Leveraging WiFi to Optimize
Revenue Potential
What began as a mobile device era has mushroomed into
mobile device fanatici...
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Leveraging WiFi to Optimize Potential Revenue


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By 2016, 1.84 billion ready-to-connect smart devices will be in customers’ hands—and most will want to connect their devices to WiFi networks. Demand for WiFi is growing, and this is no surprise: WiFi is fast, reliable, easy to use, and it doesn’t drive up mobile device data limits. Today’s business leaders know that if they want to attract new customers, WiFi is a great way to do that. What industries stand to benefit the most from WiFi? Why is WiFi in such hot demand? View the infographic to learn more.

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Leveraging WiFi to Optimize Potential Revenue

  1. 1. Leveraging WiFi to Optimize Revenue Potential What began as a mobile device era has mushroomed into mobile device fanaticism. Customers want mobile devices, they want them to be online—at all times—and they want WiFi to get them there. Demand for guaranteed-access WiFi has grown, but are industries leveraging that demand for their best benefit? Era of Mobile Device Fanatics WiFi: The Untapped Resource Small Upgrades Big Impact One Choice Multiple Benefits Choosing the Right Connection Industries Best Positioned to Leverage WiFi Choosing the Right WiFi Provider “Smartphones have become the de facto method by which most of the world consumes the Internet.” –Ruckus Wireless 40% 43% 40% of hotspot connections are through iPhones. Smartphone users want WiFi: 43% of users prefer WiFi to avoid breaching contractual data allowances. By 2016, sales of smart, connected devices (PCs, tablets, smartphones) are expected to reach 1.84 billion—an annual growth rate of 15%. –Satyanarayana Parimi, TWC Group VP, Product Management A recent TWCBC survey found this: 80% 43% 80% of businesses rate free WiFi as a prime way to attract new customers. Only 43% of businesses currently offer free WiFi. Business owners see tangible benefits when they upgrade: And tangible drawbacks when they don’t: “The survey reveals that the top ‘must have’ services for small business are fast, reliable Internet access; clear, reliable phone service; and reliable WiFi service at their business location.” WiFi offers more than enough spectrum. WiFi makes large deployments happen. WiFi is reliable. WiFi adaptive antenna technology limits connection interference. Owners have more control over WiFi deployment, which means less congestion on networks. WiFi is fast. And getting faster. Self-optimizing network technologies enable massively scalable WiFi networks to be rolled out quickly. Wi-Fi has access to upwards of 600 MHz in many areas— greatly exceeding the licensed spectrum that a mobile operator has. –Ruckus Wireless “Reliable wireless connectivity is essential in any deployment because if you can’t get connected and stay connected, nothing else really matters.” Sources: http://www.businessweek.com/articles/2014-02-13/whos-winning-the-smartphone-wars http://www.timewarnercable.com/services/internet/broadband-internet-access/options/twc-wifi-hotspot.html http://business.timewarnercable.com/support/search.html?search-q=wi-fi http://online.wsj.com/article/PR-CO-20140512-905964.html http://www.cable.co.uk/research/wi-fi-where-are-we-now/ http://www.cedmagazine.com/news/2014/05/twcbc-survey-small-businesses-want-wi-fi http://a030f85c1e25003d7609-b98377aee968aad08453374eb1df3398.r40.cf2.rackcdn.com/wp/ wp-business-case-for-mso-wifi-deployments.pdf http://business.timewarnercable.com/resource-center/news/articles/should-you-offer-wifi-to-your-customers.html An infographic presented by Business.twc.com/partner The optimal WiFi partner for your business will allow businesses to focus on work and on customers while ensuring that technology is up-to-date, reliable, and functioning at optimal levels. Choose a WiFi partner whose reputation precedes them. WiFi allows for effective airport management: WiFi makes the job easier for public transit operators: Hospitality Public Transportation Travel/Airline Health Care Retail of customers identify free WiFi as a “must” when choosing accommodations The average guest checks in with 2.5 wireless devices WiFi streamlines hotel efficiency—down to improved staff service delivery times WiFi improves patient care: Patient health can be more closely monitored—and patients can alert health care professionals about problems promptly Wireless monitoring in heart failure patients can reduce the need for hospital admissions by 39% Wearable devices are expected to rise to more than 294 million by 2015 WiFi-enabled telemedicine allows for treatment of patients in isolated communities WiFi allows for more efficient devices like infusion pumps and sensors Provides them with real-time passenger information Offers updated traffic data Improves scheduling and dispatching Real-time crowd control Location-based services for hurried travelers 20152015 more than 294 million WiFi allows retailers to do the following: Analyze customer shopping patterns and behavior, and marketing and merchandising effectiveness Provide indoor location-finding for products and amenities Act as a digital concierge From elementary to high school to higher education, the education industry’s benefits from WiFi include: Education More effective delivery of online courses Guaranteed online access in schools to facilitate learning outcomes Assistance during emergency situations 2010 1 Billion 2 Billion 1.5 Billion 2015 Hardware manufacturers are launching the next gen of WiFi: wireless routers supporting 802.11ac. New routers allow for more channel bonding, projected to result in increases of 117% and 333% over the previous standard speeds. Scientists at the Tokyo Institute of Technology recently succeeded in breaking the record for wireless rates, transmitting data at 20 times the speed of the current best WiFi standard. “As WiFi continues to rise in popularity, there is a big opportunity for small businesses to offer it to increase customer satisfaction and help grow their business.” –Wall Street Journal Benefits of WiFi are plentiful: Retain customers Increase customer satisfaction Attract new customers Allow for further engagement with current customers Enable indoor location-based services Allow for tailoring of customer experience Increase customer reach Improve revenue Increase competitive advantage Increase employee productivity Boost tourism opportunities 73%say they have easier and quicker access to information. 33%of businesses say they have been negatively affected by their use of outdated technology. Customers say they would choose to frequent a business with the most updated technology—over one that hasn’t upgraded. say they have increased customer satisfaction. 57% In a battle over what type of connection is best— mobile data coverage or WiFi— WiFi takes the medal. Why?