Cablecos Emerge as the Telecom Provider of Choice for Agents & Businesses Alike


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Advanced telecom services are now more in demand than ever, and cablecos increasingly are the ones meeting that demand, which is capturing the attention of both agents and businesses. Forward-thinking agents are diversifying their portfolios by adding cablecos, citing the scalable, secure, and reliable services that cablecos offer as being key advantages. In addition, cablecos’ innovative approaches to problem-solving, their dedicated customer service teams, and their already established market presence are propelling them to be a more attractive option for agents and businesses than traditional telcos. Quite simply, “cable operators are becoming huge players in the business voice and data world,” says Telarus President Adam Edwards.

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Cablecos Emerge as the Telecom Provider of Choice for Agents & Businesses Alike

  1. 1. CablecosEmerge as the Provider of Choice for Telecom Agents & Businesses Alike As the demand for advanced telecom services grows—agents are faced with the dilemma of how to best serve their clients. A “dark horse” has caught their eye; this “dark horse in the race to win market share,” Channel Partners says, is cable companies. Indeed, cablecos already are capturing the attention of forward-thinking telecom agents who are committed to building competitive portfolios of service providers who offer innovative, tailored services that are reliable, secure, and scalable. With a reputation of exceptional customer care and a growing base of business clients, cablecos are simply becoming a more attractive telecom carrier of choice. “[C]able operators are becoming huge players in the business voice and data world,” reported Adam Edwards, President of Telarus and current TWCBC partner. Cableco B2B revenues are forecasted to grow significantly for the next several years. By contrast, traditional telcos are consolidating: The Wall Street Journal reported, as of this month, there have been the most telecom mergers at this point in the year since 2000. It comes as no surprise, then, that agents are sensing the ripple effect of these consolidations and devoting increased attention to the successes of cablecos. Agents are finding that the most competitive portfolios are ones that include cable products and services. Cablecos not only offer attractive customers options, they also offer innovation and reliability; partly because they are investing capital back into their infrastructure and they remain deeply committed to growing their B2B operations. Time Warner Cable Business Class, for example, completed a $120 million fiber-optic cable upgrade in Southern California last year; that upgrade later served the needs of an L.A. school district. Similarly, in New York City, that cableco’s Metro Ethernet solution, which was delivered on a fiber-based circuit, was employed to meet the NYU Law School’s telecom needs. The network investment in TWCBC’s infrastructure gives partners assurance they have options in the telecom market—ones that are scalable and reliable. In addition to responsive bandwidth upgrades, cablecos build redundancy and scalability into their network. Sheraton Imperial Hotel in North Carolina has experienced just that. “There’s no opportunity for downtime in our operation,” GM Michael Martino says. “Downtime equals no customers, and no customers is no good.” The hotel’s telecom provider of choice is Time Warner Cable Business Class. In the end, offering secure and reliable services is providing a more expansive, attractive upmarket opportunity for cablecos—an opportunity that agents can capitalize on. From finance to real estate to health care, these sectors necessitate tightened and, in some cases, mandated security, which cablecos can deliver on. In addition, cablecos already have substantial footprints where these industries reside and are poised to capture market share, which firms like Telarus plan to benefit from. The Master Agent partnered with TWCBC in 2011, pointing to the cableco’s “wide reach in the telecom market” and its “product spectrum” as boons that have “empowered agents with a product suite that is hard to compete with.” Those who are paying attention are noticing the successes of cablecos and upgrading their portfolios accordingly. “Now that cable companies have been focusing on the commercial
  2. 2. [telecom services] market, they should be expected to take more share,” said David Joyce, an analyst at Miller Tabak& Co. Indeed, cablecos are doing just that. If you'd like to learn more about partnering with Time Warner Cable Business Class, please visit us at