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Cablecos' Role in the Cloud


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Businesses need “brutally efficient cloud-based infrastructure” (CNET News). Businesses demand long-term, cost-effective, and customized cloud computing solutions. Businesses know what they want—and it’s the role of the cloud provider to meet those demands. But not all cloud providers are created equal. By the end of this year, 60% of server workload is expected to be virtualized. By 2017, global cloud traffic is expected to reach 5.3 zettabytes. Businesses need robust, forward-thinking cloud providers who offer customized services and wide-ranging expertise. Increasingly, the top-performing cloud providers are cablecos. See the infographic to find out why.

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Cablecos' Role in the Cloud

  1. 1. Sources: up-of-small-medium-business-cloud-computing-forecasts-and-market-estimates-2013/ al-cloud-index-projects-cloud-traffic-dominate-data-centers An infographic presented by Cablecos’ Role Whatis... I n T h e C l o u d [W]e are at the beginning of the age of planetary computing. Billions of people will be wirelessly interconnected, and the only way to achieve that kind of massive scale usage is by...brutally efficient cloud-based infrastructure. The quest of organizations to integrate long-term and effective cloud computing strategies to their operations is ongoing. With this information, the best cloud providers continue to be innovative in providing customized services and cost-effective benefits, allowing various types of businesses to make the most of the cloud. ~ Dan Farber Editor in Chief, CNET News EveryoneWantsa SpaceintheCloud TimeWarnerCableBusinessClass andtheCloud Capital expenses may be waivable On-demand availability of any service Only pay for services used Led by end-user (basedonasurveyof449U.S.end-userswithcloudsolutions) TheFutureofCloudTraffic Cloud computing resources, such as apps and storage, that are available to the general public Public Cloud? Cloud computing delivered through the Internet but installed with a firewall and customized according to the needs of an organization Enterprise Cloud? A secure cloud computing environment within an organization’s firewall & available only to authorized users Private Cloud? CloudComputing MarketShareForecast $12.2 billion in 2016 Public Cloud Storage $21.2 billion in 2017 Public Cloud IT Infrastructure $22.2 billion in 2017 Private Cloud IT Infrastructure $31.9 billion in 2017 Enterprise Cloud-Based Services $ Global small and medium business (SMB) SaaS applications market to grow by 2015 33.8 billion mid-sized businesses that expect to invest in public cloud solutions in the next five years 30% 60% server workload that is expected to be virtualized in 2014 expected growth of SMB spending on cloud solutions within the next five years 20% TheCloudUserExperience agree the cloud cuts costs in general believe the cloud enables business units to operate more freely believe the cloud has modernized legacy IT agree the cloud provides new features say the cloud has reduced capital expenses Global cloud traffic is expected to grow up to 5.3 zettabytes in 2017 Overall global data traffic is expected to reach 7.7 zettabytes by 2017 Fact: Azettabyteisequivalenttoonebillionterabytesor about107trillionhoursofstreamingmusic. Thedemandforcloudcomputingcontinuestogrowby leapsandbounds.Andcablecosarepoisedtobemovers andshakersinthisrevolution. Cablecosaremovingdeeperintocloudcomputingservices usingavarietyofstrategiessuchas: Acquisitions and partnerships with veteran providers of cloud infrastructure Offering a variety of managed and hosting services Sharpening implementation and sales tactics Maintaining their local “feet-on-the-street” presence Cablecoswereoncesolelyresidentialserviceproviders. Today,theyhaveevolvedtobetrustedprovidersforbusinessesas well.Theirdeepeningexpertiseandinvolvementincloudcomput- inghasmadethemcapableinthedeliveryofservicessuchas: TWCBC is not merely selling cloud services.TWCBC sells solu- tions based on these COOL cloud characteristics: Cablecos’evolution from cable providers to cloud computing and beyond has been fast and promising.Today, the opportunities for growth in terms of revenue, services, and efficiency are undeniable. And with NaviSite—a world class provider of cloud services—onboard, TWCBC can easily offer these customized solutions: Managed cloud services Collaboration and conferencing services Enterprise hosting Application services Managed WiFi networks, VPN, backups, and video services Online storage Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) Private cloud design Data as a Service (DaaS) Software as a Service (SaaS) Security Application Optimization Service and Delivery Managed Cloud Services DaaS Architecture CloudComputing’s FutureForecast 19% forecasted Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of cloud computing through 2015 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 38 % 40 % 43 % 38 % 35 % $100 billion in 2016 Public Cloud IT Services $67 billion in 2016 Software as a Service (SaaS) Applications & Services $150 billion estimated worth of cloud computing industry in 2014 14.5% premise-based IT that is expected to be replaced with cloud computing by 2020