The Crucial Role of Network Connectivity


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Network connectivity is the vitality – the life force – of any business today. This article uses statistics and survey results to explain why reliable, high-performing network connectivity is so important, and illustrates the benefit of a hosted cloud infrastructure such as TWCBC provides. The article will accompany the infographic “Why Businesses Need the Best Network Connectivity.”

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The Crucial Role of Network Connectivity

  1. 1. The Crucial Role of Network Connectivity By Jim Delis, Group Vice President of Partner Channels Time Warner Cable When people switch on a lamp, they might not consider the steps it takes to illuminate the bulb – it just happens. Likewise, people long ago stopped marveling at how television sends sound and picture in a seamless, simultaneous wave of energy – it’s a given. Today, few people might wonder about – much less understand – how a cloud-computing system actualizes a vast array of data delivery, information, multimedia, remote access, and storage. They simply expect speed and accuracy every time. Anyone who has ever dealt with a slow web connection at home can appreciate the role that network connectivity plays in business. Research conducted by suggests that more three billion Google searches are done every day, but when search results are slowed by just 0.4 seconds, the number of inquiries decreases by 8 million per day. Connected Consumers The jump in online consumerism only underscores the importance of business network infrastructure: More than one-third of consumers start their holiday shopping in September, and nearly 90 percent of them do it online. As of 2012, more than 50 percent of consumers use the Internet for answers to healthcare questions. But these online consumers are not willing to wait. According to Global Capacity, ―fifty percent of mobile users abandon a web page if it doesn’t load in less than 10 seconds.‖ The potential for lost revenue increases with every abandoned web search. At the same time, internal cloud computing facilitated by strong network connectivity increases productivity by keeping stakeholders in constant connection no matter where they are located. So whether a company is B2C or B2B, high-performing network connectivity is not just an addon. Seven in ten IT professionals ―view network connectivity as strategic or transformational — not simply a tactical asset,‖ as a 2012 Computerworld survey notes. In response, cable companies have evolved from their original mission, which was delivering cable television, to serving as an all-in-one business connectivity resource. And as their capabilities grow, so does their business presence: ATLANTIC-ACM forecasts that cable companies’ share of the wireline business telecommunications market will grow from 5.2 percent in 2010 to 13.6 percent in 2017. Why Choose Cablecos? The well-established cable company (cableco) provides a comprehensive menu of data, voice, video, wireless, and managed cloud services. A private and public cloud infrastructure removes
  2. 2. the pressure from businesses to handle ever-increasing bandwidth issues, and it also delivers a host of other benefits: Cost savings. A cableco provider can help businesses get the most out of their telecom spend with high-capacity bandwidth options at a competitive price. Features. Growth and advancement in technology occurs so quickly that an SMB may lack the budget to keep up with the latest capabilities. A cableco multi-system operator (MSO) has the reach and resources to upgrade and update their services consistently. Speed. Business connectivity hosted by a cableco helps automate and enable the online workflow within an organization. Agility. A cableco customer can choose the best level of management for their cloud infrastructure. Delivering Satisfaction As one of the top-ranked cablecos in customer satisfaction, Time Warner Cable Business Class (TWCBC) serves some 600,000 business customers with state-of-the-art voice, data, video, and managed cloud services. Its depth of expertise plays a vital role for any enterprise concerned with controlling IT/Telecom spending, securing data, networking users remotely, and even enabling a disaster-recovery plan. Most importantly, a proven cableco like TWCBC makes business run faster and more efficiently for its clients, ensuring that no one has to wait 0.4 extra seconds to connect with the information they need. About the TWCBC Partner Program The TWCBC Partner Program is an award-winning channel program of Time Warner Cable Business Class (TWCBC), the business-to-business unit of Time Warner Cable. It enables channel partners to work strategically with one of the nation’s leading communications providers. Designed to provide attractive compensation and to deliver great value and choice for partners, the Partner Program offers participants a broad-based core package of program benefits. These include online deal registration, pre-post-sale support, dedicated channel support, online training, commission portal, knowledge-based articles, TWCBC logo usage and extensive marketing materials. If you'd like to learn more about partnering with Time Warner Cable Business Class, please visit us at or call (866) 376-3676.