausen summarizes the key points in his book "Business Models for Dummies." Learn how business model innovation = increased profit.

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Business Models for Dummies Overview

  1. 1. Business Models for Dummies Overview
  2. 2. What is a business model?
  3. 3. In its simplest form, a business model is your profit formula
  4. 4. It’s the method you use to acquire customers, service them, and make money doing so
  5. 5. There’s some confusion as to what’s a business model and what’s not
  6. 6. A business plan isn't a business model
  7. 7. But they are related
  8. 8. Neither is competitive advantage or branding or marketing
  9. 9. Your business model is the foundation of profitability
  10. 10. Name three great businesses
  11. 11. Chances are they all have great models
  12. 12. That’s because your business model is the foundation of profitability
  13. 13. Can you name a great business without a great business model?
  14. 14. You probably can’t
  15. 15. No amount of leadership, hard work, or talent fix a weak model
  16. 16. Great leadership + bad model = A bad business
  17. 17. Average leadership + great model = great business
  18. 18. But how do you create a business model?
  19. 19. The wrong approach to business model design
  20. 20. The Business Model Wheel™ offers a structured approach to business model design
  21. 21. There are three aspects to all business models
  22. 22. What is the offering?
  23. 23. How will you monetize the offering?
  24. 24. How will you sustain it?
  25. 25. These are then structured into eight areas
  26. 26. Offering -Area #1: Market Attractiveness -Area #2: Unique Value Proposition
  27. 27. Monetization - Area #3: Profit Model - Area #4: Sales Performance Model
  28. 28. Sustainability - Area #5: Ongoing Competitive Advantage - Area #6: Innovation Factor - Area #7: Avoidance of Pitfalls - Area #8: Graceful Exit
  29. 29. Business models aren't static, they are fluid
  30. 30. Business models weaken with time
  31. 31. Changing economic factors
  32. 32. Societal pressures
  33. 33. Fleeting consumer preferences
  34. 34. Technological changes & Competitive pressures
  35. 35. All are working to weaken your model
  36. 36. Business model innovation is the solution
  37. 37. Your business model effectiveness will peak
  38. 38. Innovation to version 2.0 of business model will be necessary
  39. 39. Great companies continually innovate their business model
  40. 40. The original business model was transferring money mobile phone to mobile phone
  41. 41. It didn’t work
  42. 42. They decided to hitch their wagon to eBay and to the email transfer of money
  43. 43. That worked in a BIG way!
  44. 44. Now there is a huge opportunity for variation of original model – phone payments
  45. 45. Started in business making everything from meat slicers to punch cards for time clocks
  46. 46. Later bet the company on mainframes and won
  47. 47. Transitioned to an intellectual property seller and consulting company
  48. 48. Started as small player in industrial sandblasting business
  49. 49. Moved up the value chain to become largest supplier of industrial cleaning supplies in the world
  50. 50. Even more inside the book
  51. 51. Advanced innovation techniques
  52. 52. Why most business “problems” aren't really the problem
  53. 53. Learn to score your business model
  54. 54. Using the Business Model Wheel™ as an assessment and innovation tool
  55. 55. Buy the book at: • • • •