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Launching A New Product Strategies In 2013


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Launching a new product strategies In 2013 presentation will show you the important part before you launch your product on the market. Enjoy!

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  • Andrew, brilliant. The taste of the pudding is in the eating. Many product launch fail to build sales momentum because many a manufacturer probably think they have the 'best mousetraps' and therefore sales should just happen. The reality is that for a successful product launch, you have to test-market with your product samples with your key target audience. Their feedback will help fine-tune the final product design before the eventual launch.
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  •  One thing that manufacturers tend to overlook is the importance of product samples. By getting some products out to consumers before the product launch you can gather some key data and first hand consumer feedback of the new product before the full launch goes into play. Additionally by getting the products out into hands of key consumers you will get consumers talking about your product which will increase the buzz before the launch date. -
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Launching A New Product Strategies In 2013

  1. 1. Launching a New Product Strategies
  2. 2. Launching a New Product Strategies #1
  3. 3. Storytelling is a great tactic for any marketing campaign, butis especially impactful for new product launches. Developing a story can connect your product with common pain points and generate demand among your target audience. Storytelling can be especially effective when introducing customers to a new or innovative product. Visual communications, video, and graphic design are especially effective in crafting a story for your brand and product. Tell a story
  4. 4. Launching a New Product Strategies #2
  5. 5. Potential customers want to know how your new product will bring value to them or their business. By developing collateral containing useful information, insights, andstatistics about your product, you can answer questions andaddress your potential customers’ hesitations about adopting your new product. But be cautious when providing data and statistics. Remember that you want to sell customers on the value of your product, not just provide meaningless data points. Provide Value
  6. 6. Launching a New Product Strategies #3
  7. 7. Your messaging and communications needs to speak directly to your potential customers. You can engage potential customers by providing salientpoints and meaningful statistics in your marketing collateral.Proper audience engagement can significantly increase yourchances of overcoming resistance when entering the market and stimulating demand for your new product. Engage your audience
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  10. 10. Launching a New Product Strategies