Telecom Trends & Forecasts for 2014
2014 is certain to be rife with changes for the telecom industry.
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prominence. Identity management will accompany this, ensuring that a business‟s public cloud is
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Telecom Trends & Forecasts for 2014


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What innovation will most disrupt the telecom landscape this year? Is this the year that the industry will begin to see cloud-as-a-service offerings? How will public clouds be secured, and which companies are poised to take advantage of the Internet of Everything (IoE)? Answers and predictions vary, but there simply is no singular telecom trend to anticipate this year. Expect, instead, a set of interconnected advancements that will delineate the forward-thinking providers from those stymied by tradition.

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Telecom Trends & Forecasts for 2014

  1. 1. Telecom Trends & Forecasts for 2014 2014 is certain to be rife with changes for the telecom industry. The Forecast Gartner expects that this year will usher in the era of “the most disruptive [development] in the history of IT”—the “smart machine.” InfoWorld’s Eric Knorr is basing the majority of his 2014 telecom predictions on the cloud. “All big industry shifts have been driven by new computing platforms,” Knorr says, and, this year, that platform is the cloud. As the cloud assumes more prominence, expect public cloud-related services to be in greater demand. Security is sure to top that list. All of this is connected to big data. The big data market is expected to hit the $5.4 billion revenue mark within the next five years, according to Gartner. Where there is big data, there is management of big data. How will all this revenue-generating big data be managed? People, data, processes, and things are becoming seamlessly integrated as the Internet of Everything (IoE) evolves, and only those who anticipate this pervasive trend will benefit from it. While predictions about these changes have varied, what‟s agreed upon is this: There is no single telecom trend to anticipate in 2014. Rather, there‟s a host of interconnected trends that will propel some businesses forward—and relegate others to the sidelines. And solutions that cablecos provide will enable that forward-progression to happen. Smart Machines Gartner‟s seemingly apocalyptic smart machine read like the stuff of bygone science fiction novels. These machines, Gartner says, will “begin to fulfill some of the earliest visions for what information technologies might accomplish — doing what we thought only people could do and machines could not.” Think not of Ridley Scott‟s Blade Runner but of “intelligent personal assistants [and] smart advisors.” Think of advanced global industrial systems and driverless vehicles, which Gartner expects to be on the market by 2020. Cloud-as-a-Service Such advancements would not be possible without the cloud. From public clouds to private and hybrid clouds, in 2014, expect the cloud to claim the spotlight—as it already has begun to do. Watch for the cloud to join the ranks of „as-a-service‟ solutions by the end of the year. Hybrid clouds are expected to assume greater prominence, and personal clouds will emerge. As a result, the importance of the exact device through which one obtains access to his or her personal cloud will diminish, Gartner says. The Public Cloud This year holds tantamount changes for the public cloud. InfoWorld predicts that businesses will utilize the public cloud to achieve “massive scalability” and total virtualization. Businesses will demand more and better APIs (application programming interfaces) to manage the cloud—and security will top the list of those demands. “Military-grade encryption technology”—like that offered by Time Warner Cable Business Class (TWCBC)—will gain
  2. 2. prominence. Identity management will accompany this, ensuring that a business‟s public cloud is as proprietary and controlled as possible. Big Data & Data Management The projected CAGR (compound annual growth rate) of the big data market is expected to grow 50 percent from now until 2019, according to Market Research Reports. The big data market holds “enormous promise,” Knorr says, and it “goes way beyond optimizing e-commerce to embrace all kinds of verticals, from manufacturing to transportation to the electrical grid.” Other dilemmas accompany this news about big data: How should it be tracked? How can it best be managed? Data management will become as critical as the data being managed. The Internet of Things becomes The Internet of Everything Cisco estimates that there is $19 trillion at stake in the Internet of Everything (IoE) within the next nine years. Who is most poised to benefit from the expansive IoE? “The problem,” Gartner says, “is that most enterprises and technology vendors have yet to explore the possibilities of an expanded internet and are not operationally or organizationally ready.” Those who anticipate this trend—vendors like TWCBC—will enable their customers to get in on the ground floor of the IoE. Offerings like metro Ethernet, telemedicine / virtual doctor‟s visits, and varied Internet speed tiers for its New York City customers illustrate that this cableco‟s forward-thinking approach to the IoE will enable its customers to thrive. Conclusion Perhaps the new computing platform won‟t be isolated within the cloud as predicted. Perhaps it will reside within the networks of the Internet of Everything, which, in a sense, implies that the “Everything” of the IoE is itself the new platform. About the TWCBC Partner Program The TWCBC Partner Program is an award-winning channel program of Time Warner Cable Business Class (TWCBC), the business-to-business unit of Time Warner Cable. It enables channel partners to work strategically with one of the nation‟s leading communications providers. Designed to provide attractive compensation and to deliver great value and choice for partners, the Partner Program offers participants a broad-based core package of program benefits. These include online deal registration, pre-post-sale support, dedicated channel support, online training, commission portal, knowledge-based articles, TWCBC logo usage and extensive marketing materials. If you'd like to learn more about partnering with Time Warner Cable Business Class, please visit us at or call (866) 376-3676.