TWCBC and the Big Data Challenge


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With 2.7 zettabytes of data floating around the digital universe, big data is becoming an enterprise priority. Traditional analysis and database management tools are failing to keep up the rapid processing needs that go with big data usage. Finding a powerful processing platform, scalable bandwidth plans and reliable connectivity, like what enterprises get with Time Warner Cable Business Class, puts businesses ahead of the big data curve. See how TWCBC helps their partners manage the big data challenge with purpose-built customization, fast computations and real-time processing.

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TWCBC and the Big Data Challenge

  1. 1. TWCBC and the Big Data Challenge The success of every business is driven by the quality of its connections, whether with customers, employees, investors, suppliers, manufacturers, or other key stakeholders. Increasingly, these relationships are delivered through big data circuits, enhanced through video communication, and empowered through cloud computing and collaboration. Delivering big data is one thing, but finding practical and effective ways to utilize for business effectiveness is something else. Finding a reliable carrier partner with a network that supports big data is something that puts Time Warner Cable Business Class ahead of other telecom service providers. A Little about Big Data There are 2.7 zettabytes of data floating around the digital universe. The International Data Corporation estimates that data from online businesses will reach 450 billion transactions a day by the year 2020. When one adds social media and new websites to that mix, it becomes obvious there is no lack of big data available. The problem is finding ways to make use of this information and to improve a company’s opportunities with it. This is a top priority in the business world right now. What Big Data brings to the Table Big data is about analyzing trends that allow companies to better serve their customers. As a telecom service provider, TWCBC keeps its finger on the pulse of its business customers to understand what they want from their telecommunications services. Analyzing extensive amounts of data allows business clients to see the following: What customers are talking about online, What they search for regularly, What news topics they click on, and What services they look for. Through big data, TWCBC creates programs to optimize relationships with their partners and customers. How Time Warner Cable Handles the Big Data Challenge TWC is at the top of its game for big data collection and utilization. Recently, the company received accolades from Fast Company magazine on its ability to harvest data not only from the magazine's current business resources but from other industries as well. Fast Company reports that TWC blended public data—such as voter registration and real estate information—with data collected from the magazine's network to secure figures that are more comprehensive. When most companies are still trying to piece together the big data puzzle, TWCBC already has taken it to the next level in order to better serve its customers. The most productive way to harvest big data is through multiple platforms simultaneously. The goal is to cut through common business silos and get to the meat of the information available. This way, TWC can utilize meaningful and relevant statistics to grow customer relationships and to create business value.
  2. 2. TWC is not the only business that is tackling the big data challenge. The demand is so great that major software developers are devoting entire departments to the creation of applications to meet it. In 2010, this industry brought in over $100 billion, according to The Economist. TWC is using an effective approach that includes gathering information from other sources. It is not about having the best marketing program in the world; it’s about giving customers and partners what they need from a telecom service. If you'd like to learn more about partnering with Time Warner Cable Business Class, please visit us at